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Manvi comes to her father’s room. He looks away when she says Baba. She sits down next to him. I know you don’t even want to see my face. You refused to call me your daughter today but you are my Baba. I am incomplete without your blessing. I cannot do anything without it. I did something for once without taking your blessings. I am bearing the brunt of it. I promise I will never do it again. I need your blessings today. it wont complete without your blessings. I am going to marry Sujoy. He has agreed to marry me 2 days after the engagement. I too said yes. I know I have hurt you a lot. I want to ask something from you for the last time. I will leave this house after 4days. can we not live together like we used to? Don’t be upset with me at this time. I will never be able to

live happily. He walks away. She goes to him. You were right about those people. They are very bad. I did hid the truth from you but I dint cheat anyone. I dint let anyone use my voice. I left my job. I will never talk to that Rahul again. He doesn’t matter to me. Your happiness matters to me above everything. I will never hurt you. Please forgive me. Won’t you look at me once? Did I really die for you? Upmanyu feels bad. He is about to keep his hand on her head to bless her when her phone rings. It is Rahul’s call. Upmanyu questions her about it. You were promising not to talk to him again. Why is he calling you then? You lied to me again. You cheated me! She denies. I have no idea! He tells her to stop her acting. Go and seek that man’s blessings. Don’t come to me. She requests him to forgive her but his anger is on peak. He pushes her out of the room and closes the door on her face. She cries. Please forgive me, Baba. Why do you bring storm in my life always Rahul? I don’t want any other proof now that it is better we stay away.

Mala agrees to help Rahul. Rahul says Manvi isn’t picking my call. Her number is unreachable. She suggests to give him her landline number. He too has it but he knows it that Manvi wont talk to her. Call her here on some pretext. I will talk to her then. Mala calls the landline number. Shilpa picks it up. Mala wants to talk to her. Shilpa says Manvi is not at home. she is getting married in 4 days. She is busy in preps. I will make her talk to you later. She hastily ends the call. Manvi tells the same to Rahul. He is shocked to know about the wedding! You might be mistaken. She is getting engaged. Mala repeats what Shilpa had told her.

Rahul kick boxes in his room. He keeps thinking of Manvi. Why? Why does it matter to me who she is marrying and when? Why is it affecting me? Avanti asks him what happened. He says nothing. She points out that he is avoiding her. You don’t want to share anything with me. So much has happened and you dint tell me anything. Don’t you want to talk to me? He tells her that he does not want to talk to her about anything. She still persists. What is bothering you? Please tell me. He goes away say8ing they will talk later.

Raj meets Avanti outside. She tells him that she wont run after Rahul anymore. Raj talks about the pressure of work, campaign. He gets moody temporarily. Avanti asks him to tell Rahul to call her. Tension gets less when you share it. He nods. Avanti leaves. Raj wonders what happened to Rahul. He never talks rudely to a girl.

Raj tells Rahul he is behaving wrongly with his would be fiancé. Avanti likes you. I don’t want any argument on the topic. Rahul says I thought you left the final decision on me. Raj points out that he is a businessman. I understand loss and profit better than you. Talwar is my biggest investor. I cannot upset him by upsetting Avanti. Don’t talk badly to her. Rahul reasons that he was nice to Avanti. Raj advises him to take Avanti out on dinner tonight. There will be no more discussions on this topic!

Sujoy and Manvi have come out for dinner. Sujoy is surprised as it was Manvi who has called him here today. She has called him to tell him something important. He keeps acting. She wonders if Sujoy will still accept her after knowing what happened between her and Rahul. Sujoy tries to make her comfortable. We should be friends first. Manvi begins to tell him when she notices Rahul coming there with Avanti. Sujoy follows her gaze. He gets worried. Rahul cannot see me from his seat. The time is good. If I play the right move then my position can better in Manvi’s eyes. Rahul and Manvi see each other. They both think of the forced kiss. Manvi wants to go to some other place but Sujoy advises her to get Rahul out of her head. You aren’t wrong. You don’t have to run away from Rahul. Why should we waste our time for someone else? Manvi says I don’t want to see Rahul’s face. Sujoy keeps his hand over hers. Look at me then. Avanti asks Rahul is he got angry again. He lies to her. Avanti asks for his phone but he drops something on her dress by mistake. She goes to clean up. Rahul wonders what has happened to him. Sujoy gets a call. He goes aside to receive it. Manvi feels uncomfortable. Khamoshiyan plays in the background.

Rahul sends a sorry note to Manvi through the waiter. She looks at it but then tears it. Avanti joins Rahul again. the stain isn’t going away. Rahul says sorry to her. Sujoy too comes back. Let us decide where you want to go for honeymoon. Manvi excuses herself to go to washroom. Rahul makes the same excuse before Avanti.

Rahul comes to the girls’ washroom. Manvi looks at him. what are you doing here in ladies washroom? He asks her to listen to him once. There has been a misunderstanding. She declines. I trusted you. I corrected my opinion about you. he admits crossing his limits by forcibly kissing her. She asks him if he has an explanation for it as well. He asks for one chance. he pins her to the wall. I cannot bear your hatred. I don’t want to stoop down in your eyes. What should I do that you can forgive me and we can start afresh? She says there has been nothing between them anyway. It never was and will never be! I will shout if you don’t leave me! He asks her to go ahead. I don’t care what others think about me. I only care about what you think of me! She calls his plan a great one. People will think bad of me only, not you! He is taken aback. What do you think of me? try to understand me once. I don’t want to do anything wrong with you. She refuses to have to do anything with him from now onwards. I don’t even want to see your face! I hate you, Rahul! He looks at her in shock. Don’t try to touch me again! She walks out of the washroom when she collides with Sujoy. Rahul has too followed her. He notices Sujoy. Have I seen him somewhere before?

Precap: Sujoy calls Raj through a PCO. Rahul’s chorus singer, whom he met in the washroom today, is the daughter of a music teacher. His name is Upmanyu Chatterjee!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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