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Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum 27th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rahul is back home. he lies to his father he did the puja there itself. I have been doing it since childhood. I know everything. Raj is relieved. Sonali goes to arrange food for Rahul and Manvi. Manvi looks at Rahul but he heads inside his room.

Raj tells Guru ji that Rahul did the puja all by himself. It means Rahul is safe? Guru ji agrees. If he did the puja last night then the problem is gone. Have you noticed some change in Rahul’s behaviour? Raj says he is normal. Everything is fine.

Manvi tells Rahul she knows he does not want to hurt his parents. This puja matters to them. Why hurt them with this lie? He tells her to keep her expert advice to herself. I know them. They will be hurt if they know I dint do this puja. Hiding one truth does not make any difference. You

can think anything about me but I don’t care. She apologizes to him once again. What should I do that you will forgive me and forget everything? He asks her if she will do whatever he says. She agrees. He asks her to leave him then. go away from my life. It was my biggest mistake to marry you. I was wrong to get into this relation, to become a good human being. I don’t want this relation now! Since marriage I have tried to make you see my good side but you have humiliated, hurt and insulted me till date! Leave me alone if you really want to do something for me. Truth is, we can be nothing but strangers for each other. We should stop trying to pretend to be a couple. That is only for the world. He leaves.

Manvi says the wedding was real even if done stealthily. This is why I dint tell anyone anything till date. I had started to believe you are a good person, you changed, and you take care of me. You expect me to forgive you when you cannot do that yourself? You were right maybe. This wedding is a very big mistake of our lives. It will be right if we remain strangers for each other even while staying under the same roof. Maybe this is only our destiny.

Manvi meets her mother in hospital. She talks about Rahul’s health. She cannot understand why Rahul had to lie for the puja. Shilpa says maybe he could not say the truth. You only said his parents were very much concerned about the puja. You too hide your problems from me. Manvi says he is different. Shilpa says nothing is different. You have started a new life together. you both will have to adjust. You will understand each other in time. Manvi says we are not like any other normal couple. Shilpa asks her why she got so worried and took care of Rahul when he was ill. Manvi says I was so scared that night. Shilpa points out that no one gets worried for a stranger. You have started to understand his good side while staying with him. you have started t trust him, to worry for him. Manvi says I don’t know. At times, I feel like looking at him as he turns so good while otherwise, I don’t know why he changes. I dint want this marriage to happen in the first place. I have scolded him wrongly so many times. We drive apart all the time. Shilpa says you don’t let his good things reach you. you create so many distances between yourselves. She talks about the good things Rahul has done for them till date.

Sujoy intervenes. Rahul is good. I am wrong. He questions their thoughts. Am I the villain then? you mean I did this to uncle? Manvi says Ma was not saying that. Sujoy insists. I am proved wrong by whatever aunty was saying. Am I mad that I come here so often? You are praising Rahul? Shilpa says I cannot think like that about you. Maybe you misunderstood Rahul. Sujoy is angry with Shilpa for separating him and Manvi all the time. He says uncle will tell you the truth the day he wakes up. You will regret your thinking. He tries to speak against Rahul but Shilpa reminds him that MAnvi is married to Rahul. Sujoy calls it a cheating. He married Manvi stealthily. Manvi also hates him yet you let her go with him! Uncle will not forgive you for what you have done. How can a mother ruin her daughter’s life? Rahul calls out for him. Lower your voice. How dare you talk like that to my MIL? Sujoy asks him if he will tell him how to behave. You married my would be wife stealthily! Rahul says Manvi, my wife has that right and not you. These people are my family. Don’t you dare talk like that to my family! Manvi tells Sujoy to leave. I am thankful to you for what you have done for my family but please leave for now. Sujoy angrily walks out. Rahul apologizes to Shilpa. I know I shouldn’t have spoken that ways but I would have done the same for my mother too. you are no less than my mother to me. Manvi is touched.

In the car, Manvi tells Rahul he shouldn’t have shouted on Sujoy like that. Rahul smiles. I was waiting for you to take side of Mr. Perfect. He was misbehaving with your mother. If I was in his place then you wouldn’t have spared me at all! I don’t care what you think. She asks him why he got angry when Sujoy misbehaved with her mother. He calls it his choice. I dint do it for you. I am tired of fighting with you.

Rahul stops his car at a tea stall. The kid at the stall (Mahesh) waves at him. Rahul hugs him. He talks sweetly to the kid. A few other kids come there as soon as they see him. Rahul hugs them all cutely. Manvi smiles seeing them. He gets a call so he goes aside. Manvi gets down to meet Mahesh. Bhaiya lovingly calls me Tingu. The kid shares that he was a beggar earlier. I told him about losing my father. I and my mother do it to run our home. I lost my leg in an accident. He got me this stall and told me to work hard to earn money. Manvi has tears in her eyes as she hears him. Mahesh tells her about Rahul. He is a very good man. Always take care of him.

Manvi tells Rahul she never saw this side of him before. He says you always stay busy in character assassination always so how she would! I don’t want to get into any convo with you as we always argue. Let it be!

Sujoy is drinking in his home. this Rahul always separates me from Manvi whenever I try to separate them. I wont spare him. Dibakar comes there. What are you saying? Sujoy says why you care. You should go and meet your friend. DIbakar asks him why he still lets him go after Manvi even after she is married. Sujoy is confused. Dibakar talks about Manvi’s kundli. There is a very powerful thing in Manvi’s kundli which can change anyone’s luck for good. I was there when her kundli was made. I know everything. You should not lose her at any cost. You will have to make her yours! Sujoy tells him not to worry. She has become my madness now. I will get her!

Precap: Manvi talks to Rahul. Which husband and wife do not have misunderstandings? Can we not forget the past and start afresh? Will you agree to it? Rahul looks at her.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  2. The new promos of the serial are focused on the shraap track. Tracks like this should not be shown as they increase superstition in the society.

  3. Awsome show

  4. Nice episode.thanks &tv channel for repeating show next day at 5:30 pm.

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