Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum 31st May 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum 31st May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Agni’s mom pours water over his eyes.

Rahul keeps trying to start his car but in vain.

The car finally starts. Rahul drives away.

Agni looks angry. I wont spare you Rahul!

Rahul gets Dadi’s call. He tells her he is coming back to Haveli. Is Manvi fine? Dadi says we left from there. I have manvi with me. Shilpa asks about Manvi. Dadi hears her voice. Rahul tells her to reach home directly with manvi. I will come there only. Dadi asks him to be home before everyone else does. Kabir’s car is right behind Rahul’s. Rahul ends the call. Dadi prays for his safety.

Agni thinks Rahul crossed his limit today. I would have allowed you to live for a few more days if you had given it to be quietly but I will kill you and your family now. Shilpa is worried. Kabir

is coming near us. Rahul tells her not to worry. Agni is decisive to kill Rahul tonight.

Inspector stops Rahul’s car. Rahul says my MIL is unwell. It is an emergency. Inspector allows him to go. Inspector stops Kabir’s car. PM’s car is about to pass by. Agni tells him that he knows Commissioner. Let me go. Inspector says it is PM who is coming. Wait here.

Shilpa understands that Agni might have been stopped by Inspector. What happened to Manvi? He lies that she got hurt while taking the horn out. I have to meet her. Take me to her. Rahul stops the car. I want to face Kabir. He asks Guru ji to drop Shilpa home and join him again. Guru ji agrees. Rahul tells Shilpa he has to end this story tonight at any cost. He can hurt anyone else too. I have to stop him. I will explain everything tomorrow but not now. Shilpa goes with Guru ji. Kabir’s car is allowed to go by police.

Kabir is surprised to see Rahul alone on the road. No one is with him. Maybe he wants to accept defeat but I cannot let such a golden chance go out of my hand. I will kill tonight. He is about to hit Rahul but the car stops on his own as soon as he reaches near him. Kabir is puzzled. Rahul realises that it is happening because of the horn. You cannot do anything to me. I also have the power of this horn.

Shilpa wants to go back to help Rahul but Guru ji tells her against it. we can become a problem for him. Only he can handle Kabir. He only has to decide how to fight.

Rahul pushes the car back. Agni’s car is pushed back and is beyond his control. Rahul understands the power of the horn and uses it on Agni. He lifts the car high in air and twists it before finally throwing it on ground. Come out of the car. You wanted to make my weakness your power. It is only you and me here tonight. Fight with me now. He pulls Agni out of the car. Agni tells him to fight on his own if he has guts. Rahul reasons that he is fighting for this horn only. I will end you tonight using this only. I have had enough. He holds Agni’s neck and they both are lifted in air. He throws Agni down. Agni gets hurt while Rahul comes down easily without getting hurt. Rahul holds his neck again and lifts him. They hear the sound of police car. Rahul warns him to stay away from his family. if you try to hurt any of my family members again then I will first kill you and then your Kul. He throws Agni in air. Agni is hurt.

Rahul comes home and asks for Manvi. Guru ji says everyone is fine. I have dropped Shilpa ji at home. Dadi is also fine. Manvi kept wondering why you hurt her. She is sleeping right now though. Rahul thinks he does not want to keep Manvi confused like this. I will answer all your questions. He takes the box containing horn and goes to his room. He looks at Manvi. I am sorry for giving you pain but I had no other option to stop you. He touches manvi who is startled to see him. Stay away from me. I did so much for you, supported you in every step. I dint leave you alone when you turned into a tiger. You tried to kill me! He asks her if she really thinks he would hurt her. I attacked you as a tiger once. I am still not out of that guilt. I cannot hurt you even in my dream. She says I saw you attacking me. Why did you do so? He says I did it to save you. She is confused. What do you mean? Rahul shares how he met Guru ji while he was going out of the party. Guru ji tells him that his death is destined. Agni wants to kill me. I want to help you and manvi now. Rahul is not interested. I will take care of Manvi and me. Leave. Guru ji tells him that whoever touches the box containing the horn will die. I heard Agni and his mom talking.

Another flashback is shown. Agni’s mom tells Agni the same thing. That horn is thirsty of blood. Whoever touches it first, be it Rahul or anyone else, will die. Agni is sure Guru ji would have read it too. Agni’s mom has already torn the pages. Agni decides to kill Guru before he tells anyone anything.

Guru ji tries to make Rahul understand. Listen to me once for your and manvi’s sake. Rahul says we will have to stop Manvi right away then. Flashback ends.

Manvi understands Rahul’s point. But I dint touch the horn even. Rahul explains to Manvi that that horn is very powerful. It needs blood. You had already opened the box. If I hadn’t done that then you would have been killed because of it. If I hadn’t made your blood drop on the horn then you might have lost your life. I had to take this risk. I wanted to make sure nothing happens to you by shedding a little amount of your blood. I am really sorry. She says you aren’t at fault. You did what was necessary at the moment. She notices the box. You brought it here? Let us bring Ma now. He shares that he has done it already. She is at home and perfectly fine. Manvi thanks him for saving his mother. You stopped the horn from going in the wrong hands. He opens the box. Same red bright light emanates from the box. She wonders if this horn will again ask for someone’s blood. He tells her how his powers increased when he was only holding the horn. You should have been there. I was about to kill Agni but police was near. She is again worried thinking that the horn will again ask for blood. Guru ji walks in and seconds her. Now those people are also aware of its power. We will have to save it from them too. Manvi asks for a solution. Guru ji tells Rahul to hide the box somewhere from where no one can find it. That tiger had also hidden it from everyone. Rahul says I know one such place. But I cannot go there for a few days. I will keep this box with me then. Guru ji denies. Kabir knows it is with you. He can go any extent to get it. Who all will you save it from? What if any of the family members find it? no one should come to know of its power. He ties a holy thread on the lock. Make sure it does not fall in any wrong hand. Rahul agrees to take care of it. He keeps it in his almirah. Guru ji apologizes to them for what they had to go through because of him. I got scared even after being a pundit. Rahul says I was angry with you but Manvi and her mother are safe today because of you.

Guru ji says I will leave now. Maybe you wont meet me ever again as I have been seen by Agni. They might kill me. Rahul suggests him to stay at his guest house which no one knows of. Guru ji is touched. I have never seen a man like you who helps even those who hurt you.

Rahul tells Manvi he will set everything.

Precap: Manvi asks Rahul why he thought of puja. You are not so interested in it. He says there is a reason behind it which I will tell you at the right time.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. ooo yeh police kaha SE aa gayi varna yeh agni mar jata and CH closed it ESA huya nhi episode was OK .let’s see kal kya hota hai

  2. kisi ne naya promo dekha jaha ek lady Jo red colour ke saari me hoti hai and voh rahul and maanvi ke photo me aag laga deti hai shayad koi naya track shuru ho raha hai jaha koi love triangle hoga check it in YKAGH forums

  3. kisi ne naya promo dekha jaha ek lady Jo red colour ke saari me hoti hai and voh rahul and maanvi ke photo me aag laga deti hai shayad koi naya track shuru ho raha hai jaha koi love triangle hoga

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