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Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum 29th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Manvi is with Sonali. Raj ends a call. He wants Rahul to concentrate on his concert again. he has neglected his work for too long. Sonali asks Raj how Rahul can do a concert in this circumstance. How can we take this risk? Raj taunts Manvi. She is Rahul’s wife and shield after all. She will be there with him, for him. It is also her responsibility to make sure her husband’s career is also going good if she is such a well wisher. Sonali says I am not sure if he will agree. Raj says I have become his enemy suddenly. This is why I came to ask you. Sonali is sure Rahul will not agree. Raj suggests sitting in a corner and watching it all. I said yes for the concert when Rahul was listening to me. Try once. If it does not happen then let it be. No one anyways respects what I say these days.

He leaves from there upset. Shaleen has heard everything. Sonali tells Manvi Raj is right. It will be an insult to them if Rahul says no. But who will talk to him? manvi takes the responsibility. Shaleen deduces that his father and Rahul have become almost enemies now. If Rahul backs out then I will get the concert.

Manvi comes to talk to Rahul. He teases her asking her if she wants to see him topless. She takes his challenge. He pulls her closer. She requests him to do concerts again. papa also wants the same. Rahul asks her if dad sent her. tell him that this does not fit in his plan of making money. I wont put lives of thousand people in risk. She reasons that papa isn’t wrong. Listen to me if not him. you have so many fans. I want to see you on stage. I know things are not right right now but you will be happy then. He points out that their life can be in risk. She replies that this puja, rudraksh is to protect him and everyone only. We want everything to go right only. He agrees. She is ecstatic. You made me happy twice today. Once when you brought Baba in the party and made him dance and now this! Thank you! He asks her if she will move ahead ever. She is confused. he says you feel exactly the way I feel for you. you say so much by looking down feeling shy. Give them words. I want to say the same to you. she asks him about it. You say so much by your songs. Tell me what you want to say to me. he holds her shoulder. He looks at the mirror and withdraws his hand in shock. He decides against telling Manvi so she does not get worried. He lies that he is hungry. She goes to bring food for him.

Rahul cannot find the rudraksh rosary in his room. I have to find it before night. I might attack someone otherwise. I have to find it at any cost. Where the hell did it go? I am sure it fell in the party. I will go there. The spirit begins to take over him. He somehow manages to go out of the room.

Agni kills the guy with his claws only. Another guy hears the scream. He rushes to find his colleague in critical condition. The guy mumbles words like human, animal, attack. The other guy takes him to hospital. Agni finds the rudraksh rosary in the venue. I came at the right time. Now Rahul’s Raksha Kavach is with me. no one can stop you from turning into tiger. Once it happens then you will do exactly for what I have been waiting for since so long.

Rahul comes downstairs. He hears Manvi’s voice and hides. Manvi begins to head upstairs to call Rahul when she senses someone’s presence behind the wall. She finds no one at the place though. She goes upstairs.

NIsha is angry. Manvi is trying to slowly take the house under control. Till now mom was supporting her. Now papa is standing between papa and Rahul as an umpire. I am sure Dadi will give her more jewellery seeing it all. Shaleen says Rahul is my competitor. There are more things than jewellery. I will lose everything. She tells him to calm down. There is still time. I heard him listening to a voice message when I was passing by the room. The organizers wanted to know which of his two sons he wants to go on stage. it means dad is still not sure. Shaleen thinks to talk to his father right away but Nisha suggests him to convince organizers directly. He agrees. I wont let Rahul snatch this concert from me at any cost!

Shaleen notices Rahul leaving for some place. Is he going to say yes to the organizers? Not this time! I wont let him win this time. He follows Rahul. Shaleen decides to not let Rahul snatch this chance from him.

Manvi asks Chotu if he saw Rahul. Chotu denies. Maybe he still had colour. He might have gone to take bath. She comes to the room and is shocked to see the mess. She checks the bathroom but it is empty. Is he in some problem?

Shaleen follows Rahul thinking he is meeting the organizers to some different place. Rahul thinks to find the rosary before night time. He is trying hard to control the spirit inside him.

Upmanyu relishes the food. This is what we call perfect day. Party in the afternoon and now perfect Bengali good. You (Shilpa) cook wonderfully. Shilpa is happy to see Manvi happy. Upmanyu talks well about Rahul. He loves her so much and even takes a stand for me. Dint you invite them over? Shilpa says I spoke to Sonali ji. She said they both went out. Upmanyu wonders if something went wrong. Harsh teases him saying they might have gone out on a date. They are not old like you. They share a happy fun moment together.

Rahul comes to the party venue. Shaleen too has followed him all the way here. I have to see what brought him here. If I engage Rahul in something somehow today then my work will be done. Rahul looks around for the rudraksh rosary but in vain. The spirit begins to take over Rahul. Rahul looks up at the sky. The moon has come out.

Precap: Rahul is trying his best to control the spirit. Shaleen is holding a gun. come out of I will shoot. Shaleen shoots.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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