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Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum 30th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rahul looks around for the rudraksh rosary but in vain. The spirit begins to take over Rahul. Rahul looks up at the sky. The moon has come out. Shaleen is there only. He hears the sound of a tiger’s roar and is shocked. He moves ahead cautiously. Rahul is struggling because of the spirit. He notices Shaleen there. He cannot see me in this condition? I don’t know what I will do to him if he comes before me when I turn into tiger! Shaleen is scared to hear the constant roars. Rahul thinks to go away from here so Shaleen cannot follow him. Shaleen takes out his gun. Come out of I will shoot. Manvi asks the driver to drive fast. What did he forget that he had to rush urgently? I woudnt have realised it if Manager had not called.

Flashback shows her getting the manager’s call (from

the party hall). I got a call from Rahul ji. till when will he come? She says he will be reaching there soon. The flashback ends. Manvi hopes everything is fine. I feel as if something will go wrong. I have to see what’s happening.

Shaleen again shouts. Come out or I will shoot. Shaleen shoots. Rahul falls back and coincidentally he collides with manvi. Her locket comes in contact with his body. He turns into normal. Shaleen sees them together. What are you both doing here? Rahul asks him the same question. Shaleen says I left for a drive and saw your car. I came to see if everything is fine. He deduces that Rahul did not go to meet the organizers. I can get it for myself then. He happily leaves.

Prithvi is checking files. Constable says we see no way ahead. Prithvi could find no clue from Avanti too. Other than footsteps I see nothing that can prove a human being is behind the killings. I have begun to think some animal killed these guys. Both Avanti and Rahul have enough money to hire goons. I think we should close the case.

Rahul asks Manvi how she came here. She tells him about the call. I felt like you needed me. He shares that he lost the rosary. I dint want to worry you. She says what if Shaleen had shot you unintentionally? Rahul says what if I would have done something to him after turning into a tiger? I should go away from all of you. None of you are safe. She is sure he would not hurt anyone even if she had not come. Remember Ambika told us that you cannot kill any innocent person. Rahul doubts it. I was turning to tiger but everything went to normal as soon as you came. She tells him about her rudraksh coming in contact of his body. I am your shield. Everything will have to pass through me before you. I wont leave you alone ever. He feels bad that he is not able to protect his wife. I have become her enemy here.

The lady is doing her puja. Agni gives Rahul’s rudrkash rosary to her. She is happy to have it. Nothing that I did worked on Rahul because of it. Now we are about to accomplish our mission. Agni asks her when it will happen. She says tomorrow. Tomorrow is Purnima. Rahul’s powers wont work without this. We will attack tomorrow.

Shaleen comes home. Nisha asks him what dress she should wear. I want our clothes to compliment each other during the concert. He says you can wear anything but we wont be clicked. She is taken aback. He is angry. Either you lied to me or you sent me there to get insulted. By the time I met them papa had already finalised Rahul’s dates. They thought I came to do that. I am Super Star! Whenever I try to do something big my family comes in between. He angrily throws his coat away. Nisha is stunned to see the gun. Shaleen says I got one after the animal’s footprints were found in the house. She is relieved. I told you what I heard. I had no idea. Maybe dad confirmed them later. We will do something. She hugs him. Shaleen says how do I tell you I was about to lose my life. My life would have been over today if I had shot Rahul. Dad would have killed me with his own hands. Why and how did I mistake them for a tiger? I thought I saw one but then! I followed Rahul all the way. MAnvi was not with him. I wonder what’s happening and how.

Rahul sets his bedding on the floor. Manvi tells him against it. You need good sleep. He says its not safe. I don’t feel comfortable. I feel like there is someone else inside me who wants to tear my body and come out. I have no control over myself in that situation. What if something happens to you? What will I do? She brings her pillow down as well. This Rudraksh will not let you turn into tiger. It is still night. She keeps her chain in his hand. Don’t leave my hand. Lie down and sleep. They both hold hands as they lie down. Romantic music plays in the background as he looks at her. I never want to leave your hand but I am afraid to come close to you. The guy who always wanted to be near you is helpless today. you came to me yourself the first day and I am turning into an animal. I don’t know till when time will be with us. I am afraid to hurt you. He too closes his eyes. Manvi opens her eyes. I will remove all your fears and wont let anything happen to you. They sleep holding hands.

It is morning. Rahul wakes up first. He is about to get up when he realises Manvi sleeping next to him. He smiles. They are still holding hands. She hugs him tightly in sleep. He is taken by surprise. He carefully moves her hand back and picks her up. They slip and end up falling on the bed. She too wakes up. They share a romantic eye lock. Manvi is surprised to find herself on bed. I slept on the floor. How did I come here? He cutely says I only wanted you to have some proper rest. I picked you up in my arms and the usual thing happened. I slipped and we ended here. They both sit up. He got hurt because of her bangles. She rubs his back. I am sorry. He says sorry to wake her up. She reminds him of his words yesterday (you are not moving beyond sorry). He looks away and finds her chain. Wear it first. We will talk later. She tells him to get ready. We have to go somewhere. He goes to freshen up.

Precap: Manvi compliments Rahul. You look just like the posters. He does not find it right. There is still time. Don’t insist. You and SHaleen should perform.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Manvi n rahul r beautiful couples but manvi should wear nice saris like her MIL. Manvi is beautiful cute nice acting…… but rahul i karan is handsome n modern too so to match properly with him she should wear sari properly with nice pallu n not just simply hanging it. Today s episode was too good . I like it so much specialy rahul n manvi

  2. wow AAJ pehla reply mera hai. very romantic episode par yeh tiger vala track kuch jyada hi khich raha hai par maanvi ko rahul ka sach and dono beech pyar ho gaya hai mujhe yeh track accha lagraha hai thanks ekta and pooja

  3. wow AAJ pehla reply mera hai. very romantic episode par yeh tiger vala track kuch jyada hi khich raha hai par maanvi ko rahul ka sach and dono beech pyar ? ho gaya hai mujhe yeh track accha lagraha hai ??? thanks ekta and pooja

  4. Actually thoda to romantic scenes dikhao
    Woh Tigervala track ki vajah se story atak gayi hai
    Abhi jab to Tigarvala track khatam ho jayega tab tak bahot time lenge fir Romance star hi karenge and turant Ashiqui 2 chalu ho jayega

  5. Tiger wala track jaldi katham ho jae .. or it will go too serious show afterwards……

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