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Commissioner’s wife continues to blame Manvi. Do you know what your punishment will be? A girl walks in saying nothing. She introduces herself as Avanti Talwar. I gave this money to Manvi to get extra refreshments. Avanti gives Commissioner’s wife her money. They fell under the table. luckily, I saw you near the table or you would have lost your 20k. Avanti’s father joins them. Sunil apologizes to Manvi. She goes aside.

Mr. Talwar wanted Avanti to wear something traditional today but Avanti wants to meet everyone the way she is. Manvi asks Avanti why she helped her. Avanti had seen Commissioner’s wife trying to keep money in her purse. You also look innocent. Manvi returns her money to her. it will be a debt on me. Avanti assures her that she will take it back.


meets Rahul. She tells him that the party has been organized so we both can meet and decide if we want to get married. He is still under the effect of the drink. She checks him out. You look good. She asks him to come downstairs.

Downstairs, Rahul asks his father about the so called alliance. I am feeling dizzy. So much weird is going on here. Thank Avanti for physically approving me. I am not interested in marriage. He leaves.

Manvi is walking on the road. She thinks of how she got saved today because of that lady. I should freshen up a little. Everyone will get worried seeing me thus.

In the car, Rahul prays that something good happens before the night ends. He notices Manvi near the well. She is trying to take water out but he mistakes her to be committing suicide. He makes the driver stop the car. He runs towards her. He pulls her down. They both fall on the ground and get all dirty. Manvi is irked to see him. I thought nothing can be worst than what hapepend in the party. He explains that he saved her from committing suicide. It is a really bad day that you touched me. She steps back. He notices that she might trip. He pulls her closer. She hits him between the legs. His driver rushes to him. That girl put spray in your eyes the other day. Now this girl went away from you leaving in this condition. Rahul prays that such girls should atleast stay away from him.

Next morning, Mr. Chatterjee complains about having no place in the park to jog. Rahul came in the park to job. Half of the park was shut down for security reasons. Whatever he touches becomes inauspicious. Manvi thinks of last night’s incident. He asks her if she met Rahul again. Manvi lies to him. Manvi is washing her dress. Baba is right. Everything went wrong all the 3 times I met that Rahul. Next time I will hit him with the bat.

Rahul is angry with the girl who hit him last night. He asks Chotu to get him his phone. Also bring my pen from father’s room. Chotu finally leaves. Rahul hides his pain as his mother comes in. She asks him about Avanti but he talks about Manvi. She assures him that she will talk to Raj. You aren’t ready for marriage yet. He realises that she is talking about Avanti. I thought you were talking about the girl who hit me on my head. She gets worried but he calms her down. I don’t want to marry though I will do whatever dad says. She denies. One should only marry for love. I wont let you marry anyone whom you don’t love. Rahul knows nothing about love. I will marry whoever loves my love (my family, music). Music is my one and only passion. Every great artist is passionate. They seek their happiness in their passion. Dad wants me to sing for money, fame. I do it too. the day I will sing for myself, I will get peace! How will I need a girl in this madness of mine? She reasons that you leave all your madness when you fall in love. The meaning of life changes!

Someone else took the records Manvi had wanted. It turns out to be Avanti. Manvi tries to make her understand the difference between emotions and money. You helped me yesterday so I can give it. Avanti stops her. I don’t like taking favours. My dad’s friend has a studio. We can make a copy and share. Avanti tells her that if they both like something else in life which they both can’t keep then she will snatch it from her.

Raj is checking out how many tickets of Rahul’s concert have been sold already. His wife tries to make him understand about love. Don’t you want our son to feel the love that we have shared? Raj wants Rahul to take decisions using his mind. His wife remarks that at times she feels he does not love his son the way a father should. Raj points out that Rahul likes whatever he has liked. Saloni (his wife) says music is his life. You and he are two different people. Raj is sure his son will never let anyone come between his hard work and success. I will stop all those distractions from coming in his life.

Manvi and Avanti reach the house of Mr. Talwar’s friend. Manvi waits outside while Avanti goes inside to make a copy of the record. It is Sabharwal House.

Rahul tries to exercise but feels pain again. He thinks of last night. He sends his friend and guards to take a walk. Zoro (the dog) runs away. Manvi runs as she hears Zoro screaming. Red colour spills. Manvi’s feet get red. She enters inside and her footprints can be seen on the floor. Rahul is relieved to know that Zoro is inside only. She hides in Rahul’s room.

Saloni is surprised to see the red marks in the lobby. She tells Chotu to make sure no one touches them. did a girl come? Chotu tells her about the girl in party last night. She has come here. Saloni thinks of Avanti.

Manvi requests Zoro to go away.

Saloni looks at Avanti in the studio. This cannot be a coincidence. Maybe pundit ji was right. This is a signal from God that Laxmi’s footsteps are made. Rahul comes to his room. Zoro signals at the curtains. Rahul notices the footprints. Who is there? Manvi realises that she is inside Rahul’s room. Rahul calls for security. Manvi curses her fate. Rahul goes out to tie Zoro. Manvi escapes from the window. Rahul comes back to check who is behind the curtain but finds no one there. He looks at the mess in his room.

Saloni tells Raj that he was right about Avanti. She came home today. She left red marks in the house. This means she only will become our DIL. Raj teases her if she is agreeing with him on something. I was right about this match. Saloni thinks that maybe destiny wants Rahul to fall in love after marriage.

Manvi is sad that fate makes her meet the one person again and again whom she hates in the entire world. She reaches home. She is surprised to see Dibakar Kaka. Who is this guy? Mrs. Chatterjee introduces Sujoy to Manvi. Manvi is surprised to know that her mother is talking about her marriage.

Precap: Rahul talks about his life (music) to Avanti. Whoever arranged this collection loves music very much. That person must understand music really well. Manvi talks to Rahul on phone but does not recognize his voice. She thanks him for understanding her love for music.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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