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Manvi returns money to Twinkle. Please cancel my contract. Rahul pulls her inside his cabin. You have enmity with me. Why did you drag Mala in news? She is confused. He reprimands her for using Mala. You spoke about ideals but what happened to you now? You call yourself Mala’s friend. You want to malign my name. You want to ruin my image. Why did you drag Mala? You have problem with me. Why don’t you take it out only on me? I got a number from the news editor. It was your number. You only informed her about Mala and her baby. She says your family has an age old enmity with my family. this is why you are after us. He says what you guys are. Where do you stand? I loved your voice. I only wanted to follow it. She refuses to hear anything more from him. You think I will sit quietly and

listen to whatever you say? It cannot be. I accept that my Baba made a mistake. I apologized and rectified it. My Baba is right about you. You guys are selfish. Rahul calls Upmanyu a loser. He could never gain anything in life. He wants to take revenge from successful people like us. He is a loser! She slaps him. He calls her a loser too. He speaks bad about her character for which she slaps him again. He still doesn’t stop talking. You only know how to use me. She slaps him again. my Baba has always worshipped music but your father! He pulls her closer and kisses her. Don’t think that I like you. we are taught not to raise hand on a woman. I returned you the pain that you have given me till date. Now get out of here. Manvi picks up her bag and leaves.

Nisha is at Manvi’s house. Nisha gives credit to Manvi. She is the girl because of whom we are happy again. Manvi enters just then. nisha thanks Manvi. Even a loved one will do what you did for Rahul. I came to personally thank you. I got to know your dad is unaware of the fact that you are the witness who testified in Rahul’s favour. He doesn’t even know that you work for Rahul. Manvi is shocked. Upmanyu is also stunned. Nisha thinks that the work is done. Now the fire will ignite on its own! I should leave now. She wishes good luck to Manvi as she leaves.

Upmanyu asks Manvi where she is coming from. She is in tears. I needed money back then. I couldn’t think of anything else so I took that job. Please forgive me. He slaps her. You went to that Rahul Sabharwal! He stops Shilpa from speaking. Could you not find another place than that? I always thought you will break Raj’s arrogance. You worked for him and hid it from me. She tries to make him understand but he tells her not to call him Baba. I trusted you more than anyone else in life. You were my best student. I had nourished you with love. I thought I knew you, understood you. I trusted you. I thought you will never lie or cheat me! I was wrong. You proved me wrong. You even countered my witness. You proved me a liar before so many people. Raj is a big player. He should win. My defeat is his win. My daughter, my teaching has defeated me today. Raj was right. I have nothing, no existence. I am an ordinary music teacher, a failed mad Bengali. My daughter let me down today. Manvi denies. please listen to me. Shilpa also says the same. we would have lost this house if Manvi had not brought that money. He doesn’t mind it. why to take help from Raj! She asks him if he would have let their kids roam on street. He says this makes me understand that you don’t value me. You want to be with rich people! Today my student taught me a big lesson. She apologizes to him. Upmanyu reprimands Manvi for selling his music outside. Why would I scold you? I had a daughter who I trusted blindly. My daughter is no more. She is dead. Shilpa and Manvi are shocked. I will do her Shraad for her soul’s peace.

Manvi cries. Upmanyu picks up a pot of water and pours it over himself. Manvi falls down on floor completely stunned. Shilpa hugs her.

Rahul thinks of the kiss. What did I do? I crossed all my limits today. How could I touch her without her wish? What happened to me? Sonali comes there. She notices that he is upset. Is everything ok? He denies. She asks him if she can help him. He says no. How can people be so fake? How can they be opposite of what they say? Sonali says everyone has a different reason. there are 2 sides of a coin. We should find out the complete truth before thinking of any conclusion. It is important to know the story of the other side. That will help you in reaching a right conclusion. Everyone has a different reason to think the way they think.

Manvi thinks of her Baba’s words. Sujoy comes to meet her. I came to know what happened in the house today. My Baba says that your Baba gets back to normal as soon as he loses his cool. Manvi says I hurt him. I broke his trust. It is almost impossible. Sujoy says parents get emotional when it comes to their daughter’s wedding. How can they be upset with their daughter at this point of time? Manvi is surprised. I said yes for the engagement. Why are we talking about marriage? He says I am not in a rush. I am just suggesting what I feel is right. What if we marry this week itself? I want a simple wedding. It might change the atmosphere. The decision is yours. You should think of your happiness too. She agrees for marriage. I can do anything for Baba’s happiness.

Manvi’s mother is very happy to know that Manvi is ready to get married. She hugs Manvi. Manvi requests her to do something so her Baba talks to her again. Rahul doesn’t matter to me. Only my Baba does. Shilpa assures her that Upmanyu will be happy to know about the marriage. Everything will be fine. Go and share this news with him. No father can ignore such news.

Rahul thinks of Manvi and how she tried to help him. I cannot understand which of her face is true. I cannot trust her. Yet, whatever I did today was wrong. there is no excuse for that. I will have to apologize to her.

Raj calls Rahul. Did you speak to that man? Rahul is surprised hearing about a man. Raj says a man called Mrs. Mittal’s office and spread that rumour. Rahul realises that Manvi did not make that call. He lies to his father that everything is sorted. He ends the call. Maybe Manvi’s father called instead. She kept telling me she dint do anything but I dint listen to her even once.

Precap: manvi tells her Baba that his happiness matters to her above everything. I will never hurt you. He is about to keep his hand on her head to bless her when her phone rings. It is Rahul’s call. Upmanyu questions her about it.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  3. Abhi show interesting hona start hua tha toh yeh stupid si fights misunderstandings etc etc phir trp kaha se aayegi

  4. when will this sujoy’s intentions be revealed in front of manvi??????????????thnk u so much as the kiss was’nt shown(could hv bcom awkward while watching with family)

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