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Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum 2nd March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Nisha tells Shaleen about Manvi keeping a fast for Rahul. They both are surprised. From what century is she? She really thinks Rahul will come back if she does so! Nisha says she must be feling left out in Rahul’s absence. She has to do some drama to seek attention. Dad also did not say anything to her today. He scolds her but today he dint react. Shaleen says it means dad’s hatred for her is going down. I will have to share my platform with Manvi? I cannot let this happen. This chance has come to me after many years. Nisha speaks of Manvi’s confidence. She said she wont drink or eat anything. We can prompt her to do something. He reminds her of her last attempt in puja. She is sure Manvi is alone this time. Rahul is not here. I know what I have to do.

Nisha brings sweets for bhog.

They are all Manvi’s favourite sweets. Dadi reminds her of Manvi’s fast. NIsha says they can be eaten after fast. Manvi suggests doing bhog of it. I will distribute it amongst everyone later. Nisha sends Dadi out on the pretext of Dada ji looking for her. Manvi prays diligently. Nisha thinks to switch off the AC and also close the door. She will feel thirsty then. Nisha switches off the AC but Manvi isn’t affected. Nisha thinks of filling the room with smoke. She does so. Manvi begins to cough. Dadi comes just then. She sees the smoke and also notices that the AC has been switched off. She switches it on. She notices NIsha peeking inside. NIsha says I was passing by from here. I thought to help you. Dadi asks her to bring Upla. Nisha feels disgusted. Chotu can bring it. Dadi denies. a family member has to do it with his or her hands. Can you not do this much for Rahul? NIsha agrees.

Nisha finds Upla smelly. On her way out, Nisha slips and falls amidst cow dung. The kids laugh on her. I will not forgive Manvi for this. This is so smelly. She notices a snake charmer in that area and gets another idea to break Manvi’s fast. She buys a less poisonous snake from the snake charmer.

Nisha leaves the snake in the puja room. I will see how Manvi completes her fast now. Sonali is coming towards the temple. She notices the snake near Manvi. What if it attacks on Manvi? Nisha notices her there. She screams and Manvi opens her eyes. She is shocked to see the snake. She begins to chant Om Namah Shivaye! The snake leaves from there without hurting Manvi. Sonali hugs her asking her if she is fine. Manvi nods. Nisha is irked. Sonali goes to tell the servants to find that snake.

Nisha calls Manvi a witch. How can someone control a snake? I think it was a useless snake of a cheap snake charmer. She is hungry. She opens the cupboard to pick something to eat. The snake is hiding there only. It bites her. Dadi and Sonali rush to her side.

Nisha cannot see anything. Sonali says doc must be coming. Manvi comes there. She has asked Dadi to continue the jaap from her behalf. She checks NIsha. She ties a cloth next to the place where the snake has bit Nisha. She sucks the blood out of Nisha next. Sonali tells her to be careful. Doc comes just then. Sonali tells him that Manvi tried to take the posion out but check Nisha well. Doc checks NIsha. Manvi sucked out the poison before it could spread. Nisha’s life would have been in a risk otherwise. She gives injection to NIsha. SOnali notices Manvi tensed. She is worried if the blood broke her fast. Sonali denies. You did not drink it. If it went inside then you are praying to the Neelkanth only. I have full faith in your prayers now. I am sure Rahul will be perfectly fine wherever he is and will be back soon!

Rahul manages to pull himself free. The guys notice him trying to flee the spot but they hold him back. They cannot control him without the injection. They inject him. The guys want to make the video of Rahul turning into an animal. We have been bearing him for too long. You can make lot of money through it. Guru ji tells them against it. No one should even know about it! No one should know that he is here. If it is leaked the neither police nor people will spare you. call more people if you cannot do this or go but don’t open your mouth before anyone.

Manvi thanks SUjoy for bringing her here. Papa has told me to stay out of it. Sujoy says you are Rahul’s wife. You have to know where he is. How can you not try to find out where he is? Sujoy thinks it is good that she is going against her FIL upon his askance. This is good. I will make sure she goes against everyone soon. Manvi asks the PA to make her meet the commissioner. He has been in touch with him recently. The PA says Raj Sir did not come here since months. Sujoy tells her to tell him the truth. Manvi shares that Rahul is missing since last 4 days. Sujoy and the PA are taken aback. Inspector is shocked to hear it. Why did Raj lie that day? Manvi tells him that Rahul has been kidnapped. I don’t know why Papa hid it. He said he is in constant touch with commissioner. Inspector goes inside to confirm. Manvi feels she made a mistake by coming here. Sujoy tells her against it. Inspector tells Manvi that Raj had no convo with commissioner. File an FIR. Manvi thinks to do it later. I have to ask papa first why he lied to us.

Everyone is waiting for Raj. Sonali and Dadi ask him what’s happening in the house. Dadi asks Manvi to speak up. Raj asks her if she is spying again. She asks him why he lied to them. Raj tells her to be in her limits. Manvi tells Sonali that Raj did not meet or speak to commissioner. He has been lying to us. She asks Raj the reason as to why he did so. Raj glares angrily at her.

Precap: Guru ji tells Raj that the pundit of that particular temple can counter the curse. The very same pundit breathes his last right before Manvi’s eyes.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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