Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum 25th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum 25th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rahul wakes up. Manvi takes care of him. he notices the bandage in her hand. He panics hearing that she got hut while praying for him. Manvi asks Rahul why he risked his life for everyone. Guru ji said I will be your shield but you saved us all today. I was only praying for you. There is nothing more important for me than you. He tells her not to cry. We have won this fight together. she says only you have done it. He denies. it is all your prayers. I had completely given up while fighting with the bull. I felt like I will die but the powers of tiger came inside me. I felt the same way I feel on the night of Purnima. It was all because of your faith on Mata Rani and your prayers. I could kill that bull but I lost the powers the moment I was about to do it. Manvi reasons that it means that wasn’t

the right time. Mata Rani wanted you to defeat that bull only. It isn’t the time of his death. Rahul wants to find Agni right away but she stops him. Recover first and then do what you want to. I will also remove the bandage from my wound if you wont listen to me. He asks her if she is blackmailing him. are you a kid? She nods. She thanks Mata Rani for her help and blessings. Kabir must have learnt a lesson by now. He wont try to harm us now.

Agni gets up. I wont sit peacefully till I kill that Rahul. They know it isn’t Purnima night tonight. I will kill him. His mother tells him to rest till he recovers completely but he stays put. She feeds him kaadha. He lies down afterwards. His mother knows his anger is justified. We cannot kill Rahul and Manvi so soon. we have to find the horn tonight that belongs to our Kul Devta. I am sure it is with that tiger only. Rahul cannot die till we get it. He is the only way to gain it. This secret was so big that even I dint tell you son.

Next morning, Agni wakes up. He is angry with Manvi and Rahul. His mother says we cannot kill that tiger. He retorts that he has thought of this only since his childhood. Why do you say this now? She replies that they cannot do it now. I told you I will tell you the secret of that red light that came out from that tiger near the ghaat at the right time? She relates how bulls were most powerful since decades. No one could withstand us. We were the most fearful. One day, he came. Agni says it is written in the book that Devi MA sent him to kill us. He was no ordinary tiger. He was blessed by Ma to kill us. She nods. He began to kill our people one by one. We went helter-skelter. Our Kul Devta decided to kill him one day. Our Devta was the most powerful. His horn had all the powers. We lost everything after that war. I saw a book at Guru ji’s place. I read that book named Ambika. Tiger knew that our power was in our Devta’s horn. He did what was necessary to weaken our Devta. He broke the horn. Only tiger knows where it is. We can kill the tiger only after getting that horn. We cannot kill Rahul till we get it. Agni thinks to abduct Manvi to gain it. He will go mad. We will ask for horn in return. His mother tells him against it. Only the spirit of that tiger knows the truth. Only he can tell us the truth. But he knows how much that horn means to us. We will either have to make the tiger helpless or have to make him talk. This is the only way!

Manvi helps Rahul in sitting. She tells him to take her help in case he needs anything. He agrees. I need to go to the bathroom. She gets shy and tensed. She offers to take him to the bathroom.

Chotu comes to tell Manvi that Sir (Raj) has asked Rahul to join him for a meeting. MAnvi wonders how Rahul will go in this condition. Manvi helps Rahul back till the bed. She tells him about the meeting. He wants to cancel it. She finds it weird. You haven’t done it before. Are you unwell? He denies. I am so unkempt. You are not even helping me in taking bath. She says sit here. I will just be back.

Agni tries getting up but he bleeds again. his mother gets concerned. He says the pain wont go till I kill Rahul. We will bring Rahul here. She reminds him that Manvi is Rahul’s shield. He offers to kill her first then. She knows he cannot do anything till he recovers. He refuses to sit back helplessly now. We will kidnap Manvi. Tiger will surely tell us the truth then. The tiger is as much attracted to Manvi as Rahul is. She prays for his safety.

Rahul gets scared as Manvi brings his shaving kit. I was not as much scared fighting with Kabir yesterday as much scared I feel seeing this blade in your hand. She says I have learnt it from Mummy ji. She does shave of papa ji. He still looks tensed. She teases him. I wont cut your neck completely if I do it by mistake. She shows a demo on his hand. He says you passed the test. She applies cream on his face and gets some on her nose. He cleans it. Romantic music plays in the background. She feels shy. Chotu comes to call Manvi downstairs. Manvi asks Chotu to do Rahul’s shave. Rahul dismisses him. I will do it myself.

Rahul is all set to leave. Manvi asks him where is he going. He says I took bath as I knew you will leave me in Chotu’s hands. She scolds him for being careless. What are you looking for? He shares that it is mom and dad’s anniversary tomorrow. She is surprised. He teases her on the fact that she did not recall. I know your mom and dad’s anniversary. She reasons that she is new in the house. How will I know without you telling me? He keeps teasing her. She says what we will do now. He replies that dad keeps a surprise for mom all the time. We only have to get ready and be at the old Haveli. He has kept a ghost themed party. She shares that all the clothes were sent to laundry after the gas incident. I will go and bring them. She thinks to buy some special gift without his knowledge.

Agni looks at Manvi as she sits in the car. Go Manvi. Till now we were playing hide and seek but I will attack openly now.

Precap: Agni demands Rahul to bring that horn. I want it at any cost or you will get her (Shilpa’s) dead body.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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