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Mr. Chatterjee talks well about Manvi. He asks Sujoy about his taste in music. Dibakar shares that Sujoy is an engineer. He doesn’t get time to hear music. Mr. Chatterjee talks highly of music. Manvi excuses herself for a minute. Her mother goes after her. Manvi is angry with her for this marriage thing. Her mother says the proposal came to our house on its own. I don’t think this alliance will be fixed. He wont be able to bear your Baba. Manvi does not want to get married at the moment. I want to sing. Her mother knows it well. This is why I called Sujoy here. You are getting a choice. No one is forcing you for anything. It depends on you if you have to chase your dreams alone or hold someone’s hand and move on in life. We can show you a path. Rest all depends on you. one

cannot live life alone. It is good to have someone by your side. The decision will be yours.

Mr. Chatterjee keeps talking about how music relaxes people. I have decided that my daughter will not get married to someone who stays busy all the while in work. Mrs. Chatterjee proposes that the kids should talk alone. Manvi and Sujoy go inside.

Manvi shows her house to Sujoy. He appreciates it. He knows that she had no idea about his arrival. Parents make things so complicated by calling it a casual meeting. I have been already rejected by 3 girls. Tell me if you have a specific list. I will say no myself. Baba wont feel that I got rejected. Manvi laughs.

Outside, Mr. Chatterjee asks Dibakar about Sujoy. Is he medically fit? Manvi and Sujoy join them. Mrs. Chatterjee talks about Manvi’s dreams. She wants to be associated with music even after marriage. Mr. Chatterjee says she is the best. No one can stop her. sujoy says no one will mind it if she sings. She should resume singing. If she becomes a big singer tomorrow then I will be very happy. Mr. Chatterjee gets happy. Manvi looks uncomfortable.

Manvi and Rupa are looking at Sujoy’s photos. Harsh gives him extra points. He was with Baba for 2 hours. They suggest him to go on a date with Sujoy. They talk about love. Harsh also suggests Manvi to go once on a date. You can say no if you don’t like him. Manvi thinks of it too. He supported my dreams. There is no harm in giving him a chance. Love is anyways not my thing. Love only happens in films. RUpa adds that it also happens in Rahul’s movies. Manvi talks negatively about Rahul. Rupa asks her what she expects from her life partner. Manvi wants a simple life with simple people. Everyone should stay together happily. Rupa points out that the guy should not be like Rahul then. Manvi smiles.

Avanti comes to Rahul’s room while he is changing clothes. He hides behind the door. She talks about their wedding. Our parents will continue to hook up till we agree. I don’t want to marry you. I don’t believe in love. my dad can get me married to anyone if it is up to him. why not marry you? He is surprised at how blunt she is. Go out, I have to dress up. She refuses to go anywhere. I wont look. He makes sure she has turned her face the other way. She asks him if he likes girls. He points out that its all about prioritising. Right now, my focus is on music. He has to meet his grandparents. She jokes that she too has come to meet them only. I will get them on my side in a minute. Rahul challenges her on the same.

Raj has got food with less calories for his father. Surjeet (his father) says it is good that your love for your son is more than any other thing. That is the only good thing. Don’t let your ego come before love. Surjeet ji notices Avanti. Raj shares that he has chosen her for Rahul. His father asks him if he has asked Rahul about her. Raj says I have chosen the best one. Avanti joins them. She cannot sing she says but she has brought a special CD of Rabindranath Tagore’s music for him. Avanti talks all positive. Surjeet ji is impressed. Rahul calls it a smart move. Where did you get them from? She replies that someone else had ordered for them but I paid for them first. Dada ji will like it.

Both Rahul and Manvi are doing riyaaz in their respective homes. Dada ji loves the way Rahul sings. Rahul gives credit to him. Dada ji says Raj grew in life as his dreams were too big. He could do anything to achieve them. There were better singers than him but no one was as practical as him. One of my students was a Bengali kid. He used to study with your dad. He was my best student. You reminded me of him today.

Manvi is trying to play the CD that she has brought for her father but it isn’t working. I got the list and records after doing so much hard work. Someone else paid for it first. I should have looked after the recording on my own. Mr. Chatterjee says the music cannot go away ever. It is attached to everyone. She says I did it all for your birthday but nothing worked. He appreciates all the hard work that she put in it. Door bell rings. She goes to check. A guy has come to give her the records. She recalls Avanti paying for them. The guy shares that a person, who got them as the gift from Avanti, got to know that it was you who selected all those songs. He wanted me to return it to you. You rightfully deserve them. Manvi gets happy. Even Mr. Chatterjee talks nicely about the man. Such good people are so rare to find today. Manvi wants to thank the person. She asks the guy to call the person from his phone. I want to thank him.

Manvi comes to meet Rahul again. She asks him if he heard those records. Rahul tells Avanti that he has returned the records to the person who had chosen them in the first place. Someone else worked hard for it. They chose all those songs with love. That person deserves it more. I would have felt guilty if I had listened to them. She tells him that he can share his music but she wont share her love (him) with anyone else. Rahul talks about his life (music) to Avanti. I don’t know about love. my only love is music. Whoever arranged this collection loves music very much. That person must understand music really well. I don’t know much about love but I know this much that people get the love they deserve. No one can snatch it from them.

Rahul gets a call from the same shopkeeper. I had asked him to call me after returning the records. The guy says I returned the records to that person but they want to personally thank you. Rahul confirms with him if he told them his name. The shopkeeper denies. He hands over the phone to Manvi. Manvi talks to Rahul on phone but does not recognize his voice. She thanks him for understanding her love for music. I had selected these songs with great difficulty. I dint have enough money to buy it. Money won in the end. I don’t know you but it is good to know that people like you are still around. You are a really good person. Rahul calls it the best compliment till date. They talk nicely with each other. She ends the call after thanking him again. rahul smiles.

Precap: Rahul is in a movie hall. Rahul says there is no person in the world for whom I will forget my music and forget it. Manvi reaches the same theatre. She hides her face behind her purse. Rahul notices her.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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