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Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum 6th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sonali asks Manvi the reason for her happiness. Manvi says I am very excited for tomorrow. Sonali thinks it will be as you are going for your first honeymoon. Manvi tells her how she asked Baba to come tomorrow at 6 am anyhow. My parents disagreed to come to Nainital but I made them agree. Sonali says what you are saying. Manvi asks her if Rahul dint tell her about the family vacation. Sonali is confused. Manvi tells her that Rahul is planning a family tour. Sonali realises that Manvi is mistaking it. Maybe Rahul dint tell her that they are going for honeymoon. How will family go then? They both are stupid. This is why they dint say I love you to each other. Sonali asks Manvi if she told Rahul. Manvi denies. He wanted to surprise you all. I am only sharing this secret. I want to see his face

tomorrow. Sonali thinks poor guy. He wouldn’t know we are coming with him on his honeymoon. Manvi requests SOnali not to tell anything to Rahul. Sonali suggests her to talk to Rahul but manvi stays put. She even gives her swear to Sonali. I will have to call drycleaners as all of Rahul’s warm clothes are not at home. Manvi goes to get them. Sonali thinks this girl will embarrass everyone. I cannot tell anything to Rahul too. They both are mad.

Shaleen comes to a room for his meeting. A lady greets him. We don’t have an office her as the company is Mumbai based. She compliments his music. Shaleen says people generally like to work with stars. She says Rahul is already a star. I want to make you a star. He says I will not disappoint you. She gives him champagne. They sit down and talk while drinking champagne. The lady does not drink it while Shaleen finishes the glass. He gets up to go but begins to feel dizzy. She makes him sit on the bed and falls down over him. They get close.

Rahul notices his mom pouring water in glass absentmindedly. It is spilling all around. he says mumma to shake her out of her thoughts. Did you fall in love with someone? I have seen it in movies. Girls act like this when they fall in love with someone. Oh My God, what will happen to Dad? Should I ask for divorce papers? Ok, tell me what happened. Sonali is bound by the swear. Rahul asks her again. She begins to talk about tomorrow but he assures her he has taken care of everything. She says I have to tell you something but I wont be able to tell you. He asks her if someone gave a swear. She nods. He understands that such stupid acts can be done by Janaani’s (women) only. She keeps nodding her head as he asks her if it is regarding him and about their trip. You wont tell me something about me only? Whose mom are you? You should be ashamed of yourself. I am sure you wont be able to even write it because she would have told you against it. Make me understand through gestures. She tries but he cannot understand anything. He tells her and Manvi to go to hell. You don’t even know how to play this game.

Rahul comes to his room. Manvi has packed his clothes. He is happy. You are more interested about this trip than mine. It will be great. The best part is that we will be away from everyone. She thinks he is right. We all need to be away from Kabir’s memory. He suggests sleeping early as they have to wake up at 6 am tomorrow. She says I wont be able to sleep all night probably because of happiness. I think our lives will change when we will be back. It will be a new start. He is happy thinking she is so much happy about this trip. I cannot wait. They share their happiness with each other over the same. They are hungry so they go downstairs.

Shaleen wakes up. His shirt is lying next to him. Nisha texts Shaleen. Shaleen calls out for Priyanka. Did something happen? He looks around and is startled to see Agni’s mom. Who are you? He wears his shirt. She says I saw how a married man cheats his wife. He calls it rubbish but she keeps talking about the same. Your wife wouldn’t know what you are doing outside. He tells her to shut up. I dint do anything like that. She shows him the video. He goes pale after seeing it. Agni’s mom takes Nisha’s name. This girl does not look like Nisha.

Nisha is worried that Shaleen read her message yet dint reply. What’s going on there? She sends him another message. Shaleen reads the message. Agni’s mom taunts him. Shaleen asks for the video. I will pay you money or anything that you want. She laughs. You think I did this for money? He has no idea who she is and why she did it. Give it to me or I will show you. She holds the phone asking him to try to snatch it. He says I am respecting you as you are a woman. He follows her and holds her hand to take the phone from her. Kabir holds his hand tightly. How dare you hold my mother’s hand? Shaleen gets worried seeing him. I dint know she is your mother. I wouldn’t have done it otherwise. Please ask her to give me the video. If she shows it to Nisha then. Kabir says she should also know what you are up to. I would have spare you earlier but I wont forgive you now. You have raised your hand on my mother. Shaleen requests him again. Kabir sits down before him. I can give you that video but you will have to do as I say. Shaleen says yes. Don’t show it to Nisha. What do you want? Kabir replies that he will do what Nisha used to do for them. You will be our spy in Sabharwal House. You will give me all details about Rahul and Manvi and Raj’s whereabouts.

Shaleen thinks Kabir can harm his entire family if he agrees but seeing no other option he says yes. He asks for a promise from Kabir that he wont harm his parents. Kabir says do as I have told you to. I have the video. I will show it not just to your wife, your family but entire world. Your wife will leave you. You will be thrown out of the house and the world wont even care. Your life will be over then. Nisha texts Shaleen. Kabir suggests showing her live video but Shaleen agrees to do whatever he will say. Tell me about Rahul and Manvi’s next move. Shaleen shares that both the families are headed to Nainital. Kabir tells him to stop them over at Pushpanjali Jungle. Shaleen gives in and leaves. Agni’s mom asks Agni if he is sure Shaleen will do his work. Agni nods. He is the only person who I can use. He will have to do what I have asked him to. I will kill Rahul and Manvi once they come to jungle. We will pay our condolences together then. The game will end then.

Shaleen comes home. He rebukes himself for making such a big mistake. Nisha wont spare me if she comes to know about it. She will inform her papa. Kabir was right. My career will end before it even started. I cannot do this to Nisha intentionally but! Nisha comes just then. She asks him why he dint reply to any of her messages. Tell me about your meeting. Did they like you? What was the deal? I want to know everything. Shaleen thinks it is impossible to quieten her but how to tell her what I have fallen into. There is no way out. What to do! She keeps talking about his future. He angrily asks her if she cannot be quiet for some time. I have a headache. Don’t tell anyone about the meeting. She gets concerned. Dint it go well? He says can I not handle things my way. Why do you have to intervene? She leaves it on him and goes out angrily.

Precap: Shaleen gifts a one night stay at Pushpanjali Resort to Rahul. Stay there for tonight. Nisha wonders what SHaleen is up to. He has gone mad.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  2. If new actors have been roped in to play Yamini and Yugan(t),then this is going to run for a while.I guess the writer has run out of topic.
    Again Manvi is shown as a dumb woman…too much.

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