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Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum 27th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kabir organizes a cake for Rahul. Everyone sings happy birthday song as Rahul cuts cake. Rahul feeds cake to his parents first of all and then to Kabir (to tease Manvi). He finally feeds her cake. She is all shy. Dadi looks tensed as champagne is brought. Kabir gives it to everyone. Manvi denies. I don’t drink alcohol. Kabir reasons that this is fruit champagne. Rahul teases Manvi. She is Manvi Sabharwal. She wont listen to us? Manvi takes the glass.

Upmanyu wishes Rahul. Shilpa asks Harsh to message Rahul to wish him. Upmanyu notices him tensed. Did you get the papers? Harsh says they refused to give franchise. They are asking for 5 lacs more. Upmanyu is against it. Shilpa says there is no point talking to them. Harsh seconds her. it is my mistake. I dint take papers from them

for paying 1 lacs. I wont even get loan. Upmanyu suggests taking loan from market. We will do something.

Nisha is irked with Kabir for celebrating with Rahul and Manvi. He tells her not to over react. Why are you after 5 lacs? It means nothing. She says no one gave her anything till date. Raj
She is only trying to gain everyone’s sympathy. That blo*dy! He pins her to the wall angrily. Don’t dare say anything against Manvi or I wont spare you. She gets scared. I am sorry I wont say anything like that again. dad is our only weapon against Manvi. We cannot lose him. he says you don’t know me. your kitchen politics will ruin my plan only. I can go to any extent to get what I want. There will be a theft in this house tonight (of 5 lacs). She points out that the briefcase is in Rahul and Manvi’s room. Rahul wakes up hearing even a little sound. Kabir asks her if she thinks there is no plan in making Rahul and Manvi drink champagne (he mixed some pills). Your father’s trust will go away in the morning. Nisha is relieved.

Rahul and manvi are fast asleep. Kabir comes in their room. They dint even remove the key from the cupboard. He takes out money from the bag. He looks at them. You will get the real surprise in the party tomorrow Manvi. He goes out.

Kabir comes to his room. You are only mine Manvi! If everything goes as per the plan, then no one can take you away from me. I will get you at any cost. He keeps money in his drawer. He calls someone and tells something in mute. Do as I said! The guy assures him it will be done. Kabir thinks Manvi is only his. I will end every little thing that can try to take you away from me. Raj can try as much as he wants but you wont become a part of this house. I will end everything that can join you to Rahul.

Rahul wakes up and looks at Manvi. There was something in the champagne that Manvi slept so close to me. she looks so innocent as she sleeps. She scolds so much on every little thing as soon as she wakes up. He kisses her on her forehead. He remembers last night when she pretended to get hurt by the switch. She teases me by acting smart. I will show her today. he begins to scream hearing which manvi wakes up. I feel as if I cannot move my hand even. you slept on my hand all night. She says sorry to him. She runs to bring hot water for him. He sits up and sets his hairs right. Real fun has just begun. You wont mess with me after today. He lies down again.

Raj asks Manvi if she kept the money safely. Manvi nods. he asks her about the preps. How will you do it all by yourself? She says I took help from your PR team. He is glad. You should brief them well. You can come with me to office if you need help. Manvi denies. Rahul is hurt. Raj worries but Manvi assures him it isn’t big. I am getting hot water bag for him. Raj nods. Bring Rahul to office. The staff would like to wish him. Manvi nods. He leaves. Manvi realises she hasn’t ordered cake till now.

Rahul peeks outside door and acts to be in pain as Manvi enters. She apologizes profusely to him. You have to bear pain because of me. papa asked you to come to office. He says it isn’t your fault. He acts to drop his pain. She feels bad for hurting him while he keeps acting. It’s all in my fate. He gets up. Such a great birthday it is! It will be fun now. He jumps and dances in bathroom. He shouts to be in pain. Manvi hears him. What happened? He lies that his hand hurt while he was trying to remove jacket. She says sorry. He asks her if she will help him. you wont be able to do it though. She asks him what is to be done. He asks her to help him remove the jacket. I thought to change for the party but I will manage. She agrees to come inside to help him. Rahul acts. Why will you remove it? I feel bad. He shouts as she tries to remove the jacket. What did you do with me last night? She removes the jacket and looks at him suspiciously. He keeps shouting for no reason. He tries to his best not to smile or laugh when she holds his tshirt. He lifts his hand absentmindedly. She notices it. you have been fooling me? She playfully hits him. He switches on the shower to save himself. She gets soaked under water. They remember all their meetings from the beginning. Romantic song plays as they share an eye lock.

Kabir goes to Rahul’s room to see if he is ready or not. Manvi asks Rahul to free her. Kabir enters. Rahul holds manvi so she cannot escape. Kabir looks at them together and is angry.

Precap: Manvi opens the bag only to find it empty. She is shocked.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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