Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum 4th November 2015 Written Episode Update

Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum 4th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rahul looks for Maanvi and someone comes from behind. It’s Avanti. Rahul asks her what she’s doing there. Nikhil says he could only call her to pick them up. Rahul is still looking for Maanvi. Avanti asks if anyone else is there. He says no and they leave. Other hand, Maanvi’s friend, Rupa, finds her and informs Sujoy came to pick them up.

In car, Rahul is still thinking about Maanvi and talks to Avanti about the tune he heard.

Raj scolds Shaaleen for not doing preparations right. Shaaleen’s wife plans to do something in the concert to make it memorable for Raj and Rahul in a bad way.

Rupa’s in-laws come to her house and tell Rupa they came before too, but she was out late night for shopping. Rupa says she went for her engagement shopping

only and then there was heavy rain. Her in-laws say she still should not be out that late. Rupa’s mum tells her in-laws that she won’t be from now.

Rupa is angry and wants to run away, but Maanvi cools her down. Rupa takes promise from her to do anything for her happiness.

Nikhil wants to go to the concert, but Raj says no as the concert is for adults only. He goes to Rahul, but Rahul says he won’t go against Raj. Rahul asks Twinkle to keep an eye on him and he leaves with his family.

Rupa’s mum asks her why she scheduled an appointment for SPA. Rupa says like any girl, she wants to look prettiest too in her engagement. Her mum asks can’t they come to their house. Rupa says it’s not their neighbors’ aunts who would come. It’s fine, she will get ready whatever way she can at home. Sujoy says he can take them there and then bring back. Maanvi’s mum says then there shouldn’t be a problem. Rupa’s mum allows her to go with Maanvi and Sujoy.

In car, Rupa tells Maanvi they are not going for SPA. They are going for Rahul’s concert. Maanvi asks how she can do that. Rupa reminds her of her promise. Sujoy drops them and asks them to call when they are done. He goes to meet other girls.

Nikhil keeps Twinkle busy and leaves for the concert.

Shaaleen’s wife tells a security guard to maximize volts when Rahul picks up guitar to play his famous tune. The guard says that can be life threatening. She just said to increase volts, not maximize. She tells him to do what he’s asked to and not use his brain.

Rupa and Maanvi come inside. Maanvi sees a security asking Nikhil to leave. She goes there. Security says he’s not listening that the concert is for adults only. Nikhil says Rahul is his brother and he wants to see it. Maanvi tells the security that’s not the way to talk to someone. She takes Nikhil outside and shows him concert on TV. She takes promise from him not to do this again. He will be 18 in few years and then she will take him with her for a concert. She kisses him on cheeks and goes. Nikhil is surprised. Twinkle comes to take him back. He asks her not to touch his’s most beautiful girl has touched him there.

Maanvi goes inside and sees Rahul performing. She says he’s got such a beautiful voice. She would never know bad person behind that voice hadn’t she seen him closely.

Precap: Shaaleen’s wife asks the security guard to increase volts.

Update Credit to: KK

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