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Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum 26th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Maanvi tells Rahul that it was her who complained to NGO assuming he’s father of Mala’s child. She is very bad and doesn’t even deserve his hatred. Rahul says her intentions weren’t bad. Whatever she did was to help her friend. He respects her even more now. She sings so good, but still has no ego. Her simplicity is best in her. He wipes her tears and she rests her head on his chest. Rahul goes on and almost says he likes her, but before that she steps back and says it’s too late. She should leave. She leaves before he offers her a lift.

Next morning, Maanvi is getting ready and sees bandaid on her neck and recalls how Rahul took care of her. She removes it and throws it away. Outside, Maanvi’s mum asks their priest to tell whether day after tomorrow

is good for engagement. He says yes. Maanvi was going to work without eating, but her parents stop her. Her mum goes outside with priest. Her dad asks her whether she agreed by herself or her mum forced her. Maanvi says no one forced her. He tells her to tell him if she doesn’t want to marry Sujoy. Maanvi’s mum comes back and asks why he’s talking about that when Maanvi has said yes for the engagement. She tells her to go to work as she’s getting late.

Rahul’s servant was taking his clothes. Rahul takes handkerchief and recalls how him and Maanvi got closer. His mum comes and asks what happened. Rahul expresses his happiness. His mum asks who that person is, but he doesn’t tell. His mum then says she’s happy in his happiness.

Raj is back and shouting at Rahul’s bodyguard. Rahul comes and says it wasn’t his fault. All happened so suddenly and it was just a misunderstanding. Raj says he won’t spare NGO people. Shaleen comes and Raj scolds him for not doing any work. Rahul says he’s sick, but Raj doesn’t listen and continues scolding Shaleen and calls him useless. Raj sends Rahul for rehearsal and tells Shaleen to get serious about working if he wants to stay in his company. After Raj leaves, Shaleen was also going somewhere. Nisha asks him where he’s going. He gets mad at her for questioning about everything. In reply, she also gets mad him and insults him and leaves. Shaleen says enough of hearing nonsense from everyone.

Rahul is in very good mood. He’s rehearing with the girls and keeps glaring at Maanvi. He gets a call from someone about teaser launch in Jaipur. Rahul wasn’t interested first, but when he finds out his chorus singers will also be there, he immediately agrees. He asks if they talked with chorus girls already and the person says no. Rahul says he’ll tell them. After call, he tells everyone about Jaipur plan after 2 days. He also says he wants to record song in both male and female voices. If the girl who he wants to sing agrees, he will feel lucky. Maanvi thinks of her engagement and hesitantly tells Rahul that she can’t come. Rahul asks what’s the issue. If any problem at home, then they will talk to them. Maanvi says it’s her engagement. Rahul is speechless. He says back to rehearsals. He can’t concentrate and leaves. Chorus girls blame Maanvi for spoiling plans. She goes to talk to Rahul.

Rahul is furious in his cabin. Maanvi comes to say sorry to him. She says she should have applied for holidays before, but her engagement got fixed yesterday only. He is surprised and asks whether she really likes the guy. She says she said yes for engagement herself. He says that’s not answer to his question. If she’s doing this to run away from someone, then it’s a very bad idea. She says she isn’t running away from anyone. He says she can’t sing after 2 days, but after that she’ll be singing right. He asks her to go back to rehearsals. After she leaves, he regrets for talking in that tone with her.

Precap: Rahul is furiously playing his guitar. Blood’s flowing from his hand. Maanvi comes and asks what he’s doing.

Update Credit to: KK

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  1. Wow very nice epi

  2. Now its gonna be interesting

  3. love the episode.. finally the misunderstanding ended

  4. loved the episode.. finally the misunderstanding ended

  5. y don’t u update right after the episode…. y so much time…

  6. I think know after sometime rahul will realise his feelings for manvi and rahul’s mother will make him realise

  7. wah kya serial hai…kasam se dil khush ho jata hai…I love it…

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