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Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum 31st March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rahul waits outside for Manvi. She gives him a Rudraksh. Guru ji was asking about you. Rahul refuses to step inside his ashram ever again. He is the one who gave that idea to dad. She tells him to forget the past. We have found this Rudraksh now. He hopes this works. They sit down in the car. He cannot understand one thing. this fear of turning into an animal, pundits, rudraksh and thic oncert. I cannot see where my life is heading. She reasons that it was pre planned. Papa will be insulted if we cancel it now. He says there will be problem if someone’s life falls in a risk because of me. She is sure it wont happen. Let’s go now. Baba has been calling back to back.

The lady says the rudrkash wont work if he commits some sin. I will tempt him such tonight on Purnima that he will

commit a sin. He wont be able to stop himself. Agni smiles.

Upmanyu asks Manvi where she was last night. You missed the dinner. He gets to know about the conert and teases Rahul about the Holi party. He invites them over for the concert. I want to show you that I sing well too. Shilpa says Upmanyu gets angry when he hears rock music. Rahul promises to make him enjoy it. Manvi tells him against it. His health might worsen. Rahul and Manvi argue. Upmanyu agrees to come for Rahul’s sake. He is calling me so sweetly. I will come there and check your every Sur. I will train you otherwise. Raj knows nothing. I will have to see and learn it. I will definitely come. Manvi wonders what will happen today between Baba and dad.

Manvi compliments Rahul. You look just the way you look in the posters. He does not find it right. There is still time. Don’t insist. You and SHaleen should perform. She says your fans are coming to see you not us. Don’t break their heart. We wont discuss this again. He is worried that yesterday’s incident might happen again. She understands his concern. There will be security today in the concert. I am your shield. I wont let anything happen to you. They go down to bring Upmanyu and Shilpa to the concert.

Downstairs, Raj asks Rahul if they can head to the venue together. I know you are upset with your father. I am asking you to come along not as your father but on the company’s behalf. Manvi thinks dad will feel bad if Rahul says that he has to pick up my parents. Rahul is about to say something but Manvi tells him to go with papa. I will come in the other car. He agrees. Manvi calls her Baba. I will come in 15 minutes. Shaleen is happy to hear it. He informs someone Rahul and Raj left for the concert. He asks Nisha to get ready. I don’t want to be late. I have to make sure media is there on time. She is taken aback. Have you again turned into Rahul’s PA? You can do so if you want but I wont do it. He stops her and tells him about Manvi’s parents coming to the concert. I will make sure anchor invites Upmanyu on stage addressing him as Manvi’s Guru. Dad wont be able to bear it as he cannot share his limelight. He wont give any importance to Rahul afterwards. She is impressed by his plan.

The lady says it is the perfect time to accomplish our mission tonight on Purnima. His shield is also not with him. I will tempt him today. He wont be able to stop himself then. Agni has checked out the place. If you want then I! She denies. I have waited for this chance since years. They were safe till date as they were together. Rahul is alone today. it will be easy to defeat him. I will make him weak.

Manvi reaches her house. Baba would be ready in her Kurta. Ma would have worn her best saree today to stand out. Harsh opens the door. He asks Manvi to check out their parents. They have done special shopping for the concert. Upmanyu comes dressed in jeans and tshirt. Manvi is thrilled to see him thus. Shilpa is also wearing a suit instead of saree. Manvi compliments them. I am sure Dada did it. Harsh denies. Baba did it on his own. Manvi calls her Baba Rock Star. He says I was worried about your reaction. Shilpa asks about Manvi. Upmanyu says every good musician practises before performance. Rahul too says the same.

In the car, Raj asks Rahul about his further plans. What will we tell them? Rahul says we will tell them the truth that we haven’t thought about the next concert yet. Raj is unhappy with his answer.

The same lady makes something on the dirt. This area gets under her effect. Rahul will now exactly do what I will tell him to! She senses that Rahul’s car is nearby. The driver takes left instead of going straight. Raj questions him. Driver says it is a shortcut. Raj agrees. Drive carefully.

Upmanyu and Shilpa are made to sit in the VIP audience. He wants to go out to bring water. Someone will pay for it somewhere. I will pay for the things I want. Manvi agrees. Shilpa asks Upmanyu to bring cold drink for her. He agrees to make her drink it outside. Things are very costly here. Shilpa complains that he used to bring samosa along with cold drink when she used to ask for it after marriage. Manvi tells her Baba to bring it. He says yes. I will not hear the taunts for life. Manvi hopes nothing goes wrong today in the concert. I wonder how Papa and Baba will react when they will come face to face. I hope this night passes by well.

Upmanyu comes to buy all the things but it’s already sold out. Upmanyu is happy to know how famous Rahul is. The guy points at someone who bought the last cold drink and samosa. Upmanyu recognizes him. He is Rahul’s friend Kabir. He walks up to Kabir and insists to meet the girl with Kabir. Kabir excuses himself on the pretext of some urgent work. He tells the girl that the old man is too much. He leaves for some work. Upmanyu thinks how the kids of today speak. This generation is completely destroyed. Does Rahul do the same?

Rahul’s car meets with an accident. The driver has crashed into a bike. Two guys are badly injured. Rahul wants the to be taken to the hospital but Raj wants to go to the concert. Rahul reprimands him for worrying about the concert when people’s lives are in risk. No one’s life should be destroyed because of me. Rahul tries to help the guys. The lady whispers at Rahul. Recognize my voice. You are a tiger, a hungry tiger. This is your truth. No one else has heard anything. The lady instigates Rahul to smell the blood. Shake your hunger. Epi ends on Rahul’s face.

Precap: The lady tells Agni no Rudraksh will stop Rahul from turning into a tiger tonight. He will be in that avatar tonight in which I will sacrifice him.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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