Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum 4th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum 4th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rahul smells something foul in his room. He smells his clothes. Manvi cannot smell anything. He insists he can smell some old flowers. She says there are no flowers in our room. He repeats at her to check the room properly. She checks the cupboard and indeed finds some old flowers in the room. He scolds her for the same and makes her throw them away. She speaks about Niru next. He scolds her yet again for calling Niru back to back. Let her live in peace. Don’t call her now. We will meet her directly in the evening. She tells him that Guru ji is waiting outside for him.

The Inspector speaks with Niru’s father, who shares about Niru witnessing an accident. That man’s daughter came to meet her yesterday. Inspector deduces it isn’t an accident. Niru was an eye witness

to a case. The killer is tall enough. His shoe size is 9. Inspector asks him if he has a doubt on anyone. Niru’s father denies. my daughter had no enemy.

Rahul and Guru ji stare at each other. He replies a bit rudely to his father but then says sorry to him. Saloni asks him to see Guru ji’s blessings. Rahul questions her. Raj insists but Rahul declines. I am not in a mood to do so. He sits at a distance on the sofa. Guru ji calms down Raj. Your son is a big rock star. I don’t mind it. Rahul addresses him badly. I am a star. I will live life my way. Tiger is a king. He listens only to himself. Guru ji tells Sonali to bring Bhog. She nods.

Avanti and Nisha look on as Manvi brings the food. Rahul smells something. He asks everyone to stop. Raj reprimands him for misbehaving. Rahul says the Bhog cannot happen. Guru ji asks him the reason. Rahul says the food is polluted. It is not fit enough for Bhog. Manvi asks him how he can say so. I have cooked it myself. Rahul tells her to listen to him. don’t do anything more than you are told. Guru ji scolds Rahul for insulting his wife and the Prasad. Rahul repeats this food wont be offered to God. Remove it! Raj gets up in anger. You cannot speak to Guru ji like this. Rahul speaks rudely to Guru ji again. You are an ordinary and scared person. I cannot bear him anymore. Throw him out of the house! I have been to the puja’s since all the years. Can you not see how fake he is! Guru ji refuses to have anything in the house. There will not be any Bhog here. Raj and Sonali request him but in vain. Guru ji points out that Rahul has lied to you. It is all happening because of that only. Some evil spirit is hovering over his head. Rahul smiles to himself as he hears it.

Guru ji shares Rahul has done no puja! Rahul agrees. I have seen a lot many fake people like you. I have had enough of you! Get out from here now. Raj tells him to be in his limits. Sonali apologizes to Guru ji on Rahul’s behalf. Guru ji asks Raj to meet him in the Ashram only. We will talk there only. He walks out. Raj is unhappy with Rahul. You insulted the person we trust a lot. You lied to us about the puja. Where did my son go? Rahul replies he does not think he did anything wrong. This man is not fit enough to be a Guru. Stay away from this person. Secondly, I am right about the food. It is polluted. Manvi again says it is made by her only. Everything is right. Rahul reprimands her again for which Sonali scolds him. Rahul asks Manvi to open the casserole she was going to offer to Lord Shiva. Manvi and everyone are shocked to see Chicken in the casserole.

Manvi is in disbelief. Rahul asks her if she forgot what was to be offered in the Bhog. Raj scolds her for finding another reason to insult them. Sonali seconds Manvi. I was with her when she was cooking. Non veg did not come today. Rahul agrees with her. This chicken has come from outside. Manvi has not touched it. Don’t scold her. I can smell and tell who has touched it. Everyone is surprised seeing the change in his behaviour. Nisha hides her hand behind her back.

Shilpa notices Niru’s dead body being brought in the hospital. She recognizes her. Inspector and Niru’s father walk up to her, to know if she knows NIru. Shilpa tells her about their meeting yesterday. Niru was going to tell me about the person who pushed my husband before the tempo. Inspector asks her to come aside with him. I need some info.

Inspector makes Shilpa say everything in detail about their meeting. He shares that she was murdered. Shilpa is stunned. We met her yesterday only. How did it happen then? Inspector asks her who all knew about Niru. Shilpa takes Manvi’s name. Manvi is asked to come to police station for regular interrogation.

Rahul stands up. Avanti and NIsha look scared. Avanti turns to go. He asks her if she will not eat. He says whatever happened should not have happened. She feigns innocence. He repeats chicken should not have been here. Call it a mistake of someone but we will have to remove it now. Nisha agrees. She takes it from there. Avanti goes with her.

Raj asks him who will do penance for the mistake he did. I have never seen you behaving this way with anyone. I will have to apologize to Guru ji for your rude behaviour. I hope he will forgive me. Rahul gets angry. Can no one here understand! No one will go anywhere. Raj advises Sonali to make Rahul understand. Maybe he will understand if you explain. He leaves. Rahul asks everyone if they have anything to say.

Precap: Inspector asks Manvi if she has a doubt on someone. He takes Sujoy’s name. She speaks in Sujoy’s favour. I am sure he cannot do this. He takes Rahul’s name next. Manvi is in thoughts.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Main yuhi khwaab dekh rahi thi Yeh maanvi kabhi nahi sudhar sakti she is still in thoughts ….huh!!! ??

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    what the hell iz thz yar????????????
    stupid manvi ,poor rahul and blo*dy sujoy…………….
    serial should be named as ”YEH KAHAN PHANS GYA MAIN”

    1. Nice name of the serial yaar…. U all r rgt… Phir se mannvi ne sujoy ke favour me bath ki aur rahul ke…. Gd yaar dis girl cnt trust rahul fr a bit… Bt c is rgt niru is murdered by the tiger(rahul)

  3. I am very curious for next episode

  4. Ye mansi ko a kal nhi kabhi sudhar nhi skti. ………….she is still in thoughts?????

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