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At night, Rahul wakes up after hearing some sound. He heads outside to check but cannot see anything. His wound is bleeding once again. Rahul sees it all in his dream. He has seen a tiger attacking him. he wakes up screaming. Manvi tries to calm him down telling him no one is there. He says someone is following me. They are pretty close to each other by the time he has calmed down. They compose themselves. He says maybe I saw a bad dream. She notices the blood around his wound and temperature. She gives his medicine. He lies down to sleep. She wonders why his would is not healing.

The gardener sets a pot in the garden when he notices the footprints of a big paw. He calls out for everyone. Raj is shocked to see it. Chotu is sure it is of some wild animal only. Raj tells him to be quiet.

I will call forest officials. He will tell what it is. No one will go close to it.

Sonali asks Raj about the gardener shouting. He shares about the footprints of paw in the lawn area. She too panics. This cannot be! He tells her to calm down. I hope this is a joke. I have called forest officials. They will check it. She goes to check on Rahul.

Sonali notices Rahul’s high temperature. She is about to call a doc but Manvi tells her she will get him checked when they will go to meet Baba. Sonali is relieved and happy to see Manvi taking care of Rahul. I will set breakfast. You do Rahul’s dressing. I wont be able to see him in pain. She leaves. Manvi does Rahul’s dressing.

Shilpa notices a lady who is about to pass out. She makes her sit and then offers her water to drink. The lady feels better. They get talking. Shilpa forgets her packet of medicines. She reaches Upmanyu’s ward to give the medicines to Shilpa. She is taken aback to see Upmanyu. Seems like she recognizes her. I was there when he met with an accident. Shilpa is shocked.

Rahul cannot find his clothes as the cupboard is full of Manvi’s clothes. She warns him not to take a cold shower as he is ill. I can ask Chotu to give you sponge bath. He asks her if she is his boss. She reminds him she is his wife. Don’t try to
He is confused. she changes her behaviour as per her wish. Why will I take a sponge bath!

The lady tells Shilpa what all she saw. One boy was following him on the road. They got into an argument and then he pushed your husband before tempo. Shilpa asks her why she never approached police. The lady says I did not want to get into all that and I still don’t want to. I have to go to abroad for work. I wont be able to go if I get into all this. Shilpa requests her again but in vain. The lady walks out of the ward. SUjoy notices her coming out of the room. He apologizes to Shilpa for yesterday. He finds her lost in thoughts. Shilpa tells him everything that the lady saw. He is stunned.

Forest official comes to Sabharwal House. Raj asks him to check the footprints he saw in garden. Both the men go outside. Manvi asks Sonali about it. Sonali feigns innocence so Chotu begins to tell her. She dismisses him. Sonali sends Manvi inside on some pretext. Forest official and Raj come back inside. The guy shares it was the footprint of a tiger’s paw. Manvi overhears it as well. She joins them back. A tiger outside our house? Rahul sees tiger in his dreams nowadays. He behaves weirdly. Is it true that he actually saw a tiger? How could it be! Sonali and Raj are tensed. Raj asks the officer if some other animal escaped from jungle in the past few days. Forest official confirms it that the footprint was of a tiger only. There has been no report of a missing tiger from any wildlife reserve. We will check your house to look for more footprints. Raj sends him with Chotu. Manvi goes to do some work.

Raj has put on soap but there is no water. He calls out loudly for someone to ask for water. Nikhil comes there. He shares that the tank was getting cleared. Rahul asks him to get some water from kitchen. Nikhil goes to bring it. Manvi tells Chotu to give hot water to Rahul for sponge bath. Nikhil tells her about Rahul taking shower. Water stopped coming so he sent me to get it. Manvi mutters this boy never listens to anyone.

Manvi directly walks inside the bathroom and starts scolding Rahul nonstop. He tells her to go outside as he is not wearing clothes. She shouts. Sonali hears them. Are you alright? Rahul agrees. There is no water in bathroom. She asks for manvi. He gives roundabout reply for which Manvi taunts him once again. He sends his mother outside to check. Manvi and Rahul get into an argument once again. He tells her to close her eyes and covers himself using a towel. She checks outside for Sonali before going out. He asks her to send water. She nods. you anyways don’t listen to anything that I say. He smiles.

Precap: Manvi asks her mother about the lady who saw the accident. Shilpa tells her about the lady’s reaction to the situation.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. luving their romance ??? waiting fr sm more lovely scenes???

  2. Really nice episode love it…….:-*:-*:-*

  3. Shraddha Sharma

    I think rahul is not the son of this family, he might be an adopted son….
    Lovely secnces b/w rahul and manvi

    1. Really… Rahul is nt d son of dis family!

      1. Shraddha Sharma

        If you are asking then I am not sure… or if you are telling than it is different

  4. Hey guys plz tell me the time of repeate episodes…..plzzzz

  5. 9 am, 2:30pm and 5:30 pm

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