Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum 5th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum 5th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Manvi’s phone rings. It is Shilpa. She asks her to come to police station right away. don’t say anything to anyone. go alone.

Nisha and Avanti heave a sigh of relief. For a second, I thought he will spill the beans. I think he knew everything. He was staring at me as if he knew the truth. How is it possible? I washed my hands twice. Avanti is all scared. Did you look into his eyes? His eyes were so intense. He still cares for me because of which he saved me. he still feels for me. I think he is not happy because of the problems between him and Manvi. Maybe he has understood I am the right partner for him. he really likes me. I will have to make him realise the same. I have to make him realise he is mine. He will only be mine!

Manvi is shocked to know Niru is dead. Inspector

asks Manvi if she has a doubt on someone regarding her father’s accident case. She tells him everything honestly. If media hears of this then they will fuel this case for no reason. we should keep the case off media. He nods. we have checked Niru’s background. She had no enemies. We cannot rule out this case’s angle. Do you doubt on anyone? He takes Sujoy’s name. She speaks in Sujoy’s favour. I am sure he cannot do this. He takes Rahul’s name next. Manvi is in thoughts. She thinks of Rahul leaving the house in the middle of the night without telling anyone. Inspector shakes her out of her thoughts. Can he do this? She declines. rahul cannot give pain to anyone. Inspector points out that she did not hear anything against her ex fiancé without a second thought, yet she took so much time in speaking in her husband’s favour. She tells him she does not know anything about it.

Raj apologizes to Guru ji for Rahul’s behaviour. Guru ji says I am not upset with anyone, but the secret we have been hiding from everyone since all these years is going to come out! The Rahul, who has returned from village now, is not your son. it is an evil spirit. It was not Rahul who was saying all that but the spirit. You will have to observe Rahul all the more carefully now. Raj wonders how to do so. I can scold him for it. Guru ji says what happened today was just a demo. In future it will be big. Raj asks for a solution. Guru ji reminds him of the power. Do I have to remind you of the curse? Raj denies. I thought it was a cooked up story. I believe in God and you. I did what you asked from me. But is the curse real? Guru ji agrees. Such stories are based on true incidents. It is no superstition. The curse is in action now. You will have to take extra care of Rahul now. his anger and arrogance is just a sign. Did you notice any other chance in him? Raj talks about Rahul smelling and knowing about chicken kept in the Bhog. Guru ji points out that it is the animal inside him which smelt him. if this change happened overnight then everything wil change real soon. it is just an indication of danger! Raj requests him to save Rahul. There must be some way to save my son. Guru ji says it is impossible to stop this curse now. Raj does not want anything to happen to Rahul. His fans, following, family everything will go away. Guru ji is irked to see him stuck in all the materialistic things. Rahul will turn into an animal that is thirsty for blood since years. He cares nothing about relations but only wants blood. Blood will flow! He can go to extent for this. Be careful and observe him every second. Raj agrees to do so. I wont let anything happen to him. He leaves from there.

Manvi thinks of Inspector’s words. She collides with a photo and the frame breaks. She hurts her finger while picking up glasses. Rahul looks at her wound. He sucks her blood to help her when the animal wakes up inside him after tasting blood. He sucks at her hand. Manvi is shocked at his reaction. Raj too stands stunned in the corridor as he notices Rahul thus. Manvi pulls her hand back. Rahul tells Raj he was reducing the pain of his wife. She got hurt. Do you have problem with this as well? He keeps licking at the blood around his lips. Raj looks at him in shock. Manvi goes in her room. Raj tells Rahul to sleep. Rahul remarks he tasted blood. How will I sleep now? You should try it too. It is better than alcohol. How will you understand it? You stay lost in your love for money and fame! Rahul points out that a good father does not do what he did. You spilled blood too. Raj raises his hand on him but Sonali calls out for him to stop. Rahul speaks bluntly to both of them. You both know everything. Past never leaves anyone. His past (Raj’s) will also come back to take revenge from him. Sonali tells him to stop. The evil spirit goes and Rahul returns. He spits at the blood. How did it come in my hand? Sonali takes Raj aside. I have to talk to you.

Sonali is concerned for Rahul. Why is he behaving so? Raj says that curse has been awakened now. Rahul’s anger and smelling food from far are animal instincts. He repeats that Rahul’s life is in danger. Everyone else’s life is also in danger. She refuses to believe it. He insists that it has begun. She blames him for it all. You pushed our son in this. His life is in danger because of your jealousy and wish for money. It will end everything. Not just you, but I too am to be blamed for this. I did not stop you even after knowing everything. We both are responsible for Rahul’s condition. We ruined hi in our thirst for money. We ruined his life. How did we do it? This is a sin! We committed a sin! She cries. He stands stunned by her words.

Late at night, Nisha comes to the bar in the house. She hears the roar of a tiger and stops in her tracks. She is shocked to see Rahul standing there. I got scared for a second. What are you doing here at this moment? I got scared as I did not see you. he says I saw everything. You brought the chicken that was in the casserole. I smelled it from your hands. She tries to leave but he asks her to stay back. I wont hurt you for the time being. I got angry by what you did but I was all the more angry towards Guru ji. You got saved as that anger was more. Tomorrow will be your day. If you try to get my wife blamed for anything because of your stupid acts then I will not spare you! She leaves from there scared.

Doc tells Inspector about a wild animal attacking Niru. She died around 3 am. She struggled with the killer for around half an hour. Inspector is taken aback. We found the footstep of a person with a shoe size 9 in the house. Wild animals don’t roam around in Delhi. Doc says I told you what I know. One imprint on her hand is of a real wild animal. Inspector is still confused at the doctor’s theory. How did a wild animal come loose in Delhi?

Precap: Manvi asks Rahul if he does not remember anything. He denies. no one told me anything. How will I remember? She was the only proof of my innocence. How did this happen?

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  4. this serial is going somewhere, if there is no story, than create any such stories which ppl should believe,

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  6. I can’t understand why Rahul went to niru.. These writers…. Really horrible.

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