Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum 26th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum 26th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sonali and family promote Ching’s Chinese. Rahul asks for Manvi but then realises that she has gone out. He calls her but her phone is switched off. He calls at the laundry but gets to know that Manvi has not come there by now. Call me when she comes there. The guy agrees. He thinks where manvi is. She left long ago.

The car stops suddenly. Driver is puzzled. I dint apply brakes but the car stopped on its own. It goes back and forth on its own. Agni comes before him. Driver tries to close the window but Agni does not let him. He pulls the driver out of the window. Driver runs to save his life but Agni sends two of his bulls after him. They kill the driver.

Rahul gets a call and gets shocked. Where? He rushes to the site. Rahul panics for Manvi but she is not in the car. He notices

blood marks on the back seat. He asks the spectators who hand over the driver’s phone to him. They tell him that there was no one in the car. I called you as I noticed blood in the car. Rahul begins to look around for Manvi. A drop of blood falls on his hand as they stand near a tree. They all look up and are shocked to see the driver’s dead body. They bring him down safely. People begin to speculate who could kill someone so mercilessly. It seems like some wild animal has killed him. But how can a wild animal come here? Rahul realises that Kabir is behind it. Did he do something to Manvi as well?

Rahul hugs Manvi as soon as she enters. Are you alright? She nods. I gave car to Ma when I met her in the market. Rahul realises that maybe Manvi’s mother’s life is in danger because of them. How do I tell Manvi? He gets Agni’s call. Rahul warns him not to do any harm to his MIL. Agni reminds him he is a bull. Don’t you recall what I did to your driver? I will message you the address. Come here with Manvi asap. Manvi asks Rahul if everything is fine. He nods. come with me. I have some important work. She is confused.

Manvi is worried for her mother. Rahul reasons that Agni would have harmed her if he had to. He needs something from us. Agni says you are right. Come in. They go in. Manvi is shocked to see her mother in a jail. Rahul pulls her back as she was about to get hurt by the fire. Agni warns her to stop or he will kill her mother. Rahul asks him what he wants. Agni relates how their Kul Devta was killed. That tiger has hidden that horn somewhere. You will bring it for me now. Rahul is clueless. Agni says that tiger knows it though. I want it at any cost or you will get her dead body. Manvi asks him why is he after them. Why are you not letting us live? Agni smiles. Bull and tiger kill each other always. That tiger killed our Devta. I cannot bring him back to life till I get that horn. I will not live peacefully then and wont let you all live in peace too. Manvi reasons that they cannot do it as it isn’t Purnima. Agni does not care. Agni reminds them that there were cameras of their fight yesterday. I have the CCTV footage of the same. I can ruin you before the world. Rahul knows he cannot do it. You will also be ruined. Agni denies. you are rock star. I am not any. Your truth will come out before the world. What will they think of you then? Shilpa is surprised. Agni tells Rahul to be calm. Think about the horn rather than thinking about killing me. If I don’t get it then I will kill Manvi’s mother. Out now! They leave.

Sonali asks Manvi to select a saree for herself for tomorrow’s party. Manvi excuses herself to give medicine to Rahul. He is relieved that she dint tell anything at home. she does not want to ruin the special moment for mom and dad. We will have to handle it on our own. He wonders where to start from. Manvi gets Baba’s call. Do you know where your mother is? She says I met Ma in market. Nani is unwell. She has gone there for a few days. He is surprised. She never goes anywhere without telling me. she makes excuses that she forgot.

Rahul promises Manvi he wont let anything happen to mom. She wonders what will they do if they don’t get the horn. He is sure they will find some clue in Durgapur Jagir only. The story began from there only. She is worried that it can have adverse effects on the world. He is only worried for her mother right now. She is innocent. I don’t care if the world gets to know about my secret in this scene. Manvi says we will have to go to Durgapur Jagir temple now itself. But how? What will we say to everyone? He replies that they wont tell anything to anyone. we will have to leave tonight itself without telling anything to anyone.

It is night. Manvi and Rahul come to the temple in Durgapur Jagir. She asks him if he is sure they will find that horn here itself. He says that tiger killed that bull here only. I am sure the tiger would have hidden the horn or some clue which is related to it here only. The temple is locked. They break the lock of the main temple as well and go inside. She checks inside while he goes in the backside. They find nothing there. He thinks he was wrong but she insists upon checking. He reasons that there is no one who can tell them anything about the temple. She looks at the idol of the tiger. He will tell us the truth today. he will have to! His spirit is in my husband’s body so logically I am his shield. He will have to help us today. he will have to save a mother from dying tonight. He will have to tell the truth. She begins to ring the bell with her wounded hand. rahul worries for her but she says He will have to tell tonight if he is our saviour or a devil like that bull!

It begins to show an effect on Rahul. He holds his ears in pain. Tiger’s spirit guides him. He begins to dig. He finds the some paper and holds Manvi’s hand to stop her. She can see nothing in it when some text appears magically. She reads it. The map was safe with the pundit till now. You are here which means you have begun to look for the horn. It isn’t ordinary horn. It was kept safely by the tiger. The bulls used to kill everyone and eat them up. You will have to read this map in moonlight to find out the location of the horn. Rahul has checked. It is tomorrow. The way from here is dangerous. You will have to go home to inform everyone. No one should come after me. She is worried for her mother. He assures her nothing will happen to her.

Precap: Mahasangam epi of Yeh Kahan, Meri Aawaz and Begusarai.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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