Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum 2nd November 2015 Written Episode Update

Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum 2nd November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Manvi seconds her Baba. You should complaint. I will come along. Someone has to raise a voice against Rahul. He is wrong. We will get him punished.

Rahul makes his brother run for longer on treadmill. Dadi uses red chillies to ward off evil eyes from Rahul. She blames Nisha for everything that goes wrong in the house. Rahul calls her wrong. Dadi is not happy with Shaleen and Nisha’s marriage.

Nisha talks about the concert. It will happen in Agra. You (shaleen) should talk to your father that you want to perform in the concert as well. He makes up excuses. She keeps taunting him and calls him a coward. Shaleen gets angry.

Avanti looks at Rahul while he is trying to change his clothes. She tries to help him but he shies away. His hand is wounded so she offers to help

him. I had come to see how much you got hurt in the fight. Rahul feels bad for the fiancé of that guy (Manvi). She must trust him so much. Avanti teases him as he is one woman man only. She is all the more happy to know it. He looks at the moon. The world is so weird. There are so many different kinds of people are us. On one hand, I think of the girl I spoke to in the morning. She doesn’t know me yet she appreciated me for who I am. On the other hand, the girl in the club has agreed to marry such a lowly guy. I don’t know why she is marrying him! I dint see her properly but I keep thinking of her. She will not be happy from this relation. How would she have felt after knowing the reason behind her fiancé’s breakup! I wish she breaks this relation and makes a better one.

Manvi thinks wrong of Rahul as she trusts Sujoy’s version of the story. She thinks of the guy who sent her the records. I met two different kinds of people in one day only. I hope he always stays happy. Her mother makes her sit. She asks Manvi about Sujoy. Manvi thinks of the incident today. I am not sure. It isn’t easy to decide something about someone. Her mother nods. The end decision will be yours. I only want you to be open minded and give Sujoy a chance. we don’t find good relations so easily. Manvi feels that she should actually wait but has no idea for whom!

Next morning, Mr. Chatterjee is all set to leave for the police station. He has also written an application to submit there. I wont spare that Raj! This is a very big thing. Sujoy is still not here. He calls Sujoy. Sujoy is sleeping peacefully in his house. He gets angry seeing Mr. Chatterjee’s incoming call. He lies to Mr. Chatterjee that he has high fever. I am not able even to move. Let’s drop the idea. Mr. Chatterjee gets glad. Now I will attack Raj in a much better way. It becomes a medical case now. He will have to pay all the compensation. Sujoy is worried as he got stuck in this situation. He switches off his phone so no one can reach him. Mr. Chatterjee asks Manvi to get ready. I will show Raj / Rahul my power today!

Mr. Chatterjee and Manvi have been waiting for Rahul and Raj Sabharwal in the police station. Manvi goes to get water bottle for her Baba. Rahul and Raj enter just then. Raj and Mr. Chahtterjee (Upmanyu) are shocked to see each other. They think of the past. Raj sits down on a chair comfortably and even the Inspector speaks to him with respect. Raj asks Mr. Chatterjee if he filed the report against Rahul. Inspector talks about last night’s incident. Mr. Chatterjee blames Rahul for hitting Sujoy. The poor guy is so unwell. Mr. Chatterjee promises to bring these rich people back to earth. Rahul explains that his daughter has a misunderstanding. Be thankful that there were more people around or I wouldn’t have spared him at all. Mr. Chatterjee keeps taunting Raj indirectly. Kids learn what they see in their house. I am sure he got all such training in his house only! Rahul and Raj look at him angrily. Raj asks Rahul to wait in the car. Mr. Chatterjee tries to stop him but the Inspector allows. Manvi and Rahul don’t see each other once again.

Raj says it’s been 20 years. You haven’t changed at all! You are still at the same place, maybe worst. There was time to move forward in life but it isn’t there anymore. You chose this way to reach me? Mr. Chatterjee calls Rahul a goon. Raj talks about witness who will prove it that Rahul was right. Mr. Chatterjee talks about money. You might have bought them all. Raj has no time to waste on him. Money is powerful. Name is enough when you have enough money to last. I don’t have to use it today as my son dint do anything wrong. I wont have let you anyways reach out to my son ever. You have never been able to win from me. I will never let it happen in the future too. You chose the wrong Goddess (Sarawasti). Why should my son be jealous of you? You have nothing. You are jealous because of your failures. I met you after so many years. I could have forgiven you for what you did today but you dragged my son in it. It is not a mistake but a sin! You have no idea how much I love my son. I will never forgive you for this. Now you must realise how powerful I am! Ask your God for all the strength as I am not going to leave you after today. He walks out of the police station.

Manvi turns and notices Raj and Rahul talking to each other. She notices them leaving and is surprised. She asks her Baba about the same. They cannot use their power and contacts this way. I will be a witness against them. Mr. Chatterjee refuses to continue the case. I don’t want to see this man’s face again. He won today’s fight.

Precap: Manvi stands in the rain. She is also humming. Rahul watches her as she fixes her anklet.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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