Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum 4th March 2016 Written Episode Update


Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum 4th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

maanvi is in the mandir n prays for rahul. she tells bhagwanji i have full faith in u. in times of our difficulties i can only look upto u. pls take care of rahul whereever he is.

heavy wind blows. she feels scared. she feels rahul is in some kind of trouble. she prays for his well being. she says if there is any trouble i cant just sit here. i need to do something for him. she thinks about watpanditji was saying. she takes out her laptop n types on google search AMBIKA. she cant figure out wat he meant. was it a person’s name or something else. she tries to think wat it could be.

rahul is hiding behind a tree. the goons arrive in a jeep n start searching for rahul everywhere. rahul keeps hiding n sees them from a far. one of the goons sees rahul’s shoes from afar n signals others to quielty follow him n catch rahul. rahul sees them coming n runs at full speed. the goons cannot match his speed so they take the jeep n follow him. hes still running way ahead. one of the goons joke is he even human to run at this speed. the other says he is a special kind of human LOL. they finally throw a net around rahul n he gets caught. rahul tries to free himself from the net trap. the goons circle him up.

guruji says more than raj rahul will be ahead of him in terms of name fame n money. raj will never be able to match rahul …

maanvi feels resltless in her room. she says even if i try to make 2 n 2 about wat panditji says i still cant make sense out of it. wonder where rahul must be. im getting worried for him. she thinks n touches her forehead accidently. the sindoor spills a bit. maanvi looks through the mirror. she says how did the sindoor spill. is this a bad sign? i hope rahul is okay.

the epi ends on her shocked face.

some of panditji’s men or i donno is it guruji’s men come to sabarwal house or i guess maanvi goes out
they tell maanvi panditji kept saying khatra hai khatra hai kisiko bachana hai
maanvi says who
other end the goons trap rahul n hit him hard on the head
rahul gets unconscious

Update Credit to: shanakyasharan

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  1. Boring episode

  2. Yah boring

  3. no ravi scenes !!! so boring epi

  4. I want all this tiger stuff to get over soon.
    N ranvi shd come together.

  5. Hey pls someone of u tell me the synopsis after that girls murder who ws goin to be the witness. Pls pls…

  6. i think manvi has to conclude herself about the curse he had as no body is telling her about rahul’s curse and then how,who and when will the person think that manvi can cause of his cure from this curse although there were some points which can help in resolving matters but they are ignored or vanished at least now don’t stretch it more please

  7. Awanti Gupta

    Pls cls this trck…we wnt to see rahul and manvi tgthr…

  8. very boring episode

  9. Very boring!!! Going off track so badly!!!

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