Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum 3rd February 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum 3rd February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Raj goes to look for Rahul. Sonali gives Rahul’s phone to Manvi. Call on every number on his list to find out where he is. Avanti comes there just then. NIsha tells her about Rahul leaving home midnight without informing anyone.

Rahul is shocked to see blood in his hands. He tries to wipe them clean in the river when he hears the roar of tiger again. He notices some marks on his neck too. What is happening with me?

Manvi tries every number but gets no news of Rahul. Sonali shares Guru ji has left for home along with his disciple. They both decide to cook everything together. Raj will bring Rahul home anyhow. Don’t worry about him. Manvi nods.

Avanti is also panicked about Rahul. Nisha does not care. She tells her not to stress herself so much. He is not a kid.

He will come on his own. You had a plan regarding Bhog. Tell me the plan. Avanti reprimands him for being not at all concerned about Rahul. Nisha asks her if she is so serious for Rahul. Avanti explains she does not want Manvi to win. I want Rahul at any cost! I wont let her win Rahul from me. Nisha nods. Avanti gives her a bowl. Nisha finds chicken in the bowl. I have to replace the veg food with this. Avanti nods. NIsha says Dad respects Guru ji a lot. It will be the end of Manvi in this house if she does something wrong. Guru ji will throw her out of the house if he gets upset from her. This time Rahul is also not home. Who will save her! She says well done Avanti. Avanti nods happily.

Manvi and Sonali are cooking but cannot stop thinking about Rahul. Manvi burns her hand. Chotu informs them Rahul is home. Both the ladies head outside. Nisha comes there with non veg food.

Avanti hugs Rahul before anyone can say anything. Manvi looks on sadly. Raj questions Rahul on suddenly leaving the house without informing anyone. You went all by yourself and without your phone. Rahul cooks up a story about his friend coming to pick him up. Sonali tells him to calm down. Raj points out that he removed his bandage too. Rahul lies again. Raj scolds him again. Dadi tells Raj to be quiet. Rahul is grown up now. You are scolding him before his wife.

Dadi comes to check on Rahul. She also shares how worried Manvi was for him. you should think about her. she is your wife. Who will take care of her if not you! You met and stood with Avanti as soon as you came home. I cannot understand why she comes to our house all the time! Hugging is the right of a wife. Rahul agrees. I will take care of it. Dadi also tells him to make sure Avanti does not hug him again or she will hug Avanti next time. Rahul smiles. She leaves. Rahul is boggled over what all happened last night. I cannot remember anything.

Avanti is humming to herself. She says I was so happy after seeing manvi’s sad face when I hugged Rahul. NIsha and Avanti laugh over it. Nisha also updates her about what she did when the kitchen was empty. She will feed chicken to Guru ji. I am waiting to see Guru ji’s reaction after eating it. Dadi will not spare her! Avanti too is eager to watch all the drama. Rahul is also home now but he wont be able to do anything now. Manvi will not be spared today! Today is the last day for her in this house.

Manvi is glad Rahul is home before Bhog started. Mummy ji was so worried. Her inner self points out that it was not just her MIL who was worried. You yourself are so relieved since he is back. You forgot he is one of the possible persons who pushed your Baba before the tempo. You got so worried for him and your MIL that you forgot your mother is alone there in hospital. Manvi is sure Rahul cannot do it. Her inner self asks her if she doubts on Sujoy then. Manvi reasons maybe Sujoy had a misunderstanding. Maybe it wasn’t Rahul. Her inner self points out why Rahul blamed Sujoy then. Think of the circumstances in which he married you. He said your Baba asked him to save you. Will your Baba ever do it? No ways! He will not seek help from Rahul even if he is the last person on earth. He used to say he hates Rahul! How did you fall for his words then? You hand your thoughts have changed. Manvi thinks of her wedding. You only want to hear it from Niru that that person is not Rahul. You have started dreaming of your new life with Rahul. Instead of finding the culprit, you are busy here in making Bhog. You aren’t fulfilling the responsibility of being a daughter but are busy here fulfilling the role of a DIL. Manvi declines. I am the daughter of my parents before anything else. I will just call Niru. NIru’s phone is switched off by now.

Niru’s father rings the doorbell but there is no reply. A policeman comes there along with two constables. He asks the man what happened. Niru’s father gives his intro. I am a lawyer. I went for some case. My daughter is not opening the door. The policeman suggests maybe she went out. Niru’s father does not think so. They break open the door. the house is in complete mess. The Inspector finds Niru’s phone. Constable notices a hand popping out from under a cloth. NIru’s father breaks down after seeing her dead body.

Rahul comes to take a shower. He is shocked to see blood marks and scratches on his body. He is boggled initinally but then his appearance changes. He smiles slyly at himself.

Precap: Guru ji points out that Rahul has lied to his parents. It is all happening because of that only. Some evil spirit is hovering over his head. Rahul smiles to himself as he hears it. Guru ji shares Rahul has done no puja!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. what is happening to rahul the tiger avatar is not looking good to rahul. he is handsome n does very good acting but dobt make him a tiger. plz stop it. manvi save rahul from this. we want to see manvis n rahuls scene more that too positive side

  2. OMG!!! but why is rahul smiling continuously??its so scary from end….

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