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Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum 30th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rahul is all smiles as he ends the call. I have thousands of fans. They love me for my music, my talent. This is the first person who appreciated me for who I am! That girl dint praise the brand Rahul Sabharwal but me! I cannot understand how a stranger can make us so happy.

Mrs. Chatterjee tells her husband that Sujoy wants to take Manvi out on a date. Mr. Chatterjee is not happy with the idea of his daughter going out on a date with anyone. His wife trusts Manvi. Manvi talks positively about it. I don’t know Sujoy well but that stranger, who returned the records to me, made me realise that good people still exist in the world. I know nothing about Sujoy but I want to give him a fair chance. I am ready to meet him. Her Baba is still uncomfortable.

Rahul says sorry to

his Dada ji. I wont be able to go on dinner with you. I am going out on dinner with Avanti. Dad had promised her from my behalf. It isn’t right to make a girl wait like this.

Baba looks on from a distance when Sujoy comes to pick up Manvi from her home. She is about to fall but Sujoy holds her. Mr. Chatterjee asks Manvi to call him in every 20 minutes or so.

Avanti and Rahul are on the way to a club. The fans throng outside.

Manvi and Sujoy are on their way. He asks her how she agreed to come out with him. She replies about dinner. He says we are not going for dinner but to a night club. I wont make you drink anything. Club has different kind of music. I thought we both will enjoy together. They come to the same club where Rahul is. Manvi is shocked to know that Rahul is going to come to the same club today. She thinks of all the past instances. I hope I don’t get to see that guy’s face today! Sujoy and Manvi get inside. Sujoy meets his friend Joy. Joy points at Rahul. He has been given one separate corner. He asks Manvi to wait while he talks to his friend about the table. Manvi is relieved that they will be sitting at a distant place. Sujoy requests Joy to arrange a place in the similar corner where Rahul is. I will also check out a few hot girls.

Mr. Chatterjee sits holding a hockey in his hand. I wont spare that Sujoy if he tries to touch her.

Joy requests Rahul to allow an engaged couple sit in the same area which has been kept aside for him. Rahul allows him.

Manvi is irked to know that they will be sitting near Rahul’s table. Sujoy looks very excited though. He keeps eyeing the girls.

Avanti asks Rahul about love. He talks about his infatuation in college time. I have committed my 100 % to everything but it wasn’t that. There is no person in the world for whom I will forget my music. It will always be my first love. She will have to accept it. Manvi walks past him hiding her face behind her purse. Rahul notices her too. She has her back towards him. Rahul wonders why this girl is hiding her face. I am sure I have seen her somewhere but I don’t know where!

Sujoy wants to drink as well. People don’t get too many chances to be near a rock star. Manvi does not want to meet him. I don’t like his music. Sujoy still goes to thank him for allowing him to sit here. He keeps staring at the girls sitting nearby wearing short clothes. He returns to his table. He asks Manvi if she likes wearing small clothes. They are good to come out with but who will marry them. Manvi is not happy with the way he is judging them. A girl spills her drink on her dress. She heads for the washroom. Sujoy finishes his drink. He too heads for the washroom. Manvi gets a call from her Baba. She cannot hear him so she gets up. Rahul walks past her. Manvi goes outside to talk to Baba.

Sujoy follows the girl till the washroom. He peeks in as the girl removes her jacket.

Mr. Chatterjee advises Manvi to keep a distance from Sujoy. Don’t let him come near you.

Rahul notices Sujoy looking at the girl. He closes the washroom door. He beats Sujoy. Manvi comes inside. She finds no one there. Right then, she notices Rahul beating Sujoy. People talk about the matter. They have no idea why Rahul hit Sujoy. Rahul takes the girl with him. Sujoy lies to Manvi later. He came with his would be fiancé. He was already upset that middle class people like us are sitting in his private space. I saw him looking at a girl in the washroom. He hit me when I tried to stop him. Manvi wants to teach him a lesson but Sujoy takes her away.

Manvi reaches her house. Manvi takes Sujoy inside to do his first aid. Baba realises that he is drunk. Where did you fall? This angers him all the more! He picks up his stick to hit Sujoy. Manvi finally tells him the same fake story that Sujoy told her.

Saloni and Raj are not happy to know why Rahul got into a fight with a random guy. You are a rock star. This could have brought negative publicity. He never gets out and when he does, he gets into fights! You should enjoy life. This is your time to enjoy. So many scandals happen because of such incidents. Don’t take any calls from media. I don’t want it to affect the concert due in Agra! Rahul calms down his father. Don’t think about me always. Your life is there too. Raj shares his dreams. One was that I should become a star. I achieved it. When you were born, I saw the same dream for you, on a bigger version though! You are my life. They share a hug.

Mr. Chatterjee is livid with Sabharwals. Rahul has taken after his father only. This father son duo do everything as per their wish! I wont bear it. I will show them their reality. They are going against common man. I will go and file a complaint in police station against both of them first thing in the morning! Sujoy gets worried. It is a small wound. I will get fine. Why engage in all this police thing? Mr. Chatterjee wants to teach a lesson to Sabharwals. We will register a complaint tomorrow morning.

Precap: In the police station, Mr. Chatterjee blames Raj for Rahul’s ill upbringing. Kids learn what they see in their house. I am sure he got all such training in his house only! Rahul and Raj look at him angrily.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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