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Chotu comes to Sonali. I was cleaning Nikhil’s room when I find a liquor bottle in the dustbin. She understands Nikhil’s lie. She asks Chotu to call Nikhil. So much wrong has happened with Manvi yet everyone thinks wrong of her. Why? Is this all a coincidence? Why am I giving importance to what Kajal said? Nikhil comes there. Sonali asks her about the bottle that was found in his room. She scolds him for blaming Manvi. She is your bhabhi. You should be ashamed of yourself. He says sorry to her. She gives him punishment to stay inside the house for a month. Nikhil thinks papa is right. Something goes wrong when Manvi bhabhi is around. I got insulted today in front of my friends because of her. Now mom is also upset with me. I hate you bhabhi!

Sonali comes to Manvi’s room. Manvi

says I really tried to stop Nikhil. I did not say anything wrong to him. Sonali says I know the truth. Nikhil did wrong with you. He put the entire blame on you. Manvi understands that Nikhil got scared. He might have lied because of the same. Sonali points out that I was upset with you when you came to our house for the first time. Slowly I have come to understand you. I am very happy to say now that you are the DIL of our house, and Rahul’s mother. You can anytime come to meet if you want to talk about anything. This house is yours too. I accept you as a part of this house. I dint bless you that day, today I will! Manvi is touched.

Kajal is unable to sleep. She wakes up with a start. What’s it about Manvi’s aura that’s affecting me so much? I have to see her kundli asap.

Next morning, Sonali comes to Kajal’s house. Kajal shares that she is feeling very restless after meeting Manvi. I cannot concentrate on anything since then. Sonali says we are taking it negatively. You only said that her energy is very strong. Maybe they are positive. I was upset with her when Rahul brought her home. she had to suffer a lot because of Raj and Upmanyu’s fight. Maybe this is what’s affecting her. Kajal says I cannot explain it to you without seeing the kundli. I am worried as you are a very close friend of mine. There is something to worry. Please bring it to me. sonali agrees to arrange it.

Sonali thinks of Kajal’s words. Raj asks her where she went. I kept trying to call you. She lies that she went to temple. He says you could have taken me with you. God’s blessing helps when nothing is going right. Since this girl has come in our house, everything is going wrong. There have been so many problems in the business front since Rahul’s wedding. He shakes her out of her reverie before going. She decides to clear all the doubts for once and all.

Sonali asks Rahul to give her Manvi’s kundli. Rahul asks his mom why she needs the kundli now. I am already married. She knows it too. But we can find a solution if there is some dosh in Manvi’s kundli. Rahul asks her to tell him everything clearly. She tells him about Kajal’s concern. She wanted to see Manvi’s kundli once. Rahul suggests her to ignore it. Aunty met Manvi only for a minute only. Sonali says it will clear my tension. Rahul agrees for her sake. Don’t tell Manvi though. She might feel dad is planning something against her. Delete Kajal aunty’s number from your phone.

Manvi is practising in her room. Rahul stops in his tracks as he hears her voice. He looks at her. Manvi picks up Upmanyu’s photo. Forgive me Baba. I promised you that I will practise daily after wedding but I couldn’t live up to it. Music has left me after your accident. I don’t like anything without you. Please get well soon. I am dying to practise with you. Please come back. She notices Rahul standing by the door. She wipes her tears. He compliments her on her singing. She leaves from there without giving any reply. He wishes he could give her support, make her understand he will stand by her side every second of her life. I know you will not believe whatever I will say today yet I will quietly support you always.

Mrs. Joshi (Nikhil’s class teacher) from Nikhil’s school calls at Sabharwal House. Manvi picks it up. The lady asks her if Nikhil is unwell. Please send his sick leave application if he is going to be absent for too long. Manvi replies that Nikhil is perfectly fine. Mrs. Joshi is taken aback. He has missed school since many days. he even missed the extra classes. Manvi shares that he leaves for school daily. Mrs. Joshi says he is bunking in that case. He is a good boy but maybe he is falling in bad company. You should keep an eye on him. Manvi agrees. She wonders where Nikhil is going if he isn’t going to school. Liquor, lies and now this! I have to find out where he is going wrong.

Rahul comes to check on Upmanyu. He gets to know Upmanyu got conscious yesterday. He went back in coma because of lack of oxygen. Rahul tells him to do his best. Don’t worry about any expenses. What about the specialist you were going to consult? Doc says the specialist checked him yesterday. He said that medicines are reacting positively on the patient. He will recover soon. Rahul is happy to hear it. Shilpa has overheard the entire convo. If Rahul was the culprit then he wouldn’t have felt happy after knowing about Upmanyu’s fast recovery. Rahul notices her just then. He says sorry to her for what happened at home. She asks him what he is doing here. He asks for Manvi’s kundli. Mom wants to hold some special puja. A special astrologer has come. Shilpa suggests him to pick it up in the evening from home. Harsh will take time to come. You can collect it from home after the visiting hours. He says it is a bit urgent. Mom has called the astrologer today only. You can take my car. I will look after uncle in your absence. Shilpa isn’t full convinced yet turns to go. She asks a nurse not to leave Upmanyu alone even for a minute till she is back. Rahul hears it too.

Nikhil comes home. Sonali asks him about his exam preps. He lies about the extra classes. Manvi overhears from a distance. Nikhil lies to his mother again. He goes to freshen up. Manvi asks for Sonali’s permission to meet her Baba after lunch. SOnali agrees. Manvi is curious to know where Nikhil is going to after bunking the school.

Precap: Manvi follows Nikhil.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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