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Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum 6th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The media journalists / photographers come to Sabharwal House for photo shoot. Raj and Sonali greet them. Chotu goes to call Rahul.

Manvi gets a call from Mrs. Parekh (a neighbour of Baba maybe). She is shocked to know Harsh is badly hurt. He is admitted in the same hospital where your Baba was. Manvi is all tensed. I have to go right away. Rahul asks her why her parents dint call yet. Manvi has no idea about it but I think I should leave. Rahul calls the doctor directly. Doc shares that Harsh is stable now. He is under heavy medication. Come after a few hours if you want to. Rahul tells Manvi that they should leave a little later. Manvi denies. You are worried about the photo shoot? I cannot wait for another minute. He reasons that Harsh is still unconscious. The photo shoot will not

take long. It matters a lot to dad. It is just a formality! She leaves from there upset.

Kabir notices Manvi all tensed. What happened? Are you still worried about that fight? She denies. Dada is not well. He is in hospital. I only know he is badly wounded. He says you should go to him. She nods. Rahul said he will take me after the photo shoot. Kabir tells her to be with her brother right now. They can do this later too. Is this photoshoot that important? How can you do this? She agrees with him. The reporters are here. Kabir offers to drop her to hospital. She does not want to upset Rahul but he manages to convince her.

Rahul looks for Manvi. I was too harsh on her. I shouldn’t have behaved this way. He joins Raj, Sonali and the photographers. He asks them how much time they will take to set it. They say 30 minutes. Rahul says I and Manvi will join you then. He tells his parents that Harsh is in hospital. I and Manvi will meet him by the time and come back. Raj allows him.

Nisha tells Rahul that Manvi left for someplace with Kabir. Rahul tells her not to tell anyone about this. He thinks if Manvi could not wait for him. What was the need to go with Kabir? Her family would have called if it was an emergency. Why dint she wait?

Manvi and Kabir reach hospital. Manvi meets doc. Doc says his condition is critical. He is badly wounded (internal injuries) and lost a lot of blood. We can say anything concrete only after the operation. Manvi asks doc why he lied to Rahul on phone then. Doc refuses having received any such call from Rahul. Manvi says he called you right before my eyes. kabir says he might have called someone else. Doc calls it impossible. How can someone else give info on my patients? I dint get any such call. He excuses himself. I have to make preps for surgey. Manvi
Kabir mentally says sorry to Manvi. I don’t enjoy seeing you in tears but someone has to pay for my wounds of yesterday. You can cry on my shoulder if you want! He tells her to stop crying. Your brother needs you a lot. Let us go and meets him.

Manvi is shocked to see Harsh’s condition. She hugs her mother. Why dint anyone tell me anything? These marks look like an attack. Her Baba confirms it. Raj sent goons to attack on Harsh. Manvi is shocked. Baba calls Raj murderer, criminal! Manvi says papa cannot do it. Kabir wonders aloud if Rahul did this. Manvi is stunned. What did you just say? Say it out loud. He repeats it for her. If Rahul knows about Harsh’s condition then is he doing it to save his father? He wont. He does not lie. There is no problem between uncle and Harsh. Ignore this please. Manvi recalls the argument at Sabharwal House between Rahul, Raj and Harsh. Papa is responsible for Dada’s condition? Rahul too knew this maybe so he acted before me of calling doc. She passes out. Kabir holds her. Shilpa sprinkles water on her face. Kabir covers his wound. There is blood on his clothes. He pulls his coat over it. Rahul coughs to attract everyone’s attention. They all look at him. He asks about Harsh. Manvi slaps him. How dare you lied to me about Dada? Those goons beat my Dada so badly that he is here. You dint tell me anything? He is confused. which goons? She tells him to stop acting. Papa sent goons to kill my brother. He tells her to think before speaking. I came in my senses now. I have come to know the truth now. You came here to see if Dada is alive or not? You are wondering why he dint die, right? He says enough. You don’t understand what you are talking. What happened? She tells him to leave. I don’t want you here. He tries to explain to her calmly but she tells him to stay away from her. I don’t want you here. Kabir takes Rahul outside.

Rahul says I have to talk to Manvi. Why did you stop me? Kabir says it is of no use talking to her right now. Look at Harsh. Rahul says I understand but she cannot blame my family for it. Kabir speaks on Manvi’s behalf but Rahul tells him about his convo with doc. I will just bring him here. Kabir suggests him to not do anything for now. I will sort everything out in time. Rahul does not want any misunderstandings between us but Kabir traps him in his words. Rahul leaves. Kabir thinks Rahul is too silly. How did he even think I will bring Manvi to him and sort out everything? I have come here to end you only.

The photographer is ready for shoot. Sonali tells him to wait for some time. He agrees.

Dadi gets to know Rahul is still not picking up any call. Nisha thinks they are still waiting for Rahul. Dadi goes to look after the media guys. Nisha asks Sonali about her favourite couple. They knew very well how important this day was for papa but they are still not here. If Shaleen and I would have done something like this then you would have punished me by now. I give importance to family above everything yet I am still anyways blamed for everything that goes wrong at home. Sonali calls it emergency but Nisha says there is always an emergency at Manvi’s home.

Rahul comes home. he refuses to talk to his mom about anything as of now. Sonali asks about Manvi. He says I don’t know and neither do I want to know. I don’t want to talk about anything to anyone right now. I don’t even want to do this stupid photo shoot. Tell dad to do it without me. Nisha smirks. She again fills Sonali’s ears against Manvi and Rahul. They did spoil dad’s special day. Don’t know what will media report against our family now?

Precap: Shilpa notices blood on Kabir’s shirt. Are you alright? Kabir thinks what to do to quieten her.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. What’s happening in this drama. Why is this tiger thing never ending. Theres no love. No happiness in it. Whats the point of draging stuff like this. It’s getting boring. ????

    1. you are right there is no love and no happiness

  2. I stopped watching this! Story line getting ridiculous, I only read updates. When there was on screen romance with Manvi and Rahul, it was really endearing to watch, but with this Kabir story line and Nisha…its ruined it for me. Too much conspiring, too much jealously, too much fighting and too much conflict.

  3. Yar ab khtm nhi Kr do is bkvas ko sher wala track/oil to dal hi dia Tha ab us main misunderstandings and fights/nmk mirchain pyaz nhi dal dia salan bnana hai kya km az km yeh to bta do konsa salan bna the ho

  4. This is heading nowhere…really doubt if this track will end soon.
    All the intelligent people are now shown as the ones who have no common sense.
    Even if this is a fiction it can’t just b shown on a total negative track…there are some light moments in everyone’s life inspire of whatever they go through. That is totally cut out and they just show Kabir and Nisha with their crap politics all the time.
    At one point Rahul and Manvi are shown as husband and wife who can read each other’s mind and can never think wrong about each other but suddenly now each one has completely lost their understanding… That’s so silly!
    The writer seems to have lost his mind.

  5. where’s 9th may’s?

  6. anantika mallik

    main to updates hi padhti hu…aaj tak kabi ek v episode nai dekha hai….n m addicted…….so don’t make late for updates……

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