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Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum 25th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rahul comes to Manvi. She is standing upset in a corner. Are you feeling bad about something? She says you can do anything and want me not to even react. Where did you go? You couldn’t wait for me? He asks her how she asks so many questions. Why don’t you join CID? I was planning surprise. She acts confused. He tells her to wait. He gets a call so he excuses hismefl. Stay here only. She is irked. He is my husband but has no time to play Holi with me. Do anything but I wont play Holi with you now!

Rahul welcomes someone. Nisha is shocked to see them. She goes to Shaleen. They both are taken aback to see the guests. Does Dad know about it? Nisha denies. I think you should tell him. Now there will be fun.

Manvi keeps muttering to herself about how Rahul does not care about

her. I wont talk to him also. Rahul has heard it all. Rahul teases her by calling her a Chudail. I heard that they talk to themselves. I saw it today too. She refuses to talk to him. She goes to eat something. He reminds her of his surprise. Manvi asks the kids to tell uncle she does not want his stupid surprise. Upmanyu asks her if she called him stupid. Rahul felt that we should celebrate it together so he brought us here. Manvi hugs him. Upmanyu asks him her why she hasn’t applied colours. Rahul says the same. Shilpa explains that a wife wants her husband to put colours on her first. Rahul calls himself dumb. Could you not tell me this? She says I am not upset with you for what you did today. Rahul applies colour on her face. Raj and all the family members come there just then.

Raj calls for Rahul. Rahul turns to look at him. The families look at each other. Sonali holds Raj’s hand. Raj asks Manvi what it is. Who invited them in the party? Rahul says Upmanyu is my FIL. I invited him in the party. Is that going to be a problem dad? Raj declines. you can call anyone now, even my enemy. Why should I have a problem? Enjoy with your guests. I am not needed here. I am leaving. He asks Shaleen if he can expect his one son to respect him. Shaleen agrees. Your respect is above everything else for me. Sonali tries to say something which hurts Raj’s ego. She agrees to go with him. Sonali greets Manvi’s family with folded hands before leaving. Manvi tries to go after them but Rahul stops her. He asks Upmanyu not think of this situation. It is important that you are celebrating Holi with your daughter. I am sorry. Upmanyu tells him not to apologize. I am used to Raj insulting me. it’s nothing new for me. The fact is your love is bigger than Raj’s insult. Relax. Rahul asks her family to look after her family. I will just be back. She stops him and applies colour on his face. They share an eye lock. Harsh too applies colour on Manvi’s face. She chases him. Rahul thinks this was the first Holi he couldn’t play with his father.

Kabir is with Rahul. I went to talk to your father but he was really upset. Is everything ok? Rahul agrees. Kabir advises him to stay happy as he is a rock star after all. Kabir hints at bhang. This is the natural drink. Rahul has never tried it but Kabir makes him agree. He goes to bring bhang for both of them.

Manvi and Harsh are happily playing Holi. Shilpa looks worried. Manvi asks her about it. Shilpa feels like not coming here. Your in-laws left as soon as we came here. Manvi assures her nothing will go wrong. Sonali mom loves me a lot. Upmanyu comes there. He tells Shilpa their SIL invited them here. It is Raj’s problem if he cannot bear it. It is your problem. Don’t worry Manvi with it. He applies colour on her. They enjoy a happy family moment. The colour fell in Shilpa’s eyes too. Manvi goes to bring water.

Manvi is filling the glass when someone keeps a knife on her shoulder. She turns around shocked. Avanti points the knife at Manvi’s neck. Any last wish?

Precap: Avanti collides with Kabir while running out of the party.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  2. rahul u are looking tooo good in white mmmuuhaaaa

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    1. U r r8t soniya… And rahul u r looking jst fab… So cool….

  4. I am worried about maanvi and please show some romantic scene between rahul and maanvi .

  5. Shraddha Sharma

    What manvi is going to die?? ?????
    And how come curse track ended soo soon without showing villian face??

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