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Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum 28th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Avanti says you are a big problem of my life. Now I will get you out of my life just the way I took the care of the others. Manvi is taken aback. Did you really kill all those people? Why? Avanti smiles. You will ask me questions? You don’t even deserve to be with Rahul. He is only mine! Are you scared? You can shout for help but no one is listening. No one can hear your voice in this noise. Any last wish? Rahul comes there just then and holds Avanti’s hand. He throws the knife away and hugs Manvi. How dare you threaten Manvi? If you were not a girl then I would have shown you what I could do to you. Manvi tells him to inform police. She just spoke about all the murders. We have proof. Avanti picks up the knife. What proof do you have? I was only holding a plastic knife. She asks Rahul

if he is scolding her because of Manvi. I did follow you as per the video as I love you. we would have been together if Manvi was not in our life. I dint do anything. This girl is after me. I had to spend an entire night in police station because of her. She tries to close in on Manvi but Rahul stops her. Leave from here before things go wrong. She asks him how he can do this to his best friend. Tell Manvi to go. he calls becoming friends with her the biggest mistake of his mistake. It was my mistake. Pollice will decide who the culprit is. Avanti warns Manvi. You got saved this time but I wont spare you next time. She leaves. Rahul asks Manvi if she is fine. She nods. I was so scared that I did not realise that the knife was made of plastic. We have to find out who killed all those people if it wasn’t Avanti.

Avanti collides with Kabir on her way out. The glasses spill. Kabir gets two more glasses. Kabir asks Manvi if she can leave Rahul with him for a while. Manvi nods and leaves. Rahul is surprised. She left so easily. He is hesitant about drinking bhang but Kabir says it’s only your friends and family around. He thinks of his argument with his father a while back. Rahul and Kabir drink bhang.

Manvi’s family wants to leave. Upmanyu wants to thank Rahul. Manvi is sure he must be with Kabir. She goes to look for him. Rahul goes on stage. He makes the DJ stop playing music. He introduces Kabir on stage and calls him his new best friend. Manvi goes to him. If your madness is over then come down. He picks her up in his arms but then puts her down. This beautiful girl is my wife. He makes joke on her. She is staring at me and scaring me. Kabir suggests the couple to dance together. Manvi tries to take Rahul with her but he refuses to listen to her today. She stands in a corner. Upmanyu asks Manvi what it is. Manvi says Rahul does not act like this. Upmanyu goes to see what’s wrong with Rahul. Rahul stops dancing as soon as he notices Upmanyu. What is this nonsense? What are you doing? Rahul wishes him happy holi. Upmanyu can see he drank bhang. You were not like this. How did you change? Rahul tells him to stop. Your daughter is anyways after my life. Now you will also dance with me. He asks the DJ to play song. Upmanyu says it isn’t my age to dance. Bengalis don’t dance at everything. Rahul insists on him to dance or I will sing Rabindro Sangeet. Rahul and manvi hold their ears as Rahul begins to sing. Harsh whispers to Manvi. Rahul will win today. Baba will dance. Manvi has never seen her father dancing. Upmanyu admits losing to Rahul. He dances but in his own style. Rahul again makes the DJ play songs. He pulls Shilpa and on the stage. Manvi looks at him angrily. He later twirls Manvi and dances with her. They lean closer for a kiss when he passes out.

Rahul is still sleeping peacefully. Manvi tries to wake him up but he pulls her hand asking her to let him sleep. She looks at him sweetly. I saw Rahul happy atlast because of Holi. I saw him happy and with a wish to bring me close to him, to make me his. After so many days, I felt us coming together. I felt the closeness today. She takes her hand away without waking him up.

Manvi is humming when Dadi compliments her. You look very happy today. Stay like this always. What’s the reason behind it? Manvi says it is nothing. Dadi says I thought my son did something which brought a smile on your face. Dadi is happy to see the colours of Holi doing magic on the couple. Manvi shyly leaves from there on the pretext of serving food.

A guy is doing some work when Agni comes there. He keeps his hand on that guy’s face.

Rahul wakes up. He has a bad headache because of the bhang. How did I come home? I fell down while playing Holi only. I am still wearing the same clothes? I am so bad. He thinks of what he was about to do just before he fell unconscious. What did I do? She will kill me. She will taunt me for life! What did I do? What must she be thinking about me? Dadi keeps her hand on his head. He takes Manvi’s name. She teases him saying that they wont hear him take anyone else’s name now. Rahul shares that he drank bhang in the party. I did something which might prompt her to give me divorce. Dadi happily says she looks so happy since she came back. Manvi cannot stop smiling since then. Tell me everything. Rahul says it was a family party. Why do you take everything in that sense? Nothing happened. I dint kiss her after all. Dadi says I am old but not so much that I wont understand. Promise me that you wont let this shine leave her face. You will keep doing what you did for her today. He nods in confusion. She leaves. Rahul thinks Manvi did not stop him today in the party. She did not back off as well. Does that mean she wants to take this relation forward but not say it like me? Is she also feeling like me?

Precap: Sonali asks Raj how Rahul can do a concert in this circumstance. Raj taunts Manvi. She is Rahul’s shield after all. She will be there with him, for him. It is also her responsibility to make sure her husband’s career is also going good.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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    Nice episode…… but i do not like precap…. this is very bad…

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  3. episode was entertaining

  4. Karan u r jst fabbb u were looking so cute…. Love da epi

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