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Sonali is happy with Rahul and Manvi’s idea of uniting Raj and Upmanyu. Your and Manvi’s relationship has been through so many ups and downs too but it is all fine now. He shares that she hasn’t said I love you to him till date. She realises that they both only wait for the other to speak up so actually no one confesses his or her feeling in reality. She suggests Rahul to go to Nainital with Manvi. Rahul likes the idea. I will announce in media that we are going out of India. She offers to do the tickets. I wont let you come in the house if you don’t tell Manvi what’s in your heart this time.

Rahul is singing Gulabi Aankhein in his room. Manvi looks at him pointedly. He thinks of her words. She asks him why is he so happy. your happiness is not an issue. Your madness

scares me. He calls her boring. Why can you not be happy seeing me happy? We had a discussion last night, remember? She thinks of bringing both the fathers closer. He must have thought of something. Rahul tells her that they are going to Nainital. She thinks entire family is going out together. it will bring everyone closer. He tells her to go ahead with the packing. She thinks there can be no one like him. I was worried for Baba and papa yesterday only but he came up with a plan so soon. She realises that her Baba does not like surprises. I will tell him.

Agni’s mother tells Agni to think once again but he stays put. She is worried that he might make more dangerous enemies while trying to win. He is sure of his plan. You can think and let me know if you are with me or not. She says I am with you but you would need someone from that house to support you. He says there is another person who will support me. you will make him agree to it. He takes Shaleen’s name.

Shaleen gets a call from some music company. Boss wants to fix meeting with you. Shaleen says dad handles Rahul’s work. The guy says we want to make an album with you. Shaleen gets excited. He readily agrees to meet the boss. Nisha is also happy for Shaleen. Our days will change for good now. Our position at home is fine too. I am so excited. He tells her not to rush into anything. Let me first sign the contract. She talks positive and boosts his morale.

Rahul is trying to plan everything as per Manvi’s likes. Meanwhile, Manvi is at her parents’ home. She asks her parents to come for this trip. Rahul books a honeymoon special suite.

Manvi says I came to inform you in advance as you don’t like surprises. Plus you have to give off to students too. He nods. Shilpa is uncomfortable at the idea but Manvi says Rahul wants you all to come. Just act to be surprised before him when he will tell you about the trip. Baba gets excited. I enjoy acting very much. Rahul called me in the morning to know your likes. Manvi is confused. why was he asking about my favourite colour from you? on the other hand, Rahul orders someone to decorate the room entirely in pink. I am glad Baba told me everything. Baba is happy to see Manvi happy. Why did Rahul plan this all of a sudden? She decides against telling him the truth. She cooks up some excuse. Reach Sabharwal House by 6 am. Baba thinks what if Raj gets upset because of them. Shilpa says we will come. Manvi mentally thanks Rahul for setting everything right. Rahul thinks he will make it so special that Manvi wont be able to forget it.

Kabir comes to meet Yamini’s husband (Yugant) without appointment. Kabir insists that he knows him well. The receptionist goes to ask her boss. She informs her boss but he tells her to ask Kabir to take appointment first. The girl says he said you know him but the guy declines. I don’t know anyone by the name Kabir. kabir walks in. Will you send your relative back just like that? The receptionist leaves. Yugant asks him who he is. Kabir says we pray to the same Devta – Yamraj. Yugant nods. Why did you come here? Kabir begins to talk about his powers but Yugant tells him against it. we cannot talk about it openly. Human beings can think us to be their enemy if we get angry. My wife and I live a simple life. We never had to use our powers to kill any innocent person. We are against this idea. Kabir thinks he wont be of any use to him then. Yugant suggests showing off a demo for him. Kabir denies. I have heard many stories about you both since childhood. I only have heard a rumour about you which I wanted to ask about. Your wife got all the powers from Yamraj after doing tapasya. You got the boons as you were also made a part of it by her. Yugant calls it rubbish but Kabir keeps saying it. Yugant looks angry. Kabir wants to see the extent of his anger too. Yugant calls it a lie. I have also done as much tapasya as Yamini has. I respect Yamraj equally. You can leave now. Kabir says I only said what I heard since childhood. The next generation will also hear this. Only you know the truth. Yamini is powerful which is true. I only have heard of her powers. About you, I have only heard that you dint get the powers as boon but by donation from your wife. You are only her follower. Yugant gets angry and holds Kabir’s neck. His nails come out. They disappear though as per his wish. He lets go of Kabir. I am not someone’s follower but is strong enough to kill anyone. I am no less than Yamraj. Kabir says I came to see this only. I instigated you to see your anger. You are indeed powerful. YUgant asks him if he is scared to die now. Kabir replies that those who pray to Yamraj aren’t afraid of death. Yugant appreciates him. Kabir gives him his card. Yugant asks him to meet him tomorrow. there is a very big yagya tomorrow. All those who pray to Yamraj come there. It happens after 5000 years ago. Yamini is not in India so I thought to ask you. it is happening in the dark jungle of Pushpanjali. Kabir agrees to come. He leaves.

Kabir thinks even Yamraj is on his side. I wanted to meet Yugant once while he asked for a second meeting. Things are going as per my plan. Manvi and Rahul’s end is near. Yugant will be with me tomorrow. I cannot lose this chance. I will kil them tomorrow itself.

Yugant calls Yamini. He tells her about Kabir. She is coming back day after tomorrow. Yamini gets curious about Kabir.

Precap: Shaleen is startled to see Agni’s mom in his room. Who are you?

Update Credit to: Pooja

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