Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum 5th April 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum 5th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rahul comes on stage to sing the special song for his special someone. Manvi smiles hearing him (in the green room). The lady is anxiously waiting for the sunroof to be opened. The lighting guy opens the sunroof. Moonlight falls directly on Rahul. He stops all of a sudden which worries Manvi. Rahul looks at the moon. Manvi goes out to check. The lady is happy that it is going as per her plan. Rudraksh wont help him as he tasted blood. He is unable to sing for now but soon he will turn into tiger before everyone.

Rahul is uncomfortable. Manvi meets her mother. Shilpa asks about Rahul. Is he fine? Manvi is confused. Shilpa says maybe she has fever or cold. As soon as the sunroof parted then he stopped. Manvi gets tensed. Nothing should happen to him as he is wearing the Rudraksh rosary.

Upmanyu asks Manvi about Rahul. Where did he go to? Audience is going crazy. Manvi too has no clue but thinks to stop the audience somehow. I will have to sing. I will have to take his place. She seeks her parents’ blessings and goes on stage. They wonder if Manvi will be able to take Rahul’s place. Audience is angry.

The very next second they hear the audience hooting happily. manvi not just saved the show but showed how good a singer she is. They go to see her live. The lady is angry. She has stopped Rahul from getting insulted but wont be able to stop him from turning into a tiger tonight. He will be in the avatar tonight in which I will kill him.

Manvi is in the jungle. I feel so bad. He has Rudraksh. Nothing can go wrong. I hope he is fine. She notices the tiger (Rahul) nearby. She steps back in fear. The tiger roars at her. Rudraksh is still tied on one of his legs. She keeps looking at him and holds her Rudraksh rosary. He isn’t attacking me because of the Rudraksh. How did he turn into the tiger then? Did he remove his Rudraksh? She notices it on his leg. The tiger circles around her. She begins to chant some mantras while still holding the Rudraksh and her mangalsutra. The tiger leaves. She breaks down. I am trying everything to save him but how did the Rudraksh not save him then. Did we make any mistake? I don’t know how to stop him.

The lady is doing puja. Agni joins her. She shares her happiness with him. See Manvi’s condition. She cannot believe how Rahul turned into tiger while still wearing the Rudraksh. She has no idea what else she has to bear now. No Rudraksh will help Rahul now. He will turn into tiger and we will attack him. We will bring our God back with his blood. His shield too wont be able to stop us now. She will only continue to cry like this. Agni smiles.

Manvi thinks of Ambika’s words. Both of you have to be together to win this fight. I was wrong to let him go alone. This was the last attempt by the enemies. They wont get another chance now. I will be Rahul’s shield and face them strongly.

Manvi hugs Rahul as soon as he is back. I have to talk to you about something important. He says everything has changed. What’s left to talk about? She insists. He says we tried everything. Now that Rudraksh is not even stopping me from turning into tiger. I don’t know what this really is. I have no idea what I do when I turn into the tiger. I have no control over my mind, body. I shout but am helpless. I recall nothing. What’s the guarantee I dint kill anyone? She talks about the enemies who are waiting for a chance. we have not gone to house since yesterday. He reprimands her for wasting her life after him. I am no better than living dead. Stay away from me. she tells him to stop. I am your wife. I cannot leave you. marriage is no joke. I can never leave you. I am your shield and before that, I am your wife. A wife can bring her husband back from Yamraj too. I wont leave you ever. Come inside.

Raj questions Rahul. I thought you got out of all that problem. Manvi stops Rahul from saying anything. She lies to Raj that that dint happen. Sonali and Raj question them on their disappearing act. Manvi again lies to them. I was upset with him so he took me out for a long drive. Raj scolds Rahul for his attitude. Manvi takes the blame but Rahul stops them. He excuses himself. I don’t have time to justify my acts. He tells Manvi he is waiting for her. Manvi looks sadly at him.

Raj is worried about his concert. It isn’t a big thing for my son to walk out of his concert today. He scolds Manvi for distancing his son from him. Now I know why Upmanyu looked so happy today. Tell him that I wont let my son go away from me. He leaves.

Kabir and Upmanyu are at the same chemist shop. He tries to suggest Upmanyu a medicine when Upmanyu clearly tells him off. Kabir gets a call from someone. Don’t make me do all this. Keep such things at your home only. You are married after all. He throws the packet in the car and is shocked to realise that his packet got exchanged with Upmanyu.

Sonali asks Manvi about last night. Manvi lies to her as well. Sonali points out that the car was parked in auditorium. We women have a special sense to hide her husband’s secrets. I too did that and I can see you doing the same today. I am so thankful to you. You are still with Rahul after all that happened. I don’t want to know the truth but I have faith in you. nothing can happen to him till you are with him. I am very grateful to you. thank you so much. Manvi feels Raj is right. I wont let anything happen to Rahul. He is mine too. Sonali asks about last night. Manvi says nothing went wrong.

Precap: Manvi is at a crime scene. Prithvi and his team are also there. She is shocked to hear him asking people to look closely at the dead body. Someone died here?

Update Credit to: Pooja

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