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Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum 4th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rahul is changing a song for someone special. Manvi asks him about it but he tells her to wait. She is sure she already knows it. I have come to understand you. I know everything about your likes and dislikes. You really want me to tell you who you are talking about? I think the person who has a special place in your heart is. Kabir enters just then. He compliments Rahul for the crowd going mad after him. Rahul talks to him about the Holi party. Manvi teases Kabir about the girls. Kabir tells her not to start now. Rahul understands Kabir’s situation. Manvi asks them about it. The boys talk in code word. Manvi leaves them. Kabir wishes good luck to Rahul. Rahul thanks him. I am singing a special song for someone special.

The lighting guys discuss about the set. They talk about opening

the sunroof. The lady (from Agni’s side) meets them. She appreciates their work. I would like to hire you for my coming event. There is a sunroof in this auditorium which falls directly on the performer. They nod. Manvi Ma’am told us not to open it so we cannot. She says today’s show would have looked magical if the sunroof was opened today. It would have matched up with international standards. They cannot go against Manvi’s orders. She suggests talking to someone senior than Manvi. He might allow you. The guys leave to talk to Raj. The lady is happy to see her plan working.

Shaleen stops a girl (emcee). There is a slight change in plan. He tells her something (in mute).

The Emcee (announcer) speaks of two teachers of Rahul playing a crucial role in his life. Both the family members are taken aback. The emcee takes both Raj and Upmanyu’s name. Sonali tells Raj not to say anything on stage. Raj refuses to share the stage with that low man. Who made the emcee say so? Shaleen takes Manvi’s name.

Shilpa asks Upmanyu not to go but he does not want Rahul to feel insulted. He goes on stage with Manvi. Raj looks angrily at them. Rahul tells him not to create a scene. Raj questions him when Rahul points out that he is saying so as the singer of his company. It is about the prestige of our company after all. Rahul and Raj go on stage together. Emcee presents flowers and trophies to both Raj and Upmanyu. Shaleen smirks. Emcee hands over the mike to Raj asking him to say something. Raj wishes good luck to Rahul. I feel glad seeing him touching new heights in the field of rock music. Upmanyu takes the mike. He thanks everyone for giving him respect by calling him on stage. I gave classical training to my daughter. I heard and saw Rahul performing today. It is amazing. His passion for music is great. I always thought that the people who sell music can never value it. Selling music is insulting it. It should be worshipped as it is a blessing by Ma Saraswati. Whoever tries to do business of music can never become a singer. He can become a businessman though. Rahul is not a greedy guy. He sings for himself, his happiness. Music is his everything so he is in everyone’s hearts today. his music is different than mine but it has the same soul like mine. I feel proud to see him on stage today. it is like my dream fulfilled. I came here with a dream. I wanted to pray to Ma Saraswati and I did that. Some people came in my journey who cheated me, called me a failure. You can snatch money and have it but respect is to be earned. I dint become famous like them but gained a lot of respect. On this stage today I pray that Ma Saraswati always blesses the genuine people. They shouldn’t become greedy. It cannot be gained by pulling someone down stealthily. Audience claps for him. Upmanyu whispers to Raj that he cannot move ahead in life by pulling someone down. Upmanyu compliments Rahul. Your songs touched my heart. You sang better than I thought. They share a hug. Raj looks on. Rahul leaves with Manvi and Upmanyu.

Sonali tries to calm Raj but in vain. That guy said so much to me today. Shaleen says sorry to him. I had no idea this can happen. Raj demands to throw out Upmanyu right away. Rahula sks him what his problem is. Raj says my own son is standing against me today. Rahul justifies his stand. I appreciated an artist. He (Upmanyu) truly deserves it. You also know that he should have got it long time back. Did you forget that you started your career with his stolen music? Your name, fame is all because of him today. Sonali tells him to stop but Raj wants to know what all is in Rahul’s heart. I know who is filling his ears against me. It is all manvi’s fault. Rahul agrees. Fight me, talk to m, not my wife. SOnali tells them both to stop. Did you forget all about your relation along with etiquettes? Rahul leaves to change for the next song. Raj is hurt. Rahul fought with me for that girl. He fought for my enemy too. She tries to tell him against it but he insists. This is it. I cannot take it anymore. He leaves. Nisha compliments Shaleen. Your plan was too good. Shaleen tells her to wait and watch. There’s more to come.

The lighting guy seeks Raj’s permission to open the sunroof. Moonlight would have fallen directly on Rahul Sir but Manvi Ma’am told me against it. Raj tells him to open the sunroof. Don’t ask anyone if that can make the show better. The lady is happy. Rahul will soon turn into tiger. We will get a chance to hunt that tiger.

Precap: The sunroof opens. Rahul looks up at the moon and stops the performance.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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