Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum 4th August 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum 4th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Manvi spends some good time with the kids in hospital.

Manvi comes home but is still thinking about the kids. Sonali asks her about the kids too. Manvi shares that they still look so scared of everything. I took toys for them but they got all the more scared and sat together. I don’t know how they will stay away from one another. The boy is so protective about his sister. Dada was equally protective about me. Sonali asks her if she went to studio. Manvi realises it and rushes out.

Rahul shouts at his assistants to go away. manvi hears him shouting. What to do? He reminded me so many times but I forgot. She tries talking to him but he keeps mum. She thinks to make him sympathise with her. She lies to him about the car breaking down after which she took an auto. I found one

with difficulty because of strike. I walked around 1-2 kms and finally found one. I recalled that I forgot my purse at home. he was just like you, ekdum khadus. He dropped me off mid way after knowing about it. She cooks up stories but he understands that she is saying filmy stories. She tries to change the topic but in vain. Mom called me to inform you left 15 minutes ago and I shouldn’t scold you. she tells him to listen to her then. He reasons that he is giving his 200% for this work. People are here since early morning. Everyone has been waiting for you only. She asks for punishment. Rahul asks Manvi to tell him 5 qualities of him which differentiates him from others. She jokes that it feels like he gave her a task to write an essay on cow. He warns her to shut up. Also, tell me why I am a good husband. She laughs. He asks her if she doubts it. She denies. You are a very good husband. He tells her to say it all to him in Punjabi. She goes speechless. You know I don’t know how to speak in Punjabi. He points out that it is her problem, not his. She wonders how to learn Punjabi now. He tells her to hurry up. My mood swings really badly. You cannot trust it. Don’t waste time. She goes out. rahul smiles.

Shilpa asks Manvi why in Punjabi. She calls them kids. May you stay together and happy like this always. Why did you call me to learn Punjabi? You should ask SOnali or Dadi. Manvi does not want them to scold Rahul. Please ask our neighbour’s daughter to message me. Shilpa disagrees. She is a kid. Manvi says she has prepared her speech. She can atleast translate it. Shilpa is concerned. How will you learn Punjabi this way? Manvi says I will. Just do it please. They end the call.

Doc is speaking to someone when she hears some noise. The kids run around the room to avoid nurses and compounders. They are given injections to be calmed down. Doc looks tensed. She later checks their report and is shocked. These kids are healthy like normal kids when they should be actually affected by malnutrition but it isn’t so. How is this possible? She gets thinking. I have to find out how it happened. I need some proof. She notices the kids talking to someone. She goes inside to check but does not see anyone in the room except the kids. They go quiet seeing her. She asks them who they were talking to. The boy looks at the wall. Doc cannot see anyone there. Can you see someone? They begin to throw stuff at her. She tries to help them but they push her out of the room. She cannot understand if she was imagining it or if they were talking to some imaginary friend. What to do?

Shilpa gives translation to Manvi. She checks the script. Pinky is anyways a very big fan of Rahul. She might have added it up. Rahul only wanted 5 points. Shilpa has no idea. Manvi reads the script all wrong. Shilpa too is clueless about it. Sonali comes there to meet Shilpa. Shilpa ends up telling her about the special task assigned to Manvi. Sonali laughs hearing Manvi speak in Punjabi. What are you kids up to? It’s very cute though. What’s the problem now? Manvi does not know the pronunciation. Sonali agrees to help her. Speak with confidence. If Rahul acts then make him do the same things next time. Rahul comes home. he stands outside to hear her speak in Punjabi. A big smile appears on his face. God, I love her. she is so cute. Bengalan’s jadu is getting stronger on me hearing her speak in Punjabi.

Senior doc is unhappy with the decision of keeping the kids here in hospital. Send them to orphanage asap. Doc reasons that they need special attention. Kids with mental issues aren’t taken care of there. Senior doc says you just said they are normal. Doc nods. no one heard them talking. I have heard them talking to imaginary person. Senior doc does not mind it. Doc says they can really talk. As per the investigation, they are in the house since they couldn’t even speak. How can they talk then? They should have been affected by malnutrition but they are well fed and healthy. Doc decides to ascertain the case with all the possibilities. I cannot send these kids to the orphanage. I have to observe them. I also have to find out about their imaginary friend.

Precap: Manvi comes dressed in typical punjaban style.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Episode was so cute with some suspense waiting for the next one


    Full of fun and suspens show….
    I think Rahul’s father’s past is connected with that hand showing girl for sure….

  3. Yes but I hope rahil and maanvi won’t fight for this time

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