Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum 30th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum 30th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rahul picks up Manvi in his arms. There is a team of doc and nurses waiting behind. He tells them to take care of Manvi. Make sure she gets well or I wont spare you. Dadi is waiting outside. You can take Manvi to her. Doc agrees.

Nurse brings manvi to her room. Dadi asks about her health. Doc says it will be good if she gains conscious or we will have to shift her to hospital. Dadi worries for Manvi. She calls Rahul next. He asks about Manvi but gets to know that she hasn’t gained conscious still. She asks him if he is sure he is doing the right thing. will you be ok? He says don’t worry about me. I will be back soon. She agrees and prays for his safety.

Rahul thinks of how he hurt Manvi. I know you have many questions. I will have to answer it but not now. Get well soon

first. He reaches Agni’s stable. He asks Guru ji to wait outside. Kabir has done a lot against my family already. He will be punished for it. His punishment will be death only. You too will meet the same fate if you cheat me. guru ji promises to be on his side. I got scared earlier so I supported them but not anymore. I will support you till the last breath of my life. He takes the box from Guru ji.

Rahul calls out for Kabir who demands to see the horn first of all. Rahul says trust me. You would have felt the presence of what you would have been waiting for since years. He shows the horn to them. Kabir thinks it isn’t of manvi or Rahul wouldn’t have behaved like this. Whose blood is this? Rahul talks about the deal. You said you will return mom to me. Kabir says humans are mad. I don’t believe in promises or deals. Why do you think I will fulfil it? He is all confident before Rahul. Police is on my side only. You will die now. Maybe I sent your MIL there already. Rahul says what the use of this horn is when you have done it. I will break it. Agni and his mom panic. You cannot do it. Rahul says I will do it if my mom isn’t here before me in next 5 minute. Agni goes to bring Shilpa.

Rahul hopes Guru is doing his work right.

Baba congratulates Raj and Sonali. Nisha thinks poor Rahul. The party was fine. You spoiled it all by calling dad’s biggest enemy here. She and Shaleen are shocked to hear Raj saying thanks to Upmanyu. Nisha takes Shaleen aside. Did you hear it? He says even I cannot believe it. But I guess it happened after the fire incident. Nisha is irked to realise that their enmity was burnt in that fire. Sonali asks Nisha about Rahul and Manvi. Nisha says I don’t know. Sonali tells her to look in their room. Dadi stops her. Rahul and manvi have gone out to get another surprise for you. Sonali says it was enough. Where did they go? Dadi manages her. Sonali and Raj look happy. dadi is relieved. No one doubted. She goes to check on Manvi. Nisha tells Shaleen she hates the couple all the more now. They are intervening. I and papa used to arrange this party till last year. I am sure manvi is trying to be the best DIL so she is doing it all. Shaleen tells her not to worry. No one will remember this party at all. Nisha wonders if there is something else here. I feel like Rahul and Manvi are hiding something.

Doc says thankfully the wound wasn’t deep. She will gain conscious soon. Dadi asks him if Manvi will be fine. Doc tells Dadi she should think of it as a miracle only. She was hit by such a sharp object yet the wound wasn’t deep. Dadi is shocked to know Rahul attacked Manvi. It cannot be! Rahul loves Manvi a lot. He cannot do so. He has risked his life many times for her. Doc says it all happened before our eyes only. Rahul attacked manvi and asked us to save us. Dadi is in a fix. Rahul cannot hurt Manvi even by mistake but there must be a reason if he has done so. She requests him not to tell this to anyone else. He assures her of the same. Dadi thinks of what he just told her. She prays for Rahul. Hope whatever he is doing is right.

Rahul asks Shilpa if she is fine. Don’t worry. I will take you safely from here. Agni asks for the horn. Rahul asks for Shilpa. I will throw it towards you when mom will be here. Agni’s mom tells Agni to let it be. Rahul wonders if he made any mistake by trusting that Guru. He has cheated me earlier as well. He can change his mind again. Outside, Guru ji is unable to make a call because there is no signal.

Agni sends Shilpa towards Rahul. Shilpa says manvi but Agni tells them to stop this drama. Give me that horn.

Guru wonders what to do. How do I help Rahul? I will have to do something or either of them will kill me!

Rahul thinks he cannot give this horn to Agni if this horn indeed has evil powers. But how do I take mom from here safely without giving it to Agni? Agni asks for the horn. Agni asks Rahul to give him the horn. Shilpa tells Rahul against it. I don’t want to live a life by risking the lives of my kids. Agni tells her to stop her nonsense. Give me that horn. Rahul looks at the dirt. He throws it in Agni’s eyes and runs with Shilpa. Guru ji follows Rahul and Shilpa closely with the box. Guru ji says I couldn’t call police as there was no network. This horn can be safe in this box only. All three of them sit in the car but it does not start.

Agni’s mom goes to fetch water.

Shilpa says he will come by now.

Agni’s mom pours water over his eyes.

Rahul keeps trying to start his car but in vain.

Agni looks angry. I wont spare you Rahul!

Precap: Rahul holds the horn. You cannot do anything to me. I also have the power of this horn. He pushes the car back. Agni’s car is pushed back and is beyond his control. Rahul understands the power of the horn and uses it on Agni.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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    is this the complete update…I mean the scene where rahul would stab manvi is not mentioned…..

    1. voh scene mahasangam me ho gaya tha that’s why it is not mentioned

  2. oo god I can’t believe ki voh rahul tha per dadi ne kaha rahul kabhi kuch ESA nahi karega or kiya bhi hai toh uske piche bohot badi vajha rahi hogi yes rahul understand the now he use it against this idiot agni

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    yaah…thank u…I wanna see that episode but can’t find it on internet….

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