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Upmanyu opens his eyes. He notices the mangalsutra around Manvi’s neck. He says marriage, Rahul. Doc tells him that Manvi is the wife of Rock Star Rahul Sabharwal now. Upmanyu breathes heavily. Doc too is shocked to see the change in his condition. The oxygen level was low. Sujoy manages to get out of the room. Doc tells them that Upmanyu went back in coma. Who lowered the oxygen level? Manvi tells them to talk more specifically. Doc assures her they are doing their best. The patient relapsed as the oxygen level was low. Shilpa asks Manvi to go to her home now. I panicked as I was alone. Manvi refuses but doc agrees to inform her if there is any problem.

Outside, Manvi tells Sujoy her Baba is in coma again. Sujoy decides to make sure Upmanyu never wakes up again.

Rahul questions

his mom. How could you let it happen? Sonali says we all tried but your dad did not listen to us. Rahul explains how respect matters to simple people above everything. Dad cannot insult them like this! They must be feeling so bad. Avanti tells Rahul to calm down. Why are you getting angry with mom? She very smartly drops the bangles in Rahul’s bag. He refuses to silently sit down and let his father insult his wife and her family. Sonali asks Rahul to handle it maturely. Rahul points out that the one, who should have acted maturely, did not do so!

Rahul asks his father how he could do so. They are our relatives now. Raj refuses to have any relation with them. I don’t accept this. Rahul makes it clear to him that Manvi is his wife, and they are my relatives. You only embarrassed yourself by embarrassing them. They are respectable people. Raj taunts Upmanyu for sending his daughter to their house. It is his plan to take revenge from me. he could not get anything in life. This is his way to get all that! Rahul says Manvi did not marry me for money. Don’t think like that. Raj tells him to remember that whatever he is today, he is bcause of him only. I will decide whatever happens in my house. Rahul says what’s mine then. don’t I have this much right in your house to raise my voice against those who are trying to hurt my family. You may not understand but manvi’s family is my family too. Manvi is amazed to hear Rahul fighting with his dad for her. Rahul says it was my mistake to talk to you. Manvi moves away so Rahul cannot see her.

Rahul comes to his room. Manvi too enters. She looks at him. Rahul apologizes to manvi for what his dad did with her family today. I did not know he will take his anger to this level. He throws down his bag angrily. She notices the bangles. He regrets going to studio. This wouldn’t have happened otherwise! What must be your mom thinking about me! Manvi picks up the bangles in shock. Rahul is clueless about the bangles. I have no idea how they came in my bag. I haven’t seen them in my lfie. She says I was about to trust you, but now! What was your plan? You talk to your dad in my favour and on the other hand, you plot against my family. I don’t trust you! My mother told me you went to Nisha’s room to meet her. You stole those bangles to trap my family. This is what you wanted. I was a fool to doubt myself. You can never change! You have a shallow heart. There cannot be feelings for anyone in it. Why did you drag my family in it? Why did you pretend to fight for your dad for me? You must have seen me outside. You were trying to change your image in my eyes, so I could allow you to do what I never let you! You want to touch me. He tells her it is enough. She asks him why he dragged her family in this. I thought only your dad hates my Baba. I had no idea you too hate my Baba this much. He says I have had enough. You daily blame me for the mistakes that I don’t do. I am tired! I cannot make you understand anymore. I would have gotten you long ago had I wanted it. I respect you. You are not a thing for you. God damit, I! I am not the kind of guy you think me to be. I swear I know nothing about the bangles. I have never seen them. I am tired of giving you proofs daily. Spare me!

Avanti comes to Nisha’s room. Our plan is super hit. I heard Rahul and Manvi fighting. It’s been just 2 days and see how they are behaving! Our plan is a hit. Someone knocks at the door. It is Rahul. He shows the bangles to Nisha. She acts to be happy to get them back. From where did you get them? Rahul says they were in my bag. How did they come there? Nisha worriedly looks at Avanti. Rahul asks Nisha how they ended up there. Nisha acts innocent. Maybe you picked them up by mistake when you came to meet Manvi’s mom in my room. He asks her why he will even look at them. Avanti says maybe a servant stole them but then put them in your bag out of fear. Nisha seconds her. I will tell everyone I got the bangles. She goes out. Avanti asks Rahul if he is alright. Rahul tells her that every servant of his house is trustworthy. How did they end up in my bag then? She says atleast it proves Manvi’s family innocent. They were insulted a lot. I hope she is alright. Did she take out her frustration on you? I am mad to ask you this question. I am sure she trusts and loves you a lot. Rahul thinks of Manvi’s rude words. Rahul walks out from there. Avanti thinks there isn’t just the tension of these fights between Manvi and Rahul. I will have to find out about it at any cost. I have to keep adding fuel to the fire. You (Rahul) made a very big mistake to leave me. I did not leave you though. What is mine will be mine only! Don’t ever think you will succeed in getting away from me this easily!

Next morning, Manvi comes to hospital to meet her Baba. Shilpa says he does not open his eyes or talk. Thankfully, the hospital gives discount to needy people or we could never get him treated here. Manvi cries. Please wake up Baba. Talk to us. Manvi apologizes to her mother for what all happened with her at home. Shilpa says you are not at fault. Why should you apologize? Manvi agrees. The one who makes mistake should apologize. Rahul’s dad is so arrogant! Shilpa advises her to talk about her family with respect. You should not say anything wrong about them. You are a part of their family. We have given you a good upbringing. Don’t let anyone raise a finger on them. Manvi says this is why I am quiet. Shilpa asks her if everything is fine at home. Were the bangles found? Manvi nods. They were in Rahul’s bag. Shilpa says how that can be. Manvi replies that he might have picked them up when he went to Nisha’s room to meet you. He wanted to blame you and Dada for it. Harsh is shocked to hear it.

Precap: Manvi tells her mother no one can stop her from meeting them. I can bear my insult but I cannot hide anyone’s mistakes! I am only waiting for Baba to get well. I want to hear truth from his mouth. No one can stop Rahul from going to jail if he is to be blamed for Baba’s condition. I myself will send him to jail!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. God ??? !!!! Jab kabhi bhi Yeh misunderstandings solve hongi manvi rahul ki maafi ke liye Kuch bhi kare voh kam he . Iss ladki ne toh had par kar di hai. Yaar ekta thode dhang ke serial bhi bana liya karo..

  2. Shraddha Sharma

    Hadddd hai….
    Manvi ko Rahul se jayda apni soch or sujoy pe barosa hai…. idiot..

  3. Yehi to prblm hai gurl’s ki jab bi hum kuch acha karna chahte hain wo ulta samhaj ti he kyun?

  4. manvi when u will start trusting rahul. ruhal u r too good n loving husband. hello ekta plz add some love betn rahulnmanvi. i cannot see them fighting. unite them. enough is enough fight

  5. really yaar ye manvi to kch zyada hi over react karti hai

  6. Yrrr seriously… Kuch toh acha dikhao… Only evil wins all time.. Ektaji plzzz let Manvi know the truth.

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