Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum 6th April 2016 Written Episode Update


Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum 6th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

chatterjee’s house…

upu asks shilpa u look pale wats wrong. she says nothing just feeling a bit low. she asks him about th medicines he brought yesterday. he says yes they r in the room go have it i will come in a bit

shilpa opens the medicine packet. she gets a packet of con**ms. she says wat did u get me. he says this is the best medicine ever. have it u will be fit n fine. she says is this man crazy.harsh asks wat did baba get. she shoos harsh away.

upu says y r u screaming.its a good medicine have it na…if u feel better i will feel good too. (double meaning going on between upu n shilpa, its funny)

harsh has no clue wats going on between his parents. shilpa feels upu wants to have ahem ahem with her. he comes close to her n she runs away. she

says stay away from me will u. (this should have been on rahul n maanvi man 🙁 )

acp gets a call that a murder happened. he rushes to the crime scene. maanvi sees clothes scattered on the bed.she says rahul is so messy. maanvi had given something to rahul which is missing from his pocket.

she says i guess it must have fallen in the jungle last night. if any1 gets hold of it rahul will be in trouble. she rushes to the jungle n tells rahul i will be back soon.

kabir comes to chatterjee’s place. says sorry my medicine packet got exchanged with urs. upu says ok let me see. he sees con**ms. (hahahaha the face upu has hahahahah.)

even shilpa goes all CHIII. kabir says this isnt mine dont get me wrong.

maanvi is in the jungle searching for the thing in the jungle. she sees acp n hides. she says how come he is here. acp is investigating a muder. maanvi says who got murdered here. maanvi recalls rahul’s words whether he remembers that he killed someone or not. maanvi tries seeing the body. maanvi says rahul cant kill anyone. ambika said he wouldnt kill any innocent human being.

acp is far off so she goes close to the ambulance in which the dead body is. tries to search for rahul’s ID CARD.. she sees it…she gets worried wat if it lands in acp’s hand. she tries removing it but acp comes close to the ambulance car n she gets scared. hides behind a bush. ambulance leaves n so does acp. she says rahul didnt kill him for sure. but how does his ID CARD reach here then.

coming up
rahul reads the front page of the newspaper. its rahul – maanvi’s pic along with upu n raj. praises galore for all of them. rahul is super duper happy. tells maanvi see the praise they have written for u. maanvi says i went to the jungle to get yr ID CARD. rahul wonders y.

raj in the hall sitting n reading the shocking headlines. maanvi has been praised more than rahul…his anger shoots up. shaleen comes in n adds fuel as always. shaleen says y did u throw the paper away dad. raj starts off his hatred with upu n maanvi. how they overshadowed rahul’s concert. shaleen is so mean…adds fuel.

shaleen has asked the newspaper head to print all of this n tells raj maybe maanvi did this again to insult u. he tries brainwashing raj who is already evil.

maanvi comes back to their room. rahul is super duper happy reading the newspaper. he says im waiting for u. see this. u baba have been praised so so happy for umaanvi. maanvi says i went to the jungle to get yr ID CARD. i couldnt find it in yr clothes so had to go search for it. he says u r hiding sumthing. she tells him how she found the card next to the dead body n acp is investigating the murder.

rahul has a disappointed look on his face n sits down on the bed depressed .

coming up
maanvi is in the hospital where the dead body’s postmortem is going on. she hides from the constables n says i need to get in there n get the ID CARD. how do i go in when security is all over.

maanvi says im in shock myself rahul. rahul says nothing is shocking…it must be me only. i dont even remember how i do all killing ppl maanvi. maanvi says no u arent.. see i didnt wanna tell u cause then u take all the blame on urself always.

she says acp still didnt see the card.i will go n get it from the hospital. rahul says r u crazy or wat…wat the hell is wrong with u.u will not rish ur life for me. she says pls dont stop me. i will be careful. he says no i will surrender right away. she says no l;et me do this for u. trust me i will be safe n no1 will see me. she leaves.

rahul says wat has all of this come to..wat r u doing for me maanvi. i cant take this anymore.

maanvi is at the hospital. she says come on maanvi do it…nothing to be scared off. the constables r standing outisde the posmortem room. she eyes them n when they dont see her she slips into the room quietly. she changes into the nurses clothes. she looks uber cute though. she sneeks in n tries searching for the card. she looks up with a shocked face n epi ends.

maanvi finds the card n leaves.on the way she sees acp right infront of her on a call.he doesnt see her but she is super scared seeing him close..she faces around n tries running
acp hasnt seen her
another nurse says who dropped these nurse clothes down…maanvi tries dodging her n runs
while she goes someone from behind taps her on the shoulder
maanvi’s eyes go wide in shock

Update Credit to: shanakyasharan

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