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Manvi tells Sonali that Raj did not meet or speak to commissioner. He has been lying to us. She asks Raj the reason as to why he did so. Raj glares angrily at her. This girl is mad. She is saying anything without any point. How dare you go there? I told you I will handle things my way. Who are you to interfere? She says I am his wife. I have right to know how he is and where. I don’t have to ask for this right from anyone. I am doing it all for his well being. He asks her if she thinks he does not care about his son. Dadi repeats that they want to know the reason behind his lies. He says you worry uselessly and can create problems for Rahul. If this news is out then media and everyone will question us. His image will be finished. Manvi asks him why it will happen. He has been kidnapped.

He is in trouble. Raj speaks of investors and image again. I hired private investigators. Manvi says Rahul is more important than money and fame. We should love people more than things! Raj scolds her for trying to teach him how to think about things and others. He is my son before your husband. I will make all decisions in my house. You are free to go if you have any problem with it. Dadi scolds him for talking badly with Manvi. He again blames Manvi for all the troubles in their house. This started when Rahul went for honeymoon. Sonali tries to calm him down but he calls Manvi inauspicious for their house and Rahul. You will understand it the day you know it all. Raj and Sonali leave from there. Dadi consoles Manvi.

Raj tells Sonali not to lecture him. She knows he wont see anything wrong happening with Rahul. Manvi was right though. I know there is something. You love him so much. His news of kidnap came out and you did not talk to commissioner? I just cannot believe it! I might not be his real mother but I have always thought of him as my son! What are you hiding? Tell me. Raj replies that Rahul is with him. I have kidnapped him. She asks him why he did so. Raj shares that Rahul was not safe in this house. Guru ji had asked me to keep Rahul at some safe place. I followed his instructions. He wants to try last time to save Rahul. She asks him when he did this. He says Guru ji called me on the night of inauguration party. He said that he wants to do some last puja for Rahul. I got to know that Rahul went to cold storage. I sent my men to kidnap him from there. She asks how his mobile was still in his room. Raj calls it his mistake. I went to his room to take his clothes. Maybe I left it there only then. I was shocked when the phone rang in the house. I acted to speak to him for the same. Sonali asks him how Rahul is. Raj says Rahul is under Guru’s care and safe atleast.

Flashback shows where Guru ji tells Raj not to tell anyone about it. There is no way to curb this curse. The partial effects have already begun to show in Rahul. Two innocent people have already lost their lives. I cannot end it for forever but I can try to pause it here only. If I fail in my attempt then in the next 7 days the tiger’s spirit will completely take over Rahul. He will turn into a wild animal then. Flashback ends.

Sonali asks Raj if he is sure they will succeed. He tells her not to lose hope. We have to make sure that this secret does not leak. This secret should remain a secret, especially from Manvi.

At night, Manvi is sleeping. She is shaken by Raj’s words even in her sleep. Someone enters in her room jst then. The guy takes his hand near her face but then leaves from there. Manvi wakes up with a start. She feels as if Rahul was here. Why am I feeling this way? This has never happened with me before. Why can I not hide my feelings for him? I don’t understand anything. She thinks of Rahul. Please come back. I am feeling restless. Only you can answer why I am feeling so. Please come back. I miss you. She hugs a pillow. She thinks of all the time they have spent together.

Raj meets Guru ji. I had to tell everything to Sonali but she wont tell anything to Manvi. Did the puja start? He nods. we cannot say if it will be successful. Raj says I don’t know why but I still feel there is some hope. Please save my son. Guru ji says there is indeed a ray of hope. It is difficult to make this curse futile but not impossible. The secret is associated with the temple of Durgapur Jagir. Only the person blessed by that tiger can counter it. the pundit of the temple can end it if he wants to. I have asked him to come over but we will have to be very careful. The spirit of that tiger will try his best to create problems in our way.

Pundit ji of Durgapur Jagir is on their way.

Guru ji asks his disciple to make Rahul touch the ingredients for puja. The disciple denies. Rahul is very dangerous. I wont risk it. Guru ji decides to do it himself.

Pundit ji shows Rahul’s poster to every passerby while asking for Rahul’s address. He is all tired by evening. Shilpa offers him water. She suggests taking him to a nearby clinic. He says he canot waste time. I have to meet him. He shows her Rahul’s poster. She tells him that he is her SIL. He wants to meet manvi asap. I have to alert her that she and everyone is in danger. I have to help her put an end to her problems. Call her. She agrees. Come to hospital with me. your condition is worsening.

Manvi comes to the hospital to meet pundit ji. Nurse says only family members can meet him. Manvi makes her understand that his family members aren’t here. Plus my mother admitted him here. He has been asking for me. Nurse allows her inside upon hearing her name.

Manvi meets pundit ji. he says Kuldevta, 12th Paudi, Tiger! Manvi tells pundit ji to rest. You are not well. You shouldn’t try to speak but rest. He tries to say something. She cannot understand clearly what he wants to say but hears him saying Ambika. She is confused. He breathes his last. Manvi is shocked. She calls out for the nurse. The nurse checks his pulse and declares him dead.

Precap: Guru ji comes to the room where Rahul has been kept. He notices the changes in Rahul. You will have to leave Rahul. I will free him of you at any cost. Rahul pushes the plate.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Bakwas. I really miss Rahul in d show. What r they doing with Rahul. When Karan will join d show. is he back back after roadies x4 journey. Show is boring without karan n sanvi scenes

  2. sonaina swati

    nice episode

  3. Oh god manvi is mssng rahul a lot:-(

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