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Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum 7th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Manvi comes to the morgue to look for Rahul’s ID card. It is tucked in the shoe of the dead body. She covers the body well after pulling out the ID. She stops seeing the constable. When will you start the post-mortem? No one came with you. She nods. I came here to check that only.

Upmanyu is happy that Manvi has been praised so much in the newspaper. I have been trying her number but in vain. Shilpa suggests him to do it a little later. You will anyways look at this photo for more than a week now. He says my Guru ji made me a better singer than Raj today. Raj got mad in anger. The best thing is my Guru ji is Raj’s father only. She is concerned for Manvi as she might have to go through problems because of them. he wants to thank his Guru ji personally today. Shilpa knows Raj wont

be happy. Upmanyu does not care. I will go to meet my Guru ji. She tries to talk him out of it but he leaves.

Raj’s father is elated to meet Upmanyu. Raj looks unhappily at them. Dadi stops him from intervening. Your father took the blame of your mistake. He is so happy to meet his favourite student today. Please don’t react today for my sake. Dadi sweetly calls Upmanyu Upa. Wont you meet me also? He seeks her blessings. He shares his happiness. Whatever Manvi did has my Guru ji’s share too. She got everything from him indirectly only. He gives sweets to everyone including Raj. Raj tries to decline but Upmanyu puts it in his mouth. Sonali fears Raj’s reaction. Dadi asks Upmanyu to eat. Sonali also says the same. Raj says let us not make him lose his earnings by holding him back from his classes. It will be a big day for him today as his photo got published today in paper. He should go to the shop, his class. Upmanyu agrees. My kids are very talented. They almost do is like puja. I make talent. I have to make them reach high pedestals in life on their calibre. They don’t have to cheat. He greets them before leaving. Raj says now father will blame me for this also. His mother agrees. Why do you always try to show Upmanyu down? He says I was quiet today because of you. I dint do anything wrong. I am not scared but I am angry with him for separating my son from me. He brought Manvi in this house. She has taken my son away from me. Dadi stops him from saying anything against. You are wrong if you cannot realise that she did not come in between but is standing with us! He thinks she is right. I will set it right by throwing Manvi out of this house. I will not let Upmanyu ever win, not even through his daughter!

Manvi falls down. Prithvi offers to help her but she walks away. She removes the clothes but has dropped the card. I will have to find it. She leaves the coat and mask outside. She takes a U-turn as soon as she notices Prithvi coming there. Nurse finds the coat and mask. Manvi collides with a constable who leaves after picking up the newspaper. She goes downstairs to avoid Prithvi. Someone pats at her shoulder. She is shocked to see Kabir there. He asks her if she was expecting someone else. She denies. it was all sudden. He shares that he came for checkup here. I became useful for my friends too. he shows her the ID card. She is relieved. Thank God you got it.

He is confused. she says I came to collect Baba’s bills. I dropped it when I saw a dead body. He points out that he found it near the sofa. She thinks to compose herself. I feel restless in hospitals. He asks about Rahul’s ID card. What is it doing with you? She lies that she keeps it with her always. I see it whenever he is away. kabir finds it sweet. People keep photos in phone nowadays. She says I am like that only. He offers to drop her. I will meet Rahul too. He goes to take some medicines when Prithvi greets Manvi. She says the same thing to him. he shares that they found another dead body last night. He has the same marks like my constable. Normal people like us would find it hard to believe that a wild animal can do around in Delhi doing all these murders. Kabir is intrigued to hear about a murder. Manvi introduces them to each other but then hastily leaves with Kabir.

Rahul is worried as Manvi is not picking his calls.

Prithvi checks the victim’s file. He notices something and is taken aback. He calls Rahul. Rahul wonders if Manvi got caught. prithvi asks him to come down to police station regarding a new case. Rahul thinks he might have got hold of his ID card. I am not surprised. You think of me as the culprit always. He lies that he has many meetings lined up today. Prithvi offers to come down to Sabharwal House but Rahul says I will come after finishing my meetings. Rahul wonders what might be the reason. did he find Manvi? I will have to find her first of all.

Kabir sits on the sofa while Manvi goes to call Rahul. They meet at the staircase itself. Rahul asks Manvi lot many questions at once. I got so panicked thinking what you might be going through. I wont let you do anything as per your wish today. Manvi points at Kabir. Kabir says I am glad that I dint meet you first or you would have scolded me. Rahul says sorry to him. Kabir suggests him to say it to Manvi. I cannot imagine you behaving so weird with a girl like Manvi. I met her in the hospital today. she was looking frantically for your ID card that she misplaced. I said she can get a new one but her answer shook me completely. Manvi calls it a misunderstanding. Rahul is not at all dominating. He has never stopped me from going anywhere. I only left note for him while leaving. He got concerned. Kabir thinks he misunderstood then. Manvi says every husband turns the same way. You too will be one day when you will find your Simran. Kabir says I don’t want any Simran. He leaves. Rahul thinks Kabir was right. I shouldn’t have shouted at Manvi like that. She was anyways so worried about me.

Precap: Manvi tells Rahul how strong he is as a person. You have a heart of gold. You cannot do anything wrong. Your willpower is strong enough to hold you back from doing anything which is not right. This is the reason why I love. She stops midsentence. He looks at her.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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