Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum 27th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum 27th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sabharwal Family comes to the venue. Sonali loves the decor. Raj shares that Rahul and MAnvi have made the preps. Everyone compliments it including Nisha. Sonali says hope there is no one who will spoil the party. Nisha assures her that she wants everyone’s good only. They all go in. Manvi and Rahul make the couple (Sonali and Raj) do proper grahpravesh. Dadi is impressed. Sonali hits the kalash and enters. Manvi says the party is in the evening. I thought we all should spend some time together. Lunch is ready. Manvi is picking up rice when her Baba comes. She is surprised to see him. Baba says I miss your mother. It would have been great if she was here with me. she will be upset to know we had a party without her. she likes it very much. Manvi thinks of Agni’s words. Come what may, I will

bring Ma back. I wont let anything happen to him. She looks away as she lies to her Baba. Ma will be back in the evening itself. Baba says why dint she call me. Manvi lies that his phone was not reachable. She sends him inside for lunch. Rahul has seen it all. Manvi prays for her mother’s safety.

Shilpa is trying to open her rope. I cannot let Kabir hurt my kids. I have to go out of here at any cost. She manages to free her hands and mouth. She is shocked to see Agni right behind her. He says did you think you will run away from here. No one can escape from Agni! He ties her hands once again. that horn is important. If I don’t get it then I will cut you in so many pieces that even you wont get to know. Agni’s mother asks him if he got any news of Rahul and Manvi. Agni is sure he has got their biggest weakness. They will have to find the horn at any cost. His mother is happy to hear it. that horn is really powerful. She explains everything to him (in mute). This secret should not be told to anyone else. He assures her. They see someone’s shadow. Agni goes out to check who was there.

Agni comes back inside. He tells his mother he couldn’t see anyone outside.


Ananya is running on the streets. She heaves a sigh of relief. She thinks of how she escaped from the house.

Bindiya says I cannot believe that she can run away after tying you all. Her son blames a lady. Bindiya says there is no time to discuss upon this. Go and find her. Everyone leaves. Bindiya walks up to Soni. I will figure out who made someone run once I find Ananya!


Raj makes an announcement asking everyone to congratulate Sonali. Not everyone gets such a wonderful husband. But honestly, I am lucky to have her as my wife. My family is my biggest achievement. It would have been impossible without her. you are a perfect DIL, a perfect mother! Thanks for everything. I hope we continue celebrating our anniversaries like this only. I love you! He hugs her. She is all smiles. Everyone claps for the couple.

Manvi tells Rahul they should leave. We kept the party here as the temple is nearby. We have to leave asap. He says we found the first clue there. But I don’t think everything will take us to the horn. We don’t have time. Why don’t we try to get mom out safely? I am worried what if we are unable to read the map correctly. She says I don’t know what’s right or wrong. I only know we only have tonight. We will get something if we go together. he tells her to go ahead. I will join you soon. Try to read the paper in moonlight. Baba stops Manvi at the door. am I looking good? I don’t understand anything without your mother. She compliments him. Baba proposes her to sing a song along with Rahul. Rahul tells Manvi to check the food arrangements. Manvi goes. Rahul shares that Shaleen has made all the preps for music.


Soni is packing her bags. She tells Mayank to help her. We have to flee right away. He asks her what she has done. She shares that she made Ananya leave the house. It will be a problem if my brothes find out. He goes out on some pretext.

Bindiya scolds Mayank for being a loser. I will do what I have to do now!


Shaleen compliments the music organizer but he gives credit to Manvi. She has called two singers here. Nisha is irked thinking Manvi will take credit for this as well.

Meri Aawaz:

Ketki and Kalyani collide in the party. They realise that their mother sent them here so they get to meet each other. Ketki says Aayi is innocent. She does not know that rift in relations end when hearts come together, and not people.

Sabharwals welcome the sisters. Rahul compliments Kalyani on her singing. You are an inspiration. She praises him too. I hear your music too. Though I hear such music genre less but I do hear you. There is something different in your voice. He is touched. She asks about Manvi. Rahul lies that she must be around. Dadi is also happy to see both the sisters. Please sing something for us as well. Emcee invites Ketki on stage. Ketki sings Dil Ko Hazaar Baar Roka. Everyone is clearly enjoying.

Manvi is on a bridge. She looks at the paper. The moon is hiding behind clouds. She hopes that she is able to save her mother. I wont be able to read the map without moonlight. The paper falls down the bridge. She panics and runs down. Manvi finds the papers. Moon comes out from behind the clouds. Map appears on the paper. She wonders what place is this. This is the Haveli and the jungle behind it. It means that the horn is somewhere around only. She cross-checks on GPS. It is confirmed. Manvi informs Rahul and asks him to come soon.

Manvi notices someone nearby. She goes to check. She is near a tree when she senses someone’s presence. She picks up a stick but it turns out to be Rahul. She tells him that she has read the map. The horn is around here only.


Update Credit to: Pooja

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