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Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum 28th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Agni is angry but thinks to control his anger. My plan will fail otherwise. He calls someone. Is my work done? Ravi says they haven’t come here yet. Agni warns him to do it or he wont leave him alive. He looks at manvi’s photo. You are only mine. I cannot see you with anyone else. I will snatch you if you don’t come to me yourself. You are only mine.

Upmanyu comes to franchise office with Harsh. I will drag you to court if you try to trouble common man. The guy says I have made papers for you. Harsh and Upmanyu are surprised. We dint pay the rest of the amount. The guy shares that Manvi sent money. Both Harsh and Upmanyu are surprised. Harsh is relieved but Upmanyu is a little tensed. She is the DIL of someone’s house now. It is good though that our problem is sorted.


calls Manvi but there is network problem. He tries to talk to her about money but she cannot understand anything. She tells him to switch off his phone and call back. Manvi remembers the money given by Raj. She opens bag but it is empty. She checks everywhere but in vain. No one comes here. Plus the room was not cleaned today. Where did money go?

Manvi is walking around tensed. Nisha enjoys seeing her all worked up. She gets a call from the cake vendor. Manvi forgets what Sonali told her. Rahul has allergy with fruits or chocolate? She tells him to make a strawberry cake. Don’t add any chocolate or pineapple in it. Nisha is happy. She is making goof ups today. Rahul has allergy from strawberry. The party will be fun today. First the cake and then Dad won’t spare Manvi for money.

Rahul and Kabir are in the office. The staff wishes him happy birthday. Rahul cuts cake and feeds Raj. Avanti hears his phone ringing. She notices Manvi’s call. Manvi has to come in between me and Rahul always. She disconnects the call. Manvi is shocked. She dials again. Avanti switches off the phone. I wont let Manvi reach Rahul at all. He will be with me till he is here. Manvi is panicked. How will I tell him about money now? Mummy ji is also not here. I cannot trouble Dadi. Who should I tell then? It is 5pm. Papa will ask money from me anytime. What will I tell him? He will never forgive me. Show me some way God.

Sonali asks Manvi to come. The guests have started coming. Confirm the cake order too. Manvi begins to tell her about money when someone informs that Rahul is here. They switch off the lights.

Rahul, Kabir and Raj come home. They find the house all dark. Rahul calls out for Chotu when the lights come back. Kabir thinks it will be boring. Sonali denies. this is very special for Rahul as Manvi has especially arranged it for Rahul. Rahul says will guests come too. sonali agrees. They will come and are very special. It was Manvi’s idea. We could not say no as it was too good. We see the same boring people with boring discussions every time but thought to do something different today. she asks everyone to come. Kids surround Rahul who is very happy to see them. Kabir looks at Manvi. Rahul hugs his mom to say thank you. Sonali says thank Manvi. These kids are from the same orphanage that you support. manvi found the address and called them here. Isn’t it good? Kabir mentally says sorry to manvi. I cannot let you be happy till it is associated with Rahul. I cannot see you with anyone else. You will have to be mine. Rahul tells Manvi it is his best birthday till date. Raj thanks Mavni too. They play music. Everyone dances with the kids. Manvi looks tensed. How do I talk to Rahul in this situation? He is so happy. All his happiness will go away because of my carelessness.

Dadi is happy to see the kids and Rahul happy. she compliments Manvi on her idea. Sonali tells Rahul Manvi organized everything on her own. She dint let me do anything. She has ordered cake for you. Rahul says I am impressed Mrs. Sabharwal. Nisha also praises Manvi. Let’s cut the cake. Everyone is shocked to see the cake. Sonali questions Manvi who realises what Sonali told her in the first place. I got confused in strawberry and pineapple. I don’t know how I made such a mistake. Sonali rues not being able to feed cake to Rahul on his birthday. This is the first time it is happening. Rahul asks her mom to relax. The kids can eat it atleast. The kids shout excitedly. Sonali says you (Manvi) could have written it somewhere if you couldn’t remember. It would have been better if I had ordered it. Avanti greets everyone. Manvi looks all the more upset.

Avanti brings cake. It is a coincidence. I was thinking what to gift Rahul on his birthday as he has everything. I got you pineapple cake. It is the only missing thing here. Dadi thinks manvi made one mistake and Avanti came in with the solution. It cannot be any coincidence. Manvi thinks how she can make so many mistakes in one day only. Sonali cheers her up. Be careful next time. They cut cake. Everyone is enjoying.

Raj asks Manvi to bring money. Accountant will be coming any time. She shares that the money got stolen. Raj is shocked. He angrily asks Sonali to join them. Your DIL could not keep the money sakely with her. 5 lacs got stolen! She takes him upstairs. Dadi is worried.

Kabir, Avanti and Nisha celebrate.

Manvi says I kept them safely in almirah but the bag was empty in morning. Sonali asks her if she saw someone coming in their room. Rahul says you are worrying without any reason. Where will money go? This has never happened before after all. It will be here only. Raj replies that they will find money only if it will be still in the house. The money has reached where Manvi had planned to send. She came in this house with this intention only.

Precap: Nisha asks Upmanyu what Manvi did. Upmanyu says Manvi gave them 5 lacs to renew Harsh’s franchise’s license.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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