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Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum 25th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Manvi comes home. Baba is right about Rahul. He is a cheap man. I don’t know how I fell in his words. Thank God I heard everything that he said. Manvi’s friend Reena is waiting for Manvi. She has got a job. I have joined an NGO which works for women. They are tortured so much. They raise their voices against such crimes. Manvi thinks to talk to that NGO to help Mala. Shilpa goes to make tea for them. Manvi asks Reena if she can help her.

Rahul tells Twinkle to keep this matter quiet. Doc assures him that Mala is fine. The case is complicated though. He tells her not to worry about the money. I want her fine. Doc says I will get her admitted in hospital. I will arrange for a separate room. Twinkle reminds Rahul to leave for Surajkund to inaugurate a women shelter home. rahul

tells Mala that doc will take good care of her. Now you don’t have to worry. Mala says I don’t know how to thank you. Rahul replies that my best gift will be that you get well. Twinkle will take care of you. He leaves.

Raj is going somewhere for 2 days. Ask Shaleen if you need anything. Let Rahul concentrate on his album. Sonali is lost in her mobile. Raj says I am actually going out for work. She says I was setting reminders. I have put your medicines in the bag. Eat something in every 3 hours. Call me twice in the day to say I love you if you want to be alright. They share a sweet moment.

The NGO people are shocked to know that Manvi is alleging rock star Rahul for rape. They assure her that they will take legal action. Manvi has no proof to support her point. I have to stop him or he will do the same thing with some other girl. She leaves. The NGO people take the case too seriously. This can help us gain publicity.

In his car, Rahul keeps thinking of Manvi. Why she thinks so negative about me? why do I think about her so much? He gets SOnali’s call. She senses that he is upset. He says there is something that’s bothering me. this has never happened before. For the first time in life I have been hurt by someone’s opinion of me. that person has misunderstood me. I dint like it. in all these years, I have never been affected like this. I don’t know what has changed that I am unable to bear it. I feel as if I should just go and explain her thta she is wrong about me. why cant I get it out of my head? She reasons that that person matters to him a lot. This is why you are thinking about that person. That person is very special to you. He denies. she wants to know who he is speaking about. He says it isn’t important. I overreacted. I will talk to you when I am back. He still wonders why he is affected so much by Manvi’s opinion. Is it only her voice or do I really want to prove her I am good guy? I have thought enough of her!

The NGO authority decides to take action against Rahul today only. We will take a stand against him in that

Manvi comes to meet Mala. I wont let anything happen to you. I will help you get justice. Mala gets confused. Manvi tells her not to worry. I know who the father of this baby is. I will not forgive him ever. He will have to bear the responsibility. Mala asks her how she knows about the guy. Manvi says I heard your entire convo. I know Rahul is to be blamed for it. he cannot back off using his money. Mala is shocked to hear rahul’s name. Manvi repeats that Rahul will have to accept her. I have filed a complaint in NGO. They will help us. Your name wont come anywhere. He will have to accept you. Mala asks her if she is alright. What are you saying? Rahul Sir is not the father of my son. He has actually helped me. The guy, because of whom I am pregnant, broke all his relations with me. I had to do abortions in the past because of me. Rahul Sir is helping me without asking any question from me. I am here because of him. You complained against him? Manvi realises her mistake. They have already left to do march past against Rahul. Mala asks her to stop them. Rahul Sir is innocent.

Manvi calls Reena. Reena tells her that they have already reached Surajkund. We will ask him directly. Manvi denies. the network drops. Manvi regrets it all. I made such a big mistake. I will have to stop this right away. I will have to save Rahul.

Rahul reaches the venue. He speaks positively and thankfully to the ladies for calling him here. He cuts the ribbon.

Manvi is on her way. She is unable to get in touch with Reena.

The NGO ladies have all the banners ready. They decide not to lose this golden chance. Media is already here.

The ladies speak positively about Rahul but the ladies from Reena’s NGO speak against him. they raise their voice against him. we want justice. He got physical with a girl from his troop and then left her alone. Rahul is taken aback.

Manvi’s auto breaks down. She gets down as the place is nearby.

Rahul asks the ladies for proof. The ladies tell him to show his power on someone else. You cannot quieten us. Rahul’s security guard asks him to go but the ladies refuse to let him go. Manvi reaches the venue where Rahul is. She tries to request the lady to back off. It was all a misunderstanding. The ladies feel that she might have been blackmailed. They push her. She hits her head on a wall. She passes out. Rahul gets caught in the crowd as he tries to reach out to Manvi. Police reaches there. They arrest the ladies from Reena’s NGO. Rahul picks up Manvi in his arms.

Diwakar and Sujoy are at Chatterjee House. Diwakar proposes getting the kids engaged atleast. Shilpa agrees. Harsh wonders where Manvi is. They will find out a date for her engagement in her absence. Upmanyu is not comfortable with the date (3 days later) that Diwakar suggests. I want to ask Manvi first. I cannot take the decision just like that. I will call Manvi. Harsh makes up an excuse. Upmanyu tells Diwakar that he will consult Manvi first. Her decision will be final.

Manvi wakes up. He tells her not to worry. She is safe with him. She gets up. He wonders where those ladies came from. Police arrested them. why are you crying? What were you doing there? I made Twinkle call your brother. You will be dropped home so they wont worry. You used to think of me as a devil. How did you get into a fight with those ladies for me? did you change your thinking about me? what were you doing there? Why were you fighting for me? what if something had happened to you? She tells him to stop. Stop worrying for me. I am a bad person, not you. he holds her. what’s troubling you? I might help you. she tells him to back off. You did so much for me. you were right. I cook up stories against you. I only need an excuse to think negatively about you. I am very bad. You should actually hate me! He is confused. She accepts that she only had sent those NGO ladies there.

Precap: Rahul tells Manvi that he will consider himself lucky if the girl, who he wants to sing this song with him, agrees. She looks at him.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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