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Manvi serves breakfast to everyone. Raj tells Sonali that Guru ji will come for Bhog day after tomorrow. Make arrangements on your own. Manvi offers to do it. Raj denies. There should be no problem in Bhog. Sonali supports Manvi. I will guide her. Avanti joins them. Sonali notices her hand. Avanti lies that she just got hurt. Avanti tells Rahul she will get fine soon. Why are you avoiding me? You did not reply to any of my messages. She asks him to come with her to her house. There is a party at my place. All our old friends are coming. She takes Manvi’s permission hastily too. Rahul likes the idea too. Dadi tells Rahul to take Manvi with her. Avanti points out that Manvi knows no one there. Dadi reasons that that is how manvi will get to know Rahul’s friends. Sonali seconds her. Manvi

goes to get ready. Nisha takes Avanti aside. Dadi ruined everything. Avanti says my plans don’t fail so easily. Their honeymoon period has just ended. Manvi has not seen Rahul’s life style till now. we will introduce her to it now. We will see how she does not leave him then.

Rahul is playing guitar but his hand bleeds. He tries to nurse it himself but Manvi holds his hand. She is wearing a western dress which leaves him surprised. She shares that Nisha gave her some dresses. I don’t want anyone to comment to you about my Indian dressing sense. All your friends wear such clothes only. She takes his bandage off. He moves the hair away from her face. I am only trying to help and not trying to touch you. Don’t take me wrong. She says sorry to him once again. Please forget what I said to you. It is new relation for both of us. Can we not start everything once again? Which husband and wife do not have misunderstandings? Can we not forget the past and start afresh? We are married now so we should try to forgive one another for the past mistakes. We should try to understand each other once again. Will you agree to it? Rahul looks at her. For once you have used the word us instead of I. It means you have started to accept this relation somewhere in your heart. It felt good. They look at each other. He goes to change. Manvi is confused about what she said. Am I really accepting this relation and Rahul? Avanti realises that the tensions between the couple is ending. I wont let them come close to each other. I will have to do something tonight only to separate them!

Rahul comes to the party. The party is jungle themed. He is intrigued. Rahul meets his friends. His friends take him away to a private setup. Avanti too excuses herself. Rahul thinks to bring Manvi as well. She knows no one. She must be feeling alone. Avanti and the guys tell Rahul to relax. Avanti plays a hunting sequence in which a tiger is killed. Rahul’s reaction changes. He gets angry and starts throwing stuff. Stop it! This is sheer madness. Who shows such stuff! Avanti makes him drink water. A man comes there dressed as a hunter. Rahul holds him by his neck. Avanti has to shout at him to bring him out of the situation. What has happened to you! Rahul says sorry to the guy. Rahul heads to the washroom.

Rahul wonders what’s happening to him. He feels pain in his hand. He is washing his face when he can see a tiger in his face. He steps back in shock. His pain increases. He screams out loud. What is happening to me? Maybe it is the effect of the medicines. I don’t know why I got so angry. He goes outside.

Avanti sends one of her friends (Malika) to Manvi to create misunderstanding between the couple. Malika offers her a drink but Manvi declines. How do you manage all this without drinking? Rahul knows how to use his charm full on. He is such a womaniser. You are very strong. It is difficult to handle such things without alcohol. Manvi asks her how girls agree to it. Malika continues to lie to her. He treats those girls’ family all the more nicely. The girl is bound to fall for him then. Will you not fall for him if he will do all that for you? You should start drinking to digest all this!

Rahul is not comfortable in the party. He keeps thinking about what happened in the washroom.

Malika tells Manvi that Rahul left her alone as he might be flirting with someone. He wont go home tonight after the party. He wont even know when you will leave from here. Manvi tells Malika she is saying right. It does not matter to him (Rahul) if I am here or not. I should teach him a lesson just now! How can he do so with me! Come along.

Manvi walks up to Rahul. She asks him for car keys. I cannot spend another minute with your friends like Malika. What kind of friends you have! She has been telling me about how big a flirt you are. She also told me start drinking. She reprimands Malika for speaking against Rahul behind his back. I could accept what you said but did you do right by saying something like that about your friend behind his back? It is between me and my husband what he does and how he behaves with anyone. You should keep quiet. She advises Rahul not to have any friends if he has friends like these in life. Rahul is impressed. He gives car keys to her. She leaves. Rahul asks Malika about what she said to his wife. Avanti tells him to let it be. I will talk to her. You are anyways not well. Rahul remarks that he does not even know this girl. He goes out. Avanti looks angrily at Avanti.

Rahul smiles in the car as he looks at Manvi. Rahul says I never thought it will happen. She talks about his friends but he points out he wasn’t talking about them. you looked cute when you were fighting for me! Have you started to trust me? Manvi replies that it can also be that maybe only she has the right to say anything against him. I feel jealous when someone else does that. Is it not enough that I do so? They both smile and get into a conversation.

Precap: At night, Rahul wakes up after hearing some sound. He heads outside to check. He hears a tiger’s roar as he opens the door.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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