Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum 29th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum 29th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Dadi tells Manvi she is sure Rahul cannot do anything wrong. I do love him but I also know that he cannot do any wrong. Manvi says even I want to believe in it. Why is he running then? Papa lied that Rahul is in Bangalore. Where is he? Dadi agrees to ask Rahul when he is back. Manvi shares that she hopes Rahul is nowhere to be blamed in all this. this relation has started to mean a lot to me. I want to live it at any cost.

Nisha is relived that Shaleen did not show that he is somehow involved in this. Shaleen says I was nervous that the Inspector might track me down. Shaleen does not want anything to come in his way to success. Nisha asks him if he is behind Rahul going missing. Shaleen denies. I don’t know where he is right now. Nisha finds it good as he will not make Manvi

steal the credibility of the album. Shaleen wonders if Rahul got kidnapped. Nisha doesn’t care.

Manvi is worried for Rahul. Someone rings the door bell. Chotu goes to check who it is. A guy delivers flowers for Manvi. She is shocked to know that Rahul has sent it. Where is he? Did he order it himself? The guy denies. it was placed two days back. Sonali asks him who came. Manvi tells her about the bouquet. Sonali tells her to read the card. Manvi reads it. they have completed one year of marriage anniversary. Rahul thanks Manvi for making his life beautiful. Sonali smiles. Don’t care what Raj says. This note proves how you have changed Rahul’s life. You are very important to him. this note proves it. manvi excuses herself. Sonali knows she must be missing Rahul. They both should have been together today. where are you, Rahul?

Manvi is in tears. She thinks of her wedding. It’s been one also month since my Baba is in coma. I still cannot find who is responsible for Baba’s condition. I couldn’t find answer to my old questions and Rahul has brought many more questions in life. She hears Raj scolding Rahul. She thinks he is back. She goes out to check.

Raj gets to know that Rahul is in Bangalore. Manvi wants to talk to him too but Raj pays no heed to her. Raj tells Dadi and SOnali that Rahul had to fill for a singer who backed out. Pallavi asked him for help and he couldn’t say no. Dadi says how he could do so. He left Manvi alone in the cold storage. Raj says that’s not my problem. He forgot his phone when he came to pick up his bag. Manvi thinks she cannot understand Rahul. You did not even call me once!

Shilpa is confused. how could Rahul leave you alone in the cold storage? Sujoy speaks against Rahul. He left Manvi alone in a weird area. Manvi speaks in Rahul’s favour but Sujoy says I forgot you are on his side now. He left just when a friend called him for help? He does some magic on everyone. No one who meets him wants to hear anything against him. I am saying it. He only killed Niru! Manvi asks him how he knows it is true. Did you see Rahul attacking Niru or were you there? He says police has corss checked my claims. You cannot take Rahul’s words so lightly. Are you sure about what Rahul said? She thinks of Ajay’s words. I know what I am saying. He asks her if she is switching sides as he got her a music album. She tells him that she is not taking anyone’s side. plus I don’t want to talk about Rahul in his absence. We will talk to and about him when he is back. She leaves. Sujoy thinks to make use of this opportunity. I want to create so many doubts in Manvi’s mind that she never trusts Rahul again.

Manvi is still outside hospital. Sujoy apologizes to her. I cannot see anything wrong happening with you. I cannot see you upset. I said what I saw. If we would have been married then it would have been a month today! I wanted to spend my entire life with you. She understands his problem. The one month that I spend with Rahul does not make me feel Rahul can do something like this. don’t take me wrong. It might be that neither of you is behind it. He is shocked. You think NIru also lied then? She says I am not calling anyone a liar. Baba blamed Rahul once for accident but Shaleen was responsible for it. it might be the case this time. He suggests leaving this on police. I only want our friendship to remain intact. Can we start afresh? She nods. We are and will always be friends. He extends his hand towards her. She shakes hand with him. I said everything in anger. Don’t take it to your heart. I am just a little tensed. It is difficult to understand Rahul at times but I am sure he cannot kill anyone. he dint kill NIru. Once he is back, all 3 of us will investigate together. sujoy reminds her of the last time they fought. Manvi says rahul is not a bad person. He will listen to me. she leaves. Sujoy is irked. Manvi is not listening to anything against Rahul. It wont work that ways though. Our new friendship will end everything!

Nisha is checking Shaleen’s file. I wonder why no one is happy. raj says I am happy. send the file to producers. I don’t want them to give importance to Manvi. Raj Sabharwal’s son should be the satr. Nisha cannot believe what she heard. How did Dad got so interested in your career? Shaleen has no clue. Nisha points out that dad does not want Manvi to get attention. It will help us only. May he never return home!

MAnvi is on her way home. She receives a call. She thinks it is Rahul but it turns out to be someone else. Where are you Rahul? I did not remember the anniversary in tension. You sent flowers but did not come yourself. Why dint you call me or leave your number? Manvi stops the car outside a pastry shop as Dadi likes the pastries from this shop. A girl recognizes her. she tells her about Manvi’s likes and dislikes. Manvi is surprised. How do you know all this about me? The girl gives her introduction. I am Pallavi, Rahul’s best friend. Manvi points out that she lives in Bangalore. Pallavi says we shifted from there 3 years back. I came to here for some work. She leaves. Manvi gets thinking. Where is Rahul if he isn’t in Bangalore?

Precap: A man enters in Manvi’s room at night when she is sleeping.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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