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Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum 2nd December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Nisha fills Shaleen’s ears against Rahul and Raj. They are all living peacefully in the house. They don’t worry for you at all. Your father only loves Rahul as he is successful. The relations today are based on success. You always listened to what Dad said. You got nothing in return. Shaleen thinks of how his father slapped him. Nisha asks him if he is happy now. The people who you worry for are not worried for you at all. Only I worry for you. I came here and am also trying to get you out of here. Stop being an idiot. She leaves. Shaleen looks angry.

Upmanyu is angry as he reads the news. Rahul was let off yesterday. His younger brother was caught instead. A girl gave a statement in Rahul’s behalf. I am sure Raj is behind it. Who is that girl? Manvi tells him to let it

be. What will we get by finding out about that girl? Upmanyu says one should keep a tab on his enemies. I will live this enmity till my last breath. Raj has humiliated me a lot in my life. He is a thief. The day you will find out the truth you wont ask me this question. She reminds him that he only has taught her that they should not stoop down to the same low level like them. Let ie be. He refuses. You got to stay rooted to your place to make your enemies understand you are not weak. They only understand the language of hatred. You cannot be good with them. They wont understand any of it even if you try. She thinks of Rahul scolding her. Maybe you are right but we can let bygones be bygones. Why should we give them so much importance? Upmanyu agrees. Atleast one of the sons is in jail. They will reap what they sow! He finds Manvi’s hands warm. She lies that she left the window open last night. I fell ill. He asks her to take medicines.

Rahul gets Shaleen’s bail process done. I am sorry that you had to spend a night here. Dad was angry. You know how he is. My lawyers will complete all formalities. I will join you soon. Go home now. He leaves with the lawyer. Nisha taunts against Rahul. He might go out to attend a press conference. What can be better than being with your brother?

Manvi gets another notice from the builder’s office. They have to pay another 70k asap or they will have to vacate the house. The guy smiles at her. Manvi asks him why this is happening with them. The guy shares that this isn’t happening all of a sudden. Maybe one of you filed a complaint against Rahul Sir last night. This is just a revert. Sabharwals are behind it. He only asked the builder to put pressure on your family. Now he wont spare you. Manvi regrets freeing Rahul. I apologized to him as well yet!

Manvi follows Rahul inside his office. He tells her that she cannot come inside like that. She asks him how more will he stoop down. He is confused. Manvi tells Rahul she never wants to see him again. I leave this job. He says not you but I will throw you out of my office and life! Get out now. She leaves.

Sonali hugs Shaleen. I am so glad to see you. I was so worried for you. freshen up and eat something. She leaves. Nisha yet again instigates Shaleen against his family. Don’t go against what your owners ask you. You cannot go against them. He tells her to shut up. She says you still believe them. He denies. now I realise how foolish I was not to trust you. I understand my mistake now. I am really sorry. You were with me at every point of time. You tried to make me see the truth but I ignored you. I got used to hear lies. I promise I wont repeat this mistake again. everyone has shown me their true faces. I will also not sit quietly. The Shaleen, who went to lock up for everyone’s sake, is there only. This Shaleen wont tolerate anyone doing wrong with him. I will show them who I am. Nisha happily hugs him. Finally you understand the reality. I love you!

Shilpa is talking to Sujoy about Manvi’s childhood. Manvi enters just then. Shilpa notices her mood. Manvi says I left that job. I wont work with that cheap man ever again. Baba is right about Sabharwals. Shilpa says it is good that you left it before Baba could find out about it. Sujoy asks Manvi if Rahul misbehaved with her. She denies. I would kill him if he dares to even touch me. Sujoy thinks of getting Rahul out of his way. Too much hatred takes no time in turning into love. I will have to do something. He asks Manvi to come with him. My mother wants to take you for shopping. Manvi goes to freshen up. Sujoy gets thinking. I should do something to make sure the misunderstandings between Rahul and Manvi continue. This is how they will stay away from one another. He gets an idea. Love has all the solutions. He takes out Manvi’s phone and calls a news agency. He tells the receptionist about Mala’s case. She is bearing Rahul’s baby. You can check in the hospital. Rahul is paying all the bills. The lady agrees to cross check the lead. Sujoy takes Manvi’s name. She is only trying to help Rahul get justice. She should get the credit. She works in Rahul’s company only. She is one of his chorus singers. He ends the call. Now nothing can happen between Rahul and Manvi.

A lady editor calls Rahul. You cannot raise a hand on a lady journalist like you did. Someone gave a tip off to one of my girls about you. It is being said that the news was right. The matter calmed down earlier but now they are trying to use it against you again. Rahul explains that the news is fake. Mala has a boyfriend who left her after making her pregnant. She is a chorus singer in my troop. I am only helping her as a friend. I am not the father of her child. Raj takes the phone from him. He clearly explains to the lady journalist that if she prints a fake news then she will have to bear the consequences. She agrees. She also shares the number from which they had received a call. Rahul dials the number. He gets shocked to realise that it is Manvi’s number. He tells his dad that he will handle this problem on his own this time. Raj tells him to be careful. I don’t want any problem. He leaves. Twinkle comes to tell Rahul about a meeting which is due in 15 minutes. Rahul tells her to cancel it. Call Manvi in the office right away.

Manvi gets Twinkle’s call. Manvi says I left that job. I wont come there for any reason now. Twinkle asks her to come to office right away. You took money as loan. You will either have to come to work or return the money. Manvi agrees to return money to Rahul. Tell your boss I will never work with him again. She ends the call. From where will I get this much money? She takes out her gold bangles. I cannot mortgage them. Ma got them for me by saving money over the years. But how will I get money otherwise? It is important to get away from Rahul. Ma would agree. I have no other option.

Precap: Upmanyu reprimands Manvi for selling his music outside. I trusted my student, my daughter blindly. My daughter is no more. She is dead. Manvi cries.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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