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Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum 26th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Manvi hesitantly joins Rahul on the hay. He begins to remove his shirt. She tells him not to be mad. You will die in no time then. He jokes that the biggest problem of her life will go away. She tells him to be quiet. They are still feeling cold. He says we will have to do something to stay warm. She thinks of Sonali’s words and gets concerned for him. What should we do to stay warm? He opens his arms for her. She hugs him tight. The temperature keeps on declining. He tells her to trust him. He is shivering because of the cold by now. I know I haven’t given you enough reasons to do so but you have spent many days with me. Can you trust me a little that I wont want anything wrong to happen to you or do anything with you which is against your wish? The closer we stay to each other, the

better it will be for us. Trust me. I wont do anything wrong with you. I wont let anything happen to you. She nods. They lie down while hugging each other tight.

Next morning, Manvi wakes up but Rahul is nowhere to be seen. She loudly calls out his name. A guy asks her what she is doing here. She tells him that she got locked in here with Rahul. He is taken aback. Is Rahul ji fine? She is surprised. Someone must have opened the door. There must be a way to go out of here. How did he go out then? We both were here for entire night. He gave me his jacket too. The jacket is not there. He says I am the only one who opens the door. They go outside to ask other people if they saw Rahul. No one has any idea. One man tells Janvi that he saw the car leaving in the middle of the night. She is confused. What rush was he in that he left me here like this? Is everything fine at home?

Raj has been trying Rahul and Manvi’s number but in vain. Manvi enters just then. raj scolds her for being careless. SOnali asks Manvi about Rahul. Raj asks Manvi about Rahul. You both left together. Rahul has become irresponsible since you have come in your life! She replies that Rahul did not come with her. She tells everything to them. Dadi tells Raj to try Rahul’s number now. There msut be network. The phone rings inside the house only. Manvi points out that it is coming from their room. They go in the room. The phone is there but Rahul isn’t. Manvi says he must be around only. Raj scolds her again but this time Sonali tells him not to blame Manvi always. Rahul should also act responsible. We will have to look for him now. Raj repeats that it is all happening because of manvi. Dadi scolds him but he does not stop blaming Manvi for Rahul’s condition. Rahul falls ill; misses recording! This has never happened. Dadi says your mind is infected. Don’t think that Manvi has no reply to give to you. she is giving you respect. Don’t instigate someone so much that they break their limits. Raj gets to know Inspector has come.

Inspector asks for Rahul. Raj lies to him. Rahul has gone to Bangalore for his concert. Manvi looks uncomfortable. Raj also says that Rahul will be back in 8-10 days. Inspector points out that they are investigating Niru’s case. Rahul cannot go out for so many days. Raj says Ajay gave you a witness. Inspector tells him that Ajay is lying. We have cross checked it. Manvi is shocked and others as well. Dadi is sure he is mistaken. Rahul can never even think to hurt anyone. Inspector says hope it is right. We got a note in which it is clearly mentioned that Rahul has murdered Niru. NIsha signals Shaleen to be quiet. Raj points out that Rahul is a public figure. There are many people who want to bring him down. Just a note doesn’t prove anything. Inspector tells him about his constable following Rahul. Raj gets angry. You cannot follow my son like this! I will just speak to the commissioner. Inspector too wants to talk to him. my constable coincidentally died on that night when he followed Rahul near the dhaba. Manvi remembers that night. Raj calls him a plotter against his son. I wont let you succeed. Inspector calls it a doubt. The sooner it gets cleared the better. Ask Rahul to call me as soon as his flight lands.

Manvi thinks of the Inspector’s words. Dadi comes there. What happened? manvi says nothing but Dadi knows something is troubling her. Manvi says I don’t know what should I think of Rahul. Whenever I start to trust him something happens that makes me think. Dadi understands she is thinking on Inspector’s words. He is your husband. You both should trust yourself such that no one can shake your trust. No, this cannot be. You are not those kinds of people whose trust can easily shake. What is troubling you? You both left your fiancés and married each other. I see something missing in your relation. You both don’t go anywhere gladly. Manvi tries to divert the topic but Dadi keeps her hand on her head. Tell me everything honestly. Manvi agrees to tell her everything but with a promise that you will not speak to anyone about it.

Manvi tells Dadi that their relation is not what everyone thinks it to be. It wasn’t a love marriage. I didn’t even like him then. I had no reason to marry him. I met him first when I came to sang chorus in his album. She tells Dadi everything. No one knows when the grooms exchanged in the mandap.

Sonali asks Raj why he lied to police. He says I couldn’t tell them I have no clue where my son is. Rahul’s absence will only go against it. They worry for Rahul. We should find him. Sonali thinks if the changes took him towards jungle. Let us talk to Guru ji once. Raj agrees. I should go to meet him.

Manvi says till date I don’t know why Rahul married me. I don’t know the truth of my Baba’s accident. dadi too has no answer to it. now I know the reason behind your bitterness. Manvi says I was upset with him intitalyl but then I saw his good side. I started to trust him. whenever I trust him something happens which makes me think again. inspector said rahul was lying. What does it mean? How do I trust Rahul? Niru died on the night when Rahul was not at home. Niru was the sole eyewitness of my Baba’s accident. she was going to tell me the name of the culprit but someone murdered her.

Precap: A bouquet is delivered for Manvi. She is shocked to know that it is from Rahul.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  2. when will manvi came to know about the curse rahul had,when will rahul parents and pandiy came to know that manvi could be the cure of his curse ,when will this secret release as well as solved i am eagerly waiting for these all things to happen all things which could lead serial to to these tracks producers have ignored them like that ora lady which was going to tell that what powers manvi had and recording of rahul parents conversation from which manvi could know about the curse which rahul had pro ducers had send first one to out of town or country and ignored or missed the second one how good is that creating anger but rahul manvi were only good but it doesn’t mean to stretch the track

  3. manvi and rahul r very sweet couple

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