Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum 2nd February 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum 2nd February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rahul sings a song for Manvi as she dresses his wound. They share a happy moment together. Nisha hears them too. How are they so happy?

Sujoy drinks in his house as he thinks of the accident. He reprimands himself for not taking the necessary precaution. He is tensed thinking about Manvi and Rahul. I wont let you win so easily Rahul! You cannot win from me.

Sonali appreciates Manvi. Seems like you have cooked all of Rahul’s favourite food. Rahul too compliments Manvi. Manvi asks about Nikhil and Raj. Nikhil has gone for his friend’s party. Raj said he is not hungry. Manvi offers to give him food in his room. Sonali is happy she is thinking so much about Raj even after so much has happened. Nisha is sure dad will throw Manvi out of the room in 2 minutes. Shaleen adds he

will first throw her and then throw the plate of food at her.

Manvi brings food for Raj. I know you don’t like Baba, but there was a time when you both were best of friends. Is there no way you both can become friends again? He says you are talking above your age. Impressive! You think that khadus Bengali, I mean your Baba, can forget his anger and befriend me? Maybe you don’t know your Baba or maybe you like to day dream. Ask him to make the first move first. We will see what he does. She says don’t you think you should make the first move. You only are the reason of Baba’s anger. He warns her to be in her limits. You are taunting me in my house only! I know your intention behind coming here. Don’t try to butter me by being sweet with me. it will not have any effect of me. Stay away from me. It will be better for you. Take this food from here. She reasons he is angry with her. Don’t take it out on food. I will never come in the room if you wish but please don’t insult food. She leaves from there.

Sonali notices her in tears. He shouted on you? He is difficult but not a bad person. He will take some time but will accept you. Manvi replies it isn’t easy to make her Baba understand. Someone has to try to bring change. I am sure Papa (Raj) will understand one day. Sonali says I am really proud of you. I am glad Rahul married you. I am sure all the misunderstandings and anger will go away soon. Manvi thinks of Niru. I don’t know if I will be here till then or not. Sonali tells her not to say like that. Raj will never throw you out of the house. Guru ji will be coming tomorrow. Let us do the preps together. Manvi nods. She thinks to leave the house in case NIru takes Rahul’s name tomorrow. I will still remember the love and affection I have received from mummy ji (Sonali).

In the middle of the night, Rahul wakes up hearing the roar of a tiger. He removes his bandage and tastes his own blood. His skin keeps changing to a tiger’s. He takes up his jacket.

Niru falls asleep while watching tv. She hears some noise outside the door and is startled. She goes outside to check. She notices a fallen flower pot outside. She screams upon noticing someone.

Manvi is surprised to see Rahul missing from the room. Where did he go without informing? She tries Niru’s number. The phone rings. The house is in mess. There is blood all around on the floor. Chotu comes to inform her that Sonali is calling for her. Sonali tells Manvi about Guru ji coming today. he likes a little spicy food. Manvi asks about Guru ji. Sonali says he met Raj some years ago. Since then Raj has been very successful. Manvi says we follow people blindly when something goes right after meeting them. we stop believing in ourselves. Sonali agrees. We wish we too would have waited a little. Manvi is confused. Sonali dismisses it. She gives her veggies to cut and asks about Rahul. Manvi says he must be feeling alright. He left without telling me. Sonali is surprised. Raj is still at home. he wanted Rahul to meet Guru ji. Manvi wonders where he went without informing her. Chotu comes to tell them that Rahul left late night.

Raj questions the guard. Guard shares he tried calling out after Rahul Sir. He stared at me in such a way that I got scared. Raj scolds him as Rahul left on foot and alone. You could have woken me up! Manvi shares that he left without informing her also. SOnali is panicked. Manvi suggests checking the room. Maybe he left some note behind. Sonali goes with her. Nisha finds it all very interesting.

Rahul wakes up in the jungle, amidst dead leaves fallen on the ground. He wakes up startled. Which place is this? How did I come here? He has no car keys or mobile. I cannot remember coming here! There is a sign nearby – beware; a tiger has been spotted here! He notices a river nearby.

Precap: Nisha and Avanti plan against Manvi once again. Guru ji will throw her out of the house if he gets upset from her. This time Rahul is also not home. Who will save her! She says well done Avanti. Avanti nods happily.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. I think sujoy killed Nuri n now manvi wil think rahul did it as he was missing from d house. Plz someone save rahul. l like his acting. he n manvi are fabulous cute n too good

    1. No …the Tiger killed niru…. And this blame will be surely on rahul… As tiger left rahuls cell phone at nirus house…
      God plz save rahul….

  2. Oh that Sujoy gets on my last nerve ???

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