Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum 26th April 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum 26th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

kabir in his room opens his side drawer n throws his medication out, calls a servant n says i cant get my meds…servant says we have no clue about it. he says call maanvi madam then. servant goes to maanvi n says so. daadi says u dont go i will, u must be tired sweetheart. let me go n i will get a chance to chat with him too. maanvi says ok. daadi says to herself “i will get this boy on track now”

harsh tells upu i gave the money but they havent yet signed the contract with me. upu yells at him for doing so n not getting the receipt or any papers n just gave away the money like that. is that how he does business. harsha gets irritated. upu n harsha have a war of words.

acp yells at constable on call n says its been 10 days i have no clue on nidhi’s murder.

wat r u ppl doing. go ask around n get some good news for me. acp gets cctv footage near vasant kunj area which is close to sabarwal house. he says i hope i get some clues from this.

kabir has his face turned to the door. daadi knocks he feels its maanvi. he says thank u for coming. daadi says u dont worry i am at yr service. but u dont keep calling maanvi for little things. she has her hubby to look after. daadi indirectly taunts him. daadi gives him his meds…she says i saw the meds falling outside the window. he gets bafffled he says i didnt do it. she says did i say u did it. daadi says now u relax…call me and not maanvi. kabir says this old lady ruined everything for me.

sonali asks raj if he has planned anything for rahul’s bday . a surprise party or something. he says u think rahul will come to a party thrown by me. he hates me n only loves his wife. sonali explains to him that he is hurt n its justified. raj says i know i was wrong n i am guilty but the way rahul behaves with me is not right. sonali tells raj to do something personal for rahul. not concerts n stuff…that is pure business. she tells him to be nice to maanvi…try ne be nice to her. raj says just to please rahul i am not gonna butter maanvi up. never will i. sonali says u are too mean to her raj. she respects u, gives u so much love like a father. try and accept her please. maanvi comes in to their room. raj leaves as he has some work down.

a guy gives raj a bag full of money. maanvi n sonali discuss about rahul’s surprise bday party. sonali also teases maanvi…maanvi is super excited. she tells sonali she wants to do something extra special for rahul this time.

maanvi is thinking of doing something special for rahul when raj calls her MAANVI BETA.
maanvi is all emotional hearing maanvi beta from him. she says am i dreaming or wat. raj gets conscious. he says come here beta. he gives her 5 lakh cash in a bag n says keep it save with u.

maanvi tells raj this is too big a responsibility…raj says i trust u. i will take it from u tomoro. nisha sees this n gets furious n says wat the hell i had only dad on my side n now that too has changed. maanvi is super happy seeing raj trust her.

nisha talks to herself saying god cant u even see a lil bit of my happiness. she curses sonali for making raj like maanvi . nisha overhears raj telling sonali that on sonali’s saying he gave maanvi a duty. sonali is happy with raj. sonali tells raj maanvi wont disappoint u a all. nisha gets angry saying i might just die seeing all the positivty in this house now. she wants to call avanti n do something to ruin maanvi’s reputation infront of raj.

maanvi comes to the room all happy n jumpy. rahul says oyye hoyye u werent this happy on our wedding day also. she says how raj gave her this responsibility n also called her beta today. maanvi blabbers so happily. rahul feels happy but decides on teasing her again. he says dad gave u so much money cause only a fat girl like u can handle it. she says i will kill u now for teasing me again. she runs he runs behind her. she says dare u come behind me. he says wat will u do . she says dont come close or i will scream loudly. she touches a switch n screams. n faints. rahul panicks. rahul picks her up n puts her on bed. tries waking her up. he is super worried. maanvi is still unconscious.

rahul tries waking her up. he says i must kiss her in order to wake her up. he goes close n she gets up. she says only u can tease or wat. even i can tease u. he says dont do such stupid pranks ever. my heartbeat went so fast. she says good for u.

he challenges her wat if i do the same to u. she says oh really can u. he says wat if i…he goes close to her n she is all blushy mushy. they r moment is ruined by loud happy birthday clapping by sonali n raj. sonali says maanvi y r u blushing so much. she gets shy n leaves.

maanvis all shy n blushy because he pecked her lips n then both got all shy.

later on raj n sonali came in n maanvi ran out all shy. maanvi comes to the dinning area all blushy mushy. she recalls wat just happened between the 2. maanvi says u just increased my heartbeats to infinity rahul. she blushes hard.

epi ends

kabir enters RM’s room. rahul is fast asleep. kabir smiles thinking the morning after is going to get alot of trouble in the house. he goes to the bag given by raj to maanvi n steals the money. maanvi isnt in the room

Update Credit to: shanakyasharan

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  1. I will not spare this kabir he is a birch now only dad I can do something has put some comedy some romance but the kiss scene was awsome

  2. I mean dadi

  3. Nice epi…
    But hate the precape… Karan looks very cute like always…

  4. nice episode:-)

  5. hey friends pata hai kya hone vala upcoming episode me avanti rahul ke ghar aati hai fir usse dadi muiti hai phir dadi ke dimag me ek plan aata hai voh avanti ko batati hai ki puttar me maanvi SE na bohot jyada pareshan hu kya batayu for avanti kehti hai kya huya dadi fir. dadi batati hai chal chor tu rahul SE pyaar karti hai to sun maanvi roj dinner ke bad terrace par walk karne jati tu AAJ uski saari pehenke upar chale Jana me piche SE rahul ko bhej dungi tum dono apne man ki baat kar Lena fir kabir maavi ko bulata hai toh dadi kabir ko Jake bolti hai terrace par maanvi hai fir kabir terrace par walk karne chala jaata hai vaha kabir avanti ko maanvi and avanti kabir ko rahul samajh me ILU bolte hai itne me rahul pohuj jata hai aur sochta hai ki avanti ko kabir SE pyaar ho gaya very fuuny episode???

  6. Thanks for the update soniya really funny????

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