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Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum 3rd November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Manvi’s father, Abhimanyu, is disturbed recalling his past and Raj’s words in police station. Manvi asks him to eat something. He tells her that Raj is not successful because he’s talented. He is just a cheater. Manvi is confused. He tells her to stay away from Raj’s family. She says she doesn’t like them either. He asks her to promise him. Manvi’s mother comes and asks him why he’s dragging kids into all this. They will decide what’s good for them and what’s not. Abhimanyu leaves. Manvi asks her mother what’s the matter. She asks her to go to her room and never take that family’s name in front of Abhimanyu.

Other hand, Raj is also disturbed and he doesn’t want to hear Abhimanyu’s name again. Rahul asks

him he knows Abhimanyu Chatterjee from before right. That’s why he sent him out. He asks him who he is. Raj says no one, just a loser. He was loser before years and is still a loser. He asks Rahul to stay away from such poor people. They are always greedy. Raj’s wife asks him to stop it. Rahul asks him if he’s okay. He says yes and asks him to sleep.

Raj looks at his trophies and still looks disturbed. Dadu comes and asks why he didn’t tell full truth to Rahul. Raj says he said what was required. Abhimanyu is cheap, loser who is jealous from his wealth. Dadu tells him he can lie to everyone, but for how long he will lie to himself. Raj says there’s no lie in that. He accepts he’s his father as well as guru, but some of the things he has achieved by himself. Relationships and music don’t come to one’s has to make them theirs. Dadu says that’s where he’s wrong. Raj asks him to look around..he has earned all that wealth on his own. Dadu says it’s just luck and winner is not always the best. Raj says he doesn’t have time for all this nonsense and leaves.

Manvi’s friend invites Manvi and her family for her engagement in Agra and says they must come.

Rahul is rehearsing a song. He tells his dad they should try a new song. Raj says it’s the most popular song of his. Rahul says that means everyone has heard it. Raj says people come to sing along with him. He leaves for office. Rahul tells Dadu that he feels his life is like a robot. He’s just doing what he’s told to. He’s bored of himself. Dadu tells him he will get a chance too and he must live that moment.

Manvi’s family gets ready to leave for Agra. Other side Rahul’s family, along with Avanti, get ready to leave for the concert in Agra. Sujoy joins Manvi’s family.

In Agra, Sujoy touches girls’ hands in name of helping them. He serves juice to everyone and Manvi’s mum thinks he’s such a nice guy.

Rahul is secretly going outside. His younger brother catches him. Rahul then takes him to eat jalebis as well.

Manvi and her friend are outside. They wait for a bus. Her friend says she doesn’t want to go back home so soon. Her in-laws bore her. And says, Manvi too is running away from Sujoy. Manvi says there’s nothing like that. Her friend tells her not to lie to her. She stays quiet in front of everyone, but runs away when she gets a chance. She’s dreaming of her love. She is waiting for a guy who comes into her life and suddenly changes everything. Manvi says she is not waiting for anyone. She is just little scared thinking about her marriage so soon. It starts raining. Her friend tries to call her home for a car, but there is no network. They go under a roof. Manvi starts walking ahead. Rahul and his brother are also there. They hear Manvi’s anklet sound. Rahul follows her. Manvi enjoys the rain and sings a song. Rahul smiles looking at her, but can’t see her face. He gets lost into thoughts and Manvi disappears. He wonders where she went and just then someone comes to him.

Precap: Rahul performs in the concert.

Update Credit to: KK

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