Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum 2nd June 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum 2nd June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Manvi comes upstairs. It is all dark there. She shouts that she is here. Who are you? Come out. I have come all alone here. Don’t do anything to my Rahul. There is still no reply. She shouts that nothing should happen to her Rahul. Light comes on. She looks around in confusion. Rahul comes there and it is beautifully decorated. How is it? She is relieved to see him fine. She scolds him for his style. Why did you do this to me? He says I had to do so much while doing this setup. She gets concerned. Are you fine? He nods. He puts on music. They dance on a romantic number. She gets shy by the end. He says I did it all to say thank you to you. Thank you for coming in my life and making it beautiful. Are you happy? She says I am very happy. He says I have to say one more thing. I know you know

it already but still. He says I when she smells something burning. He thinks candle might have fallen by mistake. She tells him to do something. He douses the fire. She tells him to douse it as there is too much fire. He thinks it is already done. He pours water over her indirectly. They end up playing with water and get wet. They laugh heartily. She talks about his music videos where he might have to make a girl fall for him. He nods. I have done it in a video in past. She smiles. I am your wife and I have already fallen for you. She goes. He gets thinking. What did she just say?

Agni is angry. Smile as much as you want to but you will soon be mourning. I wont spare them. we should have killed Rahul when he came here with the horn. His mother agrees. Don’t regret it now as Rahul knows how to use its power. You need to use your brains also now to make a big plan or this war will go on for long. Agni says there is a way to end all this. We need someone who can support us and is more powerful than us. Rahul and the horn should be weak before that person! We can kill Rahul then. His mother says who could it be. Agni takes Yamini’s name shocking his mother. Only she can put an end to it. No one is more powerful than her. I have to find her from anywhere. His mother asks him how he thought of her suddenly. Agni says I know what you told me about her. she is powerful than all of us. If it is true then I need her badly. Only she can kill Rahul now. I have to know more about her before finding her. I will end everything once I find her. His mother tells him to be quiet or someone will listen. She is very pious. No one can equal her powers. We have to take her name with respect. Her story cannot be told anywhere just like that. The place has to be really special. Do you real want to do it? He agrees. I can do anything to end Rahul and Manvi.

Rahul is happy that life is finally back to normal. He notices Manvi tensed. She says everything is still not right. Nisha speaks nicely and Ma is home safely too. You have defeated Kabir badly. That horn is also safe but some things still haven’t changed. Papa and Baba are still not on talking terms. There has to be same way. Rahul reasons that they are cordial atleast. She says the distance between the families wont end till they clear out their differences. Hatred can still be seen in their eyes. There has to be some way to end it. Rahul says I also wondered over it. There has to be some friendship. Manvi wants them to be friends again. Rahul promises her that it will happen. Mrs. Rahul Sabharwal will give an order and how can it not be fulfilled! She says these all little things make you so special. This is why I love. She gets conscious and goes quiet. He looks at her in pleasant surprise. She gets up to go but he tells her to complete what she was saying. She fumbles. She compliments his jacket instead. He says you are trying to fool me. you said there are some things that I do because of which you. She says jacket again but he calls her a liar. She refuses to say anything so easily. He accepts her challenge. You will have to say it soon. She says we will see.

Agni asks his mother why she called him here. We could talk in the room only. She says I told you we will have to call Yamini with respect. We cannot take her name just like that. Do you know who we pray to? Agni says Yamraj. His mother shares that Yamini is just like him. She is the biggest devotee of Yamraj. She did tapasya for years and got a boon from Yamraj only. She has such powers because of the boon that she can never die. She will never age. No one can defeat her and death. There was only one woman who could do it though. She has another power through she can take anyone’s form anytime. Agni asks about her husband. His mother says he too got boon. He will never die or age. Whenever he will get angry his nails will grow into steel. No one will be able to escape the blow. Agni is puzzled. Since when are they alive? His mother has heard it from her ancestors and their ancestors have heard it too. It’s been atleast 500 years. No one can do anything before their power. Agni says I have read it that those who have become immortal has some or other weakness because of which they die. This couple too might have a weakness. Agni’s mom agrees. Anyone who can defeat Yamraj can defeat Yamini and her husband too. There was a woman named Savitri who fought with Yamraj for her husband Satyavan’s life and won. Only a woman like Savitri can kill them. Agni thinks Manvi does not know about them so she will not be able to face them. I will kill Rahul and Manvi through them. His mom wonders why they will help him. Agni replies that they would not know. They will fight for themselves. His mother warns of dangerous consequences but he is confident. I have planned it all. Tell me where I will find Yamini? His mother replies that she never meets anyone. She can be found during special days. she isn’t here as of now. Agni asks about yugant. She shares that he is here in Delhi only but he keeps changing house to hide his secret. Agni insists upon meeting him. His mother agrees. Agni thinks Rahul should start counting his days now.

Precap: A lady tells someone that Kabir has come to meet him. The guy tells him to ask Kabir to take appointment first. The girl says he said you know him but the guy declines. kabir walks in. Will you send your relative back just like that?

Update Credit to: Pooja

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