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Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum 26th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Raj tries to seek inspector’s permission to go ahead but in vain. Raj feels as if something wrong is about to happen. Maybe I am wrong.

Manvi pulls a wounded Rahul on a cart. It is raining heavily. She asks a man to help them. we tried to go to temple too but pundit ji refused to help us. The guy tells her to go. Don’t bring him here. Leave. She requests him but he leaves. The same couple (hotel one) come to help Manvi. Manvi wants to call doc. Rahul has high temperature. They all want to wait till the rain stops. Manvi does not want to wait anymore. The guy offers to change Rahul’s clothes.

Nisha is sure something is wrong. Such an important puja is going on in the house and we are not a part of it. She asks Shaleen if he does not feel angry. Your parents hide so

much from you. The Guru ji looked weird. Are your parents into black magic and stuff? Shaleen is sure it is impossible in his family. She wants to know why everyone is so tensed about Durgapur Jagir secret. I was researching on net when mom scolded me. this place is weird. The Kuldevta of that village is a tiger. Who prays to a tiger in today’s date? Shaleen is not at all interested in the topic. He leaves. NIsha decides to find out the secret anyhow. They are hiding something from us.

Sonali is in tears. Why if Raj’s number unreachable? Nisha notices her thus. I am sure there is some big problem which is why mom looks upset. SOnali composes herself as Nisha comes there. Nisha tries to know something from her but fails in all her attempts. Sonali ends up scolding her. You are only interested in the gossip! NIsha says I was very much worried for you. Sonali asks her to leave her alone for some time. Everything will be fine in the morning when Raj is back. Understand one thing carefully. If something is not told to you then you don’t have to know it! Nisha nods and leaves. Sonali continues to worry for Raj and Rahul.

The blood is not stopping. Manvi asks Mr. Ghosh where doc lives. I cannot see my husband dying. Mrs. Ghosh offers to show her the way. Manvi stumbles on her way and gets hurt on her head. Manvi knocks at the door of the doc’s house. She requests the doc to save her husband. He will die if he isn’t treated yet. Doc agrees to come with her.

Doc has put stitches on Rahul’s wound. The wounds are deep. He will get fine. How could you let him get drenched in rain? Manvi reasons that she tried to seek everyone’s help but in vain. No one from the village opened their door for us. The Ghosh family helped us finally. Doc says I have been explaining things to these villagers since so long but their superstitions refuse to go away. Manvi recalls the words of pundit ji. Ghosh couple has no idea about it. Doc shares that as per the villagers, the Kuldevta of their village is a tiger. It used to come here to drink water from the river on the night of every Purnima. The water was considered holy. A few years ago, a few people killed the tiger on the 12th Paudi of that temple. People believe that that tiger will come back to take its revenge. Till then the temple would be cursed. Manvi wonders what it has to do with Rahul. Doc says it happened on a night similar to this. it is believed that the powers are on its peak on Purnima night. This is why no one helped you. Manvi realises that Rahul had to be at his home for puja tonight. Mr. Ghosh tells Manvi not to worry about anything. We don’t believe in all this.

Manvi looks after Rahul. Mrs. Ghosh asks her to rest. Manvi denies. I wont be at peace till he gains conscious. You have helped us a lot already. I will stay with Rahul. Mrs. Ghosh agrees. Wake us up if you need anything. Manvi puts cold water strips on Rahul’s head. She thinks of how nicely he celebrated her birthday. She apologizes to him for hurting him. I wont let anything happen to you. You will be fine once again. I will take care of you.

Next morning, Rahul is surprised to see Manvi sleeping next to him. He looks at his clothes. He sits up with difficulty. Manvi is relieved to see him alright. Are you feeling better? He reminds her that they share nothing. She tells him she was worried for him. He tells her not to worry for him. Keep your concern to yourself. Mr. And Mrs. Ghosh ask Rahul how he is feeling. Rahul thanks them for all their help. Mrs. Ghosh tells him about what all Manvi did last night for him. Rahul requests Mr. Ghosh to arrange another car for them. Manvi tells him against it. You cannot travel in this condition. Rahul tells her not to worry about him. He again asks Mr. Ghosh to arrange for a car. Mr. Ghosh asks him if he is sure he will drive in this condition. Rahul nods. Rahul remembers his Mauli broke off during the accident. He gets up with great difficulty.

Raj comes home. He asks Sonali if she had a word with Rahul or Manvi. She denies. He asks her about the puja. She shares that the puja could not complete. They both worry for Rahul.

Rahul gets himself a new Mauli. I always wear one in my leg because my dad wants it. I will wear one today as well and tell him I got it in puja. Manvi asks him if he will lie to his own father. He tells her to mind her business.

Precap: Rahul asks Manvi to leave him.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Shraddha Sharma

    Ab rahul ko kya hua hai…
    Kbhi rahul or kabhi manvi, dono ko ek dusre pr bharosa nhi hai ya bharosa krna nhi chahte hai???

  2. Rahul is angry with Manvi. Now earger to know what wil happen.. to Rahul

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