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Yamini has caught Rahul in a bubble of her energy. The temple bell rings. Rahul is freed from her powers. She is surprised when he holds her from behind. Your powers will not work on me. Who are you and why are you doing this? What have we done to you? She replies that he cannot harm her. You cannot do anything to me. She still thinks as to how he can be so powerful as to face him. He asks her again. She takes Manvi’s name to divert him and begins to run in opposite direction. Rahul saves her in time when a car was about to collide with her. She asks him to free her.

He says I just saved you yet you are so thankless. She says I should thank the one who killed my husband. You killed him in Pushpanjali jungle. Rahul is shocked to know that Yamini is Yugant’s wife. I shot in a different

side. I don’t know how he got hurt. She refuses to believe it. he says Yugant came to police station when I went to surrender. She tells him how she came to police station in Yugant’s form. I dint want law to punish you. I wanted to punish you and Manvi myself. He realises that he has indeed killed Yugant. He explains everything to her but she stays put on her mission to kill both him and Manvi. I will also support my husband like you support your wife. I will kill your wife just like you killed my Yugant. He admits his mistake. Please don’t harm Manvi. Don’t punish her for my mistake. I can do anything to rectify my mistake. I am ready to die. You cannot harm Manvi. I wont let you do it. She tells him to be ready for death now. I will kill you both. Rahul explains that he was only protecting his wife. I dint kill Yugant on purpose. He was pointing gun at my wife. I had to protect her. Yamini thinks he is so arrogant even after being near death. I will have to break it first. She magically changes the weather.

Manvi is extremely worried for Rahul seeing the weather conditions. Upmanyu goes to close the windows.

Yamini harms Rahul but then lets go. I can kill Manvi right away if I want to. Don’t try to come in my way. He again says he can do anything to rectify his mistake. Don’t harm Manvi please. She asks for Yugant in return. He requests her to understand it was unintentional. I dint do anything intentionally. Manvi is not at all at fault. She says ok. Get ready for punishment. I will you both. He agrees to die if it means she will stay away from Manvi and his family after his death. She is surprised that he really isn’t afraid of her. She attacks him again.

Manvi continues to pray for Rahul.

Rahul gets up. Yamini says what the point of killing you when you are not even begging for your life is. I will kill Manvi first. She will beg before my eyes. it will give me peace. My revenge will be complete then. he warns her not to do so. I thought you have suffered a lot after losing her husband but you are a bad woman. I wont let you do anything like this. She ties him in some energy with which he struggles to free himself. Bear it. I will deal with Manvi in the meantime. She leaves. Rahul frees himself and runs to save Manvi.

Rahul comes to Chatterjee house. He asks Manvi if she is fine. She nods. He tells her Yamini’s truth but she does not react. Manvi laughs which confuses Rahul. Yamini comes in her real avatar. You got fooled again. you thought you can save your Manvi by coming here before me? I did my work. I added poison in Manvi’s glass. He is sure Manvi wont drink juice from her hands. She nods. Manvi will drink it if I give it to her in your form. He holds her neck angrily. She asks him if he wants to kill her or save Manvi.

Rahul stops Manvi just in time. He tells her to be alert. No one knows who is who now. Manvi wonders why Sandhya is after them. Rahul shares that Sandhya has lost her husband.

Yamini thinks she has waited enough. Manvi will have to die tonight. Close as many doors as you wish to but I will come inside. Kabir comes there. She gets upset on him for coming here now. you dint come when I needed you. He reminds her of her promise to him. I will not get the horn if you kill Manvi. She asks him how dare he tell her what she should be doing. He reasons that Rahul will not give them that horn if Manvi is no more. I called you here to get the horn only. She points out that she dint come here on anyone’s insistence. I came to take revenge of my husband’s death. Kabir gets tensed. His mother covers up for him. How will you feel if someone like Rahul will snatch your powers? We feel the same way. Please bring that horn for us. Yamini says that is ok. But my revenge is of utmost importance for me. I will get it once I do my work. Take Kabir with you. Kabir’s mother nods.

Rahul tells Manvi about Yugant being Yamini’s husband. Manvi says how we will fight with them. they aren’t normal people. Rahul says we have to find out everything. I only know the name now – Yugant. We will have to search him and his history now. Manvi checks online. Rahul reads his office address. Manvi is worried as it can be risky for him but he has no option. We have to find out Yugant’s truth. Manvi wants to accompany him but he asks her to stay back at home safe with the family. Manvi reasons that Yamini can come here and attack her and everyone. She wont harm everyone else if I go with you. He denies. I cannot take you with me.

Rahul wants to take home keys with him. I will come in with the keys. Verify first before letting anyone in. Manvi tells him to take care of himself.

Kabir’s mom reprimands Kabir for losing his sense in anger. Yamini would have killed you if she had known you are behind Yugant’s death. How can you act like that? Kabir is fed up of Yamini’s drama and tantrums. I will send her to her husband now. I have had enough! He walks away leaving his mother surprised / worried.

Rahul comes to Yugant’s office. He meets a girl named Simran there who is also a fan of Rahul. She has switched job after Yugant’s death. I come here as Yamini Ma’am asked me to come here once a week to finish some official work. Rahul asks her if something different happened after Yugant’s death. Simran speaks about a man who Yugant used to meet. He was very rude. His name was Kabir. Rahul thanks SImran for her help. I should have understood it must be Kabir. He will attack from behind if he cannot do it from front. I should inform Manvi.

Rahul updates Manvi on the same. She is not at all surprised hearing Kabir’s name. I was sure he is involved in it somehow. We cannot do anything. Our enemy was increased who we have to face. He replays the entire incident. Was Yugant alone that night? Manvi recalls seeing someone else sitting with Yugant. He had his back to me. I dint his face. He left before I reached there. Rahul says logically he couldn’t have left the puja in between till the rituals complete. Maybe the guy was hiding somewhere to attack Yugant. Maybe it was Kabir. If we get some proof of Kabir’s presence there in Pushpanjali then everything will be clear. Manvi too is sure Kabir is behind it. Maybe Yamini will believe us then and leave us. Go to police. We have to get proofs against Kabir so police also trusts us. Rahul agrees to leave right away. They both tell each other to take care.


Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. precap – rahul finds out from the inspector that the gun he used kill yugant was fake . raanvi talks to yamini and try tell her that they did not kill yugant but kabir did . kabir listening this all from outside and get shock.… now episode was OK as per latest news yamini and kabir both died and some new Hollywood film track starts stay tuned

    1. Summer

      Sounds interesting. Will certainly stay tuned for this. Thanks. I just hope that Manvi and Rahul get properly reunited and enjoy their romance, rather than all this misunderstanding caused by others.

  2. Thanks for the update Pooja
    Waiting for the confusion to resolve Kabir to die and track to end up

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