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Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum 5th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rupa’s mum calls Maanvi and finds out they are in Rahul’s concert. Maanvi tells Rupa everyone is very angry, they must leave now. Rupa wants to stay, but Maanvi takes her. Rupa leaves the building, but security stop Maanvi saying too many people are trying to get in. She says her friend is waiting outside. They tell her to leave from backstage.

Shaaleen’s wife signals the security guard to maximize the voltage. Rahul proceeds to play his tune on the guitar. He’s about to touch it when Maanvi slips and the plug comes out. Rahul picks up his guitar and nothing happens to him. Shaaleen’s wife is puzzled. Rahul’s guitar doesn’t play, so he goes backstage to check it.

Raj and family are wondering where Rahul went as fans are going mad. Raj

goes on the stage and says there’s some technical difficulty. Rahul will be back soon.

Rahul finds out someone removed the plug and then sees maximum voltage. He sees Maanvi and thinks she saved his life unintentionally. Maanvi sees him and runs away. He says he should thank and follows her. He asks her to stop and asks she removed the plug right. Maanvi says she didn’t do it purposely. He asks her name and to look at him. Maanvi slowly turns. But her face is covered by her hair and there’s too much lights so Rahul can’t see anything. Someone calls Rahul. He turns and Maanvi quickly runs away. He hears her anklets sound and figures he saw her last night too. Avanti comes and asks what he’s doing there. All fans are getting angry. Rahul goes back on the stage.

Rupa asks Maanvi where she went and asks to call Sujoy. Sujoy is with a girl and tells Maanvi he won’t be able to come as his car got towed and he’s at police station. Maanvi and Rupa take a taxi. The driver puts on radio channel that’s showing Rahul’s concert.

Rahul sings a new song leaving his dad surprised. But he likes it. Audience also loves it. Rupa also likes it and says he doesn’t sing these type of songs. Maanvi says it’s his emotions. Rupa asks how she can not be fan of Rahul after listening this. Maanvi changes the topic saying she’s too worried for situation in their house.

Raj asks the organizers how was the concert. They praise Rahul and last song he sung. Raj then comes to Rahul and asks when he made this song. Rahul says he doesn’t know. It just came from his heart. Raj says that happens when you meet someone special and she goes deep into your heart and you can only think of her. Rahul tells Raj not to get angry and tells him about someone trying to kill him. Raj asks if he’s alright. Rahul says yes someone removed the plug. Raj leaves angrily. Shaaleen’s wife gets worried.

Rupa and Maanvi get off the taxi. Maanvi thinks Rahul is the worst human being and one song cannot change her view about him.

Avanti comes to Rahul and says she heard him indirectly giving hint to his dad. He asks what? She says he sung that new song for her right. It must have some connection with someone. He says no but then says yes. She asks if that special person is in his life. He says no. She tells her not to talk in code language. Just say it he made it for her. Maybe not in first thoughts, but she must be somewhere. Rahul’s mum comes and takes Avanti with her. Daddu comes and asks Rahul why he told Avanti that that special person is not in his life. Such beautiful song only comes when you meet someone special. Who she is. Rahul says don’t know. He also never seen her. Daddu says not to worry he’ll meet her soon.

The organizers check CCTV and catch the guard who maximize voltages. Raj beats him up and asks why he did that. Shaaleen’s wife blackmails him from distance showing his wife and then giving her money and asking him to shut. The guard says he got call from someone. He doesn’t know that person. Shaaleen’s wife comes there and says maybe a rival company. Police take the guard away. Raj asks Shaaleen to double Rahul’s security.

Rupa’s mum scolds her. Maanvi’s mum asks Maanvi what made her go to concert despite knowing her father doesn’t like it at all. Rupa says she didn’t know anything. Maanvi says no it’s her fault. She should have been back when Rupa told her they are going to concert. She requests Rupa’s parents not to tell her dad. Abhimanyu comes and says he heard everything.

Precap: Maanvi tells her dad she went to Rahul’s concert and asks him to give her whatever punishment he wants.

Update Credit to: KK

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